I HAVE A BROTHER… | FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/GTA Roleplay | Episode #66

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I HAVE A BROTHER… | FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/GTA Roleplay | Episode #66

►In this FIFA 20 Career Mode My Player episode we find out that we have a long lost brother!! Subscribe for more FIFA 20 Volta, FIFA 20 Career Mode, and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA20 #CareerMode #MyPlayer

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►Welcome to the world of Rafael Ruis. One of the best up and coming talents in the world of football. This FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode series is based around the life of a football/soccer player in his rise to fame. The series provides multiple story lines every episode from games like GTA V and Sims 4 and also features, of course, game play.



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639 thoughts on “I HAVE A BROTHER… | FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/GTA Roleplay | Episode #66”

  1. Can you do worst players in history vs best players in history? This is the 9th time I’ve commented this.

    • But it will be clear do it with a plot twist the best players are slow and small and the worst players are fast and tall

  2. You should do Flanders vs Wallonia ( Dutch part of Belgium vs the French part of Belgium) I love your channel. Like so BFord can see. 5th time I commented this

  3. Do “If Monaco Kept All Their Best Players”. They would have Mbappe, Falcao, Fabinho, Bernado Silva and more

  4. heu bford i have xbox so i put u as my favourite in my friend list.i have watching since fifa 18 .i likwe your videos keep it up

  5. This question is weird but my do some players on people fifa have generic or old faces like Felix courtois and others and I have there new cool faces

  6. I am using code bford in the fortnite item shop bford please heart this comment no one as ever hearted my comment it would mean the world to me

  7. Jesus Christ Bford. Change it up a bit. Every single series you have some long lost family member, and you sign for Madrid! So fkin boring

  8. II am having a bad lockdown and it’s very boring
    But when Bford upload a video my boring hours are gone Bford is my Entertainment

  9. Lol vid has 1 view and 69 comments and… 214 likes😂😂😂 did not now magic was a thing or YouTube brocke =-O 😐😐😐😐😂😂😂😭😭😭✅


  11. Omg so early bfordlancer48 do europa league all stars vs Europa league rejects plz

    Also I’m the 38th view

    Edit sign him for Athletico

  12. You should do like a career mode with your son and your brother and play as your son do like a rivalry

  13. WOAH! I thought id tuned into Easterders!?!?

    If the Jeremy Kyle show didnt die then u could have said this was a story based on that 😂👍🤘


  15. Vid idea: someone kidnapped ur brother and they wanted 15 milon bux to return him but u didnt give them the money bc i thought it was all good and that was a scam until they sent u a pic of him dead (u can do this in gta by just calling someone so that way u look like u r talking to someone and fort the dead body just kill him put on a mask and take a selfie with him or just take a pic of his dead body)so that way it isnt just happy endings all the time add a bit of drama and do this after he becomes a bit sucesful

  16. Hey bford Do a storyline where you your brother and your girlfriend attack the barca fan that attack your girlfriend

  17. Can Rafael Ruis move to Man City for me because I have watched all of you’re last five careers in full and I have never had one of my suggestions turned into the channel. Love ya

  18. This series is super good like I like this series more than a Netflix series that’s how good it is😂

  19. Realy I thought this was going to happen. I even put a comment about this prediction of him having a brother

  20. Make him sign for a small Spanish club like Athletic Bilbao because I support them and I want to see them get included

  21. Bford a video idea:Make every players who are playing on the current league for their national team some examples:Messi in Spain
    Ronaldo in Italy Son in England
    Lewandowski in Germany

  22. I think his brother should go to Barca because
    1. I’m a Barca fan 😬
    2. There can be a big rivalry!

  23. I think he’s signed for Barca just to make the series alot more interesting it’ll be Brother Vs Brother

  24. 3:37 LMAO!

    3:41 Double LMAO!

    I bet the “Thomas” Ruis’ new team is Sturm Graz, because of Kiril Despodov.

  25. His brother might sign for Bayern Munich. They might try to bring back the glory they had with Rafael Ruis.

  26. I made a my player career. He is 82 rated plays first team for Barca. He started in Ajax then went to Benfica where he won a UCL and now he is in Barca

  27. Join benfica at the end of your career with Joao Felix. Also keep up the good work in these depressing times

  28. Buford I love them can you try uploading them more please I decided to do one once and I called it rafael ruis

  29. Bford: “works for hours creating this my player videos with GTA
    Random person: I not going to like or subscribe
    Me:but why

  30. Can you do a full team Van Dijk’s vs a full team vs a full team Koulybally’s
    PS sorry if I spelt Koulybally wrong

  31. Hey why don’t you make another career but make Joseph songs son and make Joseph song manager please do it

  32. Mabye if you are in the “camp nou” you can show respect but if you are in the Santiago bernabeu you can celebrate in front the Madrid fans

  33. Hello Jake, I just want to say if in fifa 21 could you make a series about your own team
    (The same thing as TheMasterBucks)
    P.S. Amazing vid, keep up the good work.

  34. Bford please up the difficulty to legendary world class is way to easy the defense literally back off you and you keep destroying big teams like Barca and scoring a spectacular goal doesn’t feel satisfying also literally nearly every single goal comes from a cross because the cpu are not marking anyone, the gameplay is bad it isnt just fun to watch.

  35. I’ve been watching since the first episode and think it’s one of the best career mode series. Keep up the good work mate

  36. Yo bford ur gotta tell us which club ur brother is signing for its like you have to say it in the next episode please just tell us.

  37. Do everton if they had their best players bford and you can add legend s like greame sharp nevill Southall

  38. Your half-brother should join Barcelona. Watched all of your my players since your fifa 17 Alex-Roberto. Love them all!

  39. If the next career mode is Ruis son there would be a huge time skip so next career mode should be Ruis brother.

  40. You can add your brother to the Barcelona team and in a few years play in a champions league final against him.

    I made a player career a few weeks ago and now I’m 92 overall 25 years old and have played for Benfica, West ham, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG and internazionale milan

  41. After Ruiz’s retirement, you should either control your brother for a new series, or coach your brother’s team!

  42. Your mum and dad split up and your dad and half brother live with it then ruins everything in your household wich then makes you move back to Arsenal because that’s where your mum moved after the splitting up

    Like so bford can see

  43. Hope he signs to your rivals in Atletico Madrid so Felix is at Barca he’s at Atleti and you are at Real

  44. Before it can you please tell me how you have a brother how you do all these things on FIFA career mode because for me it does not work

  45. You know you are a amazing YouTuber when after 40 minutes you have 2.2k likes. Thank Bfordlancer for making these videos.

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