I Let YouTubers Build My Career Mode Team…

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I Let YouTubers Build My Career Mode Team…

►In this FIFA 20 Career Mode episode we let some of the BIGGEST FIFA youtubers help to build our team. Subscribe for more FIFA 20 Volta, FIFA 20 Career Mode, and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA20 #CareerMode #KSI

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308 thoughts on “I Let YouTubers Build My Career Mode Team…”

  1. Haven’t been on this channel for a while but it’s cool you got responses from the youtubers and that your channel looks to steadily be growing

  2. Idea for next video not sure if it has already been done but you let your fans build your career mode through insta or something just an idea.

  3. Please do a full starting 11 of Messi’s versus a full starting 11 of Ronaldo’s. or a full 11 of pogba’s versus a full 11 of de bruyne

  4. *_a new video idea Bford_*

    Make a 1 billion dollar takeover of any team and rename the team as meme XI. The team consists of the following:-

    Ashley Young(RB)
    Chris Smalling(CB)
    Phil Jones(CB)
    Danny Rose(LB)
    Andreas Pereira(CM)
    Jesse Lingard(CAM)
    Alexis Sanchez(ST)
    Mario Balotelli(ST)

    *Formation should be a 5-3-2*

    Adrian Benteke Batshuayi Welbeck Lovren Danilo Danny Drinkwater

    Also this is not an original comment I just made it so that Bford can make a video on it

    • @Probroskillz_3213 bro he was heavily memed and I made this team with players who are memed so that’s the reason if u remember he kicked the ball and it hit the post onto his face that’s why he was made fun of

  5. Challenge:
    Sign your whole dream team using mancity. Warning: only one player allowed from mancity. Afterall your videos are the best.

    • 4-3-3

      GK – Oblak

      RB – Kimmich
      CB – van Dijk
      CB – Koulibaily
      LB – Robertson

      CM – de Bruyne
      CM – Modric
      CM – Eriksen

      RW – Gnabry
      ST – Lautoro Martinez
      LW – Mane

      (based on real life performances) i know I forgot Messi and Ronaldo but a change is nice

  6. BFord you should get subscribers on caffeine stream to pick a player from your team and see how good it is and then we can see how good they are in game and they have to have restrictions e.g no la Liga players and no French players

  7. If Shan sees this video, he’ll be so depressed. Being called the worst player in the game. TBF, he still better than me

  8. Think its a bit unfair that you released Kane. Jarrad gave you a challenge and it basically made Jarrads challenge useless.

  9. You r the best. Actually I’m using my mom’s phone. You’re the best just to let you know. Hope you’ll answer me plss

  10. I have been subscribed to this channel for a year now and i watch every single video but this one was different it was amazing.Through this year this channel has grew so well!💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍

  11. In a way you’re lucky Kane is not as good. I thought he was 90 rated so he would’ve been 9 rated. That’s as bad as me in fact worse

  12. Your channel is the best B4 I watch all your vids and I love Raffael Ruiz career it’s amazing you have a lot ahead of your self good luck lad

  13. Jake you should ask jj’s friends for the pt 2 bcuz jj does not play that much fifa compared to vikk, simon, josh (if you know who they are)

  14. I think you shouldn’t have sold Harry Kane because he was part of a challenge( flip the rating) and the point of the challenge was to use other challenges from YouTubers.

  15. I still can’t believe you don’t have 1 millon subs or u know what u should be in the race between t-series and pewdiepie for 200 millon

  16. There should have been a challenge where gnabry had to score at least 6 goals against London teams in the premier league (the team has to be in the top half of the table at the time)

  17. Thumbnail: Sign cristiano ronaldo (cristiano ronaldo in a barca kit)
    Me: That’s going to be fun, messi and ronaldo in the same team, let’s go!
    Also me after i watched the vid: Even tho i kinda got clickbaited, the video is still sick
    Love ur vids bford

  18. This youtuber is trash. Ksi needs to copyright since he used a picture of him in the thumbnail and his name and he clickbaited us. The mind pulling, shit clickbaiting gay twat

  19. Spurs beating Bournemouth: easy
    Spurs beating Arsenal: medium
    Spurs beating Ajax: hard
    Spurs winning 2 trophies: impossible

  20. When I saw Harry Kane turn into 98 over. Me:your going to win so much trophys
    When he signs the worst player in Fifa. Me:He can still win some trophys
    When he releases Harry Kane. Me:You have no chance of winning a trophy

  21. ME: “this day was so bad i need to take a nap”.
    Also me: “Bfordlancer48 uploded a video this is the best day ever”

  22. bfordlancer48 how do you have unlimeted money on fifa anyway if you don’t remember i’ltake 1 bilion
    please iv’e subscribed an hit the notfication bell

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