I Made Everyone Start at FULL POTENTIAL… in FIFA 22!

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I Made Everyone Start at FULL POTENTIAL… in FIFA 22!


►In this FIFA 22 Career Mode episode I turn every player in the game to make their rating = to their full potential. Subscribe for more FIFA 22 Volta, FIFA 22 Career Mode Create A Club, and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA22 #CareerMode #BFord




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529 thoughts on “I Made Everyone Start at FULL POTENTIAL… in FIFA 22!”

  1. I’m sure this is going to be another awesome video from Bford..keep up the good work bruh!!👍👍
    Love from India🇮🇳

  2. Merry Christmas ☃️🎄 everyone. Hope you all have a great time.. keep up good work bford. Amazing channel. Let’s do Christmas special.

    Players with birthday 24th December Vs players with birthday 25th or reds Vs greens. Something fun

  3. VIDEO IDEA: 8 team tournament and each team is composed of the best transfers of that year since 2013. So the January and summer transfers of a year will all be put on a team and each year is a team.

  4. Great video bford! I have a video idea – make zlatan haalands age, rating, stats and put him on dortmund and norway(haalands teams)! Hope you do this video, anyway tysm for all the great content and hopefully reading my comment!!

  5. Just a question if any of yall play soccer what do you think your potential would be Mine would prob be 80-85 I’m not sure?

  6. Bford make everyone 1 rated for outfield players every goal you score gets added to your overall and the same happens with goalkeepers but with clean sheets

  7. Video idea: takeover Croatia national team for 10 years or do a rewind of LUKA MODRIC🇭🇷❤️🔥Great content, keep up the great work!! This man: G.O.A.T.

  8. Vid Idea: Halloween All Stars🎃🎃🎃 (footballers who born in october) VS Christmas All Stars🎄🎄🎄 (footballers who born in december)

    Like So Bford Can See this Comment

  9. Video idea: Make a world cup but put every player in their 2nd country for example messi to Spain but if a player is from 1 country like Salah he will stay at egypt or you can randomise the players if they are from 1 country

  10. I swear this man never fails to make a bad video by the time he does the world would have ended impossible the goat 🐐 of YouTube

  11. Bford, I know that you made a revamp of your channel and changed a few things to make it more professional, but honestly I don’t think the thumbnails show that. I’m not trying to criticize but I think it might be worth a change

  12. Vid idea: create a club and buy ronaldo and Messi only and the other positions were random players by spinning the wheel, like this comment so let him see it pls

  13. Ngl you should do a channel for adults where you don’t scream down the mic every 5 seconds and add sound effects, same type of videos but being a normal person you’d be really entertaining

  14. hi bford which mods do you use for your rewinds because i want to do my own rewinds but i don’t know how, also what mods do you use for your manager rating 99 cos i dont want to keep on getting sacked

  15. Bford always makes our day! Thank you bford for making these awesome vids. I would love for u to get 10 million subs next year! Vid idea: get a fan to help you with your video THE VIDEO should be you have 3 season’s to win the treble with a 2 star rated team (create a club) your fan should do the same thing whoever gets the most trophies and goals wins. 1 trophie = 50 goals so basically whoever has more goals wins. Like so bford can see!

  16. I have a vid idea play GeoGuessr again and do a football stadiums one and whichever ones you get right you get to pick a player that plays for the club that plays on that pitch

  17. # Team M. W. D. L. Goals Dif. Pt.
    1 Manchester City Manchester City 38 31 4 3 102:36 66 97
    2 Liverpool FC Liverpool FC 38 30 7 1 102:41 61 97
    3 Chelsea FC Chelsea FC 38 25 9 4 77:37 40 84
    4 Manchester United Manchester United 38 27 3 8 73:46 27 84
    5 Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur 38 23 8 7 65:44 21 77
    6 Arsenal FC Arsenal FC 38 19 4 15 56:49 7 61
    7 Leicester City Leicester City 38 17 9 12 71:61 10 60
    8 West Ham United West Ham United 38 16 9 13 61:54 7 57
    9 Aston Villa Aston Villa 38 17 5 16 56:56 0 56
    10 Everton FC Everton FC 38 14 9 15 51:59 -8 51
    11 Southampton FC Southampton FC 38 9 17 12 45:56 -11 44
    12 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace 38 10 13 15 51:58 -7 43
    13 Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers 38 10 10 18 35:47 -12 40
    14 Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion 38 8 13 17 42:57 -15 37
    15 Brentford FC Brentford FC 38 9 9 20 44:60 -16 36
    16 Leeds United Leeds United 38 6 10 22 31:74 -43 28
    17 Burnley FC Burnley FC 38 3 17 18 34:53 -19 26
    18 Watford FC Watford FC 38 5 9 24 47:73 -26 24
    19 Newcastle United Newcastle United 38 3 14 21 41:77 -36 23
    20 Norwich City Norwich City 38 5 7 26 26:72 -46 22

  18. Congrats on 800 000, I’ve been watching since october and everytime you don’t disappoint, I’ve even gone back and watched your old videos. Keep up the good work 🙌

  19. Bford congrats on 800k merry Christmas deserves the youtuber ballon d’or we love you thank you and the chat best youtuber on fifa very young 21 bford congrats all of us love you thank you coming new lionel messi of YouTube braithgoat peace

  20. yooo he just hit 800k i was watch 1 hour ago and he was at 799 lol well done BFord keep up the work hit 1 mil by 2023 favorite fifa youtuber

  21. Video idea: Get all the managers on their best club of their career give them 5 seasons to see who can win the most trophies 🏆

  22. I guessed at 1:41 PSG 95 rated Mbappe i watched the animal disappear and i was 2 away but Oblak and Haaland were 95 rated also Donnarumma aswell

  23. I don’t know how FIFA’s rating system works…but what I do know is that the rating for the 6 major stat categories (pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, & physical) doesn’t really reflect the overall rating of the player. That’s why if all the stats of a player is equal to the max potential of the player, some players’ overall will be higher than their actual max potential.

    Anyways…GREAT VIDEO BFORD!!!

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