I PACKED A TOTS!!- FIFA 20 RTG #6 [Nintendo Switch]

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I PACKED A TOTS!!- FIFA 20 RTG #6 [Nintendo Switch]


FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Ultimate Team RTG #6 Highlights:
-Class Act SBC
-Premier League Challenge SBC
-Hybrid Leagues SBC set
-Marquee Matchups SBC set
-Huge Pack Opening
-TOTS packed and Huge Premier League Player

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71 thoughts on “I PACKED A TOTS!!- FIFA 20 RTG #6 [Nintendo Switch]”

  1. Some good team improvements there! But I still think for the amount of packs you opened you got shafted a bit. Thought with that stack of packs you’d pack a mega tots, but maybe next time 😅

  2. dang bro you’re so luckyyyy i also did some sbcs and packed theo hernandez he only went for 8k and then i did another sbc and didn’t pack anything and now i don’t have any coins

  3. I recommend using your bronze team in offline tournaments so you can get coins and buy bronze packs to use for sbc and get silver players for your back up

    • Yeah cheers for the advice mate I have been using bronzes for offline most of the time, I only used the gold teams to earn the loyalty chemistry on those players😁

  4. hey jamess so i’m doing the First XI sbc but i can’t find the left back and now i don’t know what to do 🤷‍♂️

    • That left back actually comes out of packs as a LWB and is in the Spanish 2nd league I think, I changed his position to get chemistry👍🏻

    • Haha experience is definitely what I’ve got! I’ve played ultimate team since fifa 11, cheers mate much appreciated😁

  5. hey great job on the videos they’ve help me out a lot. i just joined your discord and im new to discord so how do i get permission to chat with everyone esle?

    • Thank man I appreciate that and I hope they keep helping! Sweet all you need to do is request to be verified in the off topic section, one of the mods will sort you out!😁

  6. Just found your channel and you’re like the only person I can find that does fifa 20 on switch. Just subscribed. Keep up the good work 👍

  7. you seem like a pretty chill guy, i like you’re content by the way imma drop a sub 🙂 keep up the good work bro

    • Still a lot less than other consoles but I’m in the uk and I never really struggled to get a game in online seasons, drafts and tournaments can be hit and miss

    • @JamessPlays hi mate I’m about to buy fifa 21 on switch and have some questions about the transfer market in ultimate team. Would I be able to build and in form team with saint maximin, callum Wilson etc? Or are those types of players too expensive and rare? Thanks

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