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    • @Robert S How do you know? He could have packed it because he spends heaps of FIFA points on packs so he is bound to get someone good.

    • Harrison Milas maybe you love him to much and he makes you believr everything. I know he is the best in the world in the last 2 years, But stop believing this shits… there are lots of youtubers that have contracts with ea a sports to open packs, is a win-win business. They win players, Ea sports win money from us by believing and buying FIFA points to get parejo and verratti. No ofense, But next year I won’t pay Any Game anymore from EA.

  1. Yo, who is interested in FUT Friendlies matches , let complete objectives get the XP and get that Fred card, add up .. My ID is martinsslim

  2. Atletico’s on the corner its Saul qnd he scores Goooaaaoool amzaing goal by Atletico from the corner kick!!

  3. Hey Guys! I have a bonus tip for anyone on a pc or laptop, download the browser i have attached a link for and you can passively mine bitcoin while browsing the internet.

    • It is his style of playing. he likes to have many people up in attack. and adama traore is very fast so he can easily sprint back and help defensively.

  4. i love these guys and i love everything they do and they have inspired me to create a channel and i would love some support i love these guys

  5. Tekkz I really like the content and I would like to say that you have inspired me to start uploading fifa simulation. Tonight is el clasico. Thanks for inspiring me and keep up the good work 🔥

  6. Why does tekkz make this awful broken game look fun lol imagine if this game was actually good, he would probably always play with GK gloves😂

  7. Is this soccer or circus? Your actions are unreal bullshit. This is not simulation is shit. What a ridicolous game

    • ik I think it’s because he’s so good at finishing so he knows when a good oppurtunity has come to strike and score

    • Totally agree funny how he’s back on fifa now and packs red mbappe last week pure joke keep gobbling ea slong boy

    • @04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE if you’re so convinced he got it from EA what are you genuinely gonna do about it? Cry on his YouTube comment section? Why don’t you do something about it. Moments maldini or not he gets top 100 anyways who actually cares.

    • @Jonny 85 for arguments sake let’s say EA did give him that. Who in their right mind would then add FIFA points to see if they can pack a prime moments maldini. If you do that you’re obviously the problem.

    • Baa4Gaming bro what you’re saying makes no sense 😂 what do you mean what is he going to do about it? of course he can’t do anything about it you wettie. and yes, the point of ea planting a moments card on one of the most famous fifa channels is to encourage people to spend fifa points to also rest their luck

    • @Rhys Yeah definitely, if you like to counter attack you need fast players. You could use 4231 narrow in game. Pacy Ram, Lam and striker, agile CAM. Balanced midfielders and stay back while attacking backs. You can counter that way and still provide defensive against a counter on your counter. Hopefully it works for you. I play like this if I need to score

  8. this kid is so clever dude… i play pes2020 and his playing style helps me a lot at pes… 985 on division for those who know…

  9. I know it does not matter to you who you match but how come you match really bad sides for the first ten games when I am out here matching god squads at 6-4

  10. Funny how a guy with THAT team, only faces average teams, while players like me, with an average team, ONLY match against people with full icon teams, 191s ,190s, 192s and so on. Fuck EA…cowards every single one in the entire rigged fucking company

  11. Look at that gameplay? No lags or misplaces passes and how some of these shot find the back of the net and I can’t score most time when am in the box is pitiful.

    • Buff Baby I’ll grant you that. But how comes the game is always 100% for streamers and youtubers always pack better players.

      if the average person wants a good gameplay they have to wake up between 2 and 6am in order to get a better gameplay. What are the odds of packing an icon in my 5 or so years of constantly playing fut champs? It’s zero!

      This entire enterprise is a money making sham and kids should wise up to it and stop spending money or better the entire loot box style of gaming is banned in the UK.

    • eric afriyie ive packed mid seedorf no money spent. Pros spend thousands and still get crap. Look at how much bateson spends and look how long it takes him to pack a single good player

    • Buff Baby case in point. You’ve packed an icon through packs this season? I’ve been playing Fifa every year since 2011 on this account and I’ve never packed an icon. I’ve played almost every weekend leagues for rewards and still no luck.

      I don’t really care about that because I’ve always been able to achieve better results and built my team. But this Fifa is toxic they’ve really messed up with the scripting and you can’t win if your life depended on it against newboids, lagging game play in div rivals and fut champs.

      I dare any youtuber or streamer to us my account and try and achieve anything higher than gold 3. I barely play friendly but the gameplay is less scripted and neutral. I dominate everyone in online season div 2 when I can’t be bothered with ultimate team.

    • Buff Baby dude his and the other accounts are rigged. The AI defending on the opponent is set to beginners, watch the goals the opponent conceded in those games and their defenders movement it’s rigged in their favour bro! Dude add me and I’ll show your how rigged this game is with my saved images and you can see for yourself. If your don’t spend money and aren’t a community influencer your account is limited players can’t pass the ball.

      Let me spend money 200 in this game and you’ll see a massive difference in my gameplay. My advise to anyone with an older account is to change to a new one less rigging.

  12. How come you dont have a single Liverpool player in your starting 11? kinda weird for a Liverpool fan. especially in a year when they have a couple Toty players!

  13. Hey guys…can anyone help me decide who will be a better option at RAM: griezmann FB, Joao Felix FS, mbappe nominee, moments de bruyne, or baby zidane? Finally at ST: mbappe nominee, cr7 nominee or prime HENRY? Thx for the help!

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