I PLAYED the Career of DONNARUMMA… the best rewind yet?! 😱

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I PLAYED the Career of DONNARUMMA… the best rewind yet?! 😱


►In this FIFA 22 Career Mode video we rewind the Career of the Gianluigi Donnarumma… Will we be able to make him the best Goalkeeper of ALL-TIME? Subscribe for more FIFA 22 Volta, FIFA 22 Career Mode Create A Club, and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA22 #Donnarumma #PlayerRewind




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1,016 thoughts on “I PLAYED the Career of DONNARUMMA… the best rewind yet?! 😱”

  1. Bford please don’t ever stop uploading no matter what you are my favorite YouTuber and keep uploading daily and I hope you have a wonderful day GO MANCHESTER UNITED!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. BfordLancer I found ur channel by searching how to do FIFA 22 glitch. I clicked on ur video and I watched it was so good. Ur the best FIFA youtuber in the world u need more sub’s it does not make sense u only have 700k subs. And btw I don’t miss a uploud from u 😉

  3. Football is sometimes hard to predict. The ball is round. If your team is better than everyone else, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna win everything, its just higher chance of winning and sometimes small teams can be big in some competitions.

  4. BFord:Who’s wants a 99 rated keeper for 200mil
    Also BFord:probably those big clubs Barca Man City PSG
    Me:man said Barca is a rich and big club 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I think with the logo, I found it hard to see the letters, so u should do each letter as a different colour,
    like b – red
    f – white
    l – grey

  6. Do A Rewind/ Throwback To The Real Madrid “Galacticos”. Replace The Current Real Madrid Squad And Do A 10 Season Rewind, To See How Good They Can Be In 2021. Also Next Goalkeeper Rewind Should Be Keylor Navas!

  7. I like the new logo and I think it would look a lot better of course with some cool new colours. Keep up the good work Bford. Uploads every day is ridiculously good and deserves 1mil subs. Let’s keep sharing the channel!!

  8. That new logo I think would look good with a light blue B and a dark blue on the outside, or a black B and a white outline and red background

  9. The new logo looks pretty nice, but I think, that you should drop the frame of the logo and make the logo without the frame blue, red and back/white🔥🔥

  10. thomas muller is like 32+ years old and he barely got a downgrade. i swear muller is like the slowest player to be downgraded in career mode

  11. To see everton get in a final of the champions league made me proud for the club for the first time in quite a long time 🔵⚪️⚽️

  12. I loved the logo, but I think that would be better for merch… I think that the old logo is better, but I liked the logo

  13. Can u replay the career of Zach March (George Zillwood March). I have been looking for 2 hours to find the oldest football player who died I the past 10 years or are still alive and that is the oldest I’ve found

  14. Navas is for sure better though.
    Donnuruma is overated because he did well in euros.
    Yet no credit to sommer or picford???

  15. The logo is alright, but it seems way too much like the new MLS logos. (Specifically the southwestern teams) I feel like for a YT channel, the logo doesn’t have to look like it has to be a global brand.

  16. yoo bford, ligue 1 overtaked liga nos again and now is one of the top 5 leagues. this happened just like 10 days after liga nos overtaked ligue 1

  17. I am a og viewer i been sud for 3 years and about the logo to be not go lie you can do wantaver you decide whats th best

  18. Bford the design is good but you should keep orange blue and white as your colors pls heart this i have never got a heart by you

  19. Did anyone notice at 8:04? Donnarumma got 4 appearances and got 0 CS…Gollini got 0 appearances and got 4 CS.. Looks like Gollini is stealing credits from Donnarumma

  20. Oh yes finally a Donnaruma rewind he is OP like I can’t believe this best rewind in the series no cap 😅😅😅 this got me sweating 😅 omg he should’ve won the ballon n dor when he to 92 every year why u shave man u look like u 11 years 🤣🤣😂 no where there bead

  21. Bford thank you for uploading everyday you are my favourite youtuber and you are the best love your vids for me it is donnarumma

    The banner is so fire 🔥🔥🔥 keep the job going good luck in your future

  22. I honestly think it s Alisson. I am a liverpool fan so 40% of my decision was because of that😅. But The 60% was because that match vs Atletico Madrid and even United but it was 5-0 so I think Alisson is the greatest gk in the world right now

  23. Gheorghe Hagi rewind:
    1. 20-season rewind
    2. Start at 17-years-old as a CAM for Farul Constanța in the Romanian league as the 3rd best CAM in overall rating
    3. Move EVERY season. Do NOT go back to a team you’ve already been to.
    4. Be a snake and sign for your team’s biggest rivals at least once in your career.
    5. No matter what, the last season must be at Galatasaray.
    After that, you may want to do a playthrough for Ianis Hagi, Gheorghe’s son. He’s playing for Glasgow Rangers at the moment.

  24. Man city always looses easy games more easier than winning the north London derby Spurs, man city have koeman in there club😂

  25. 1: Jan Oblak, 92
    2: Keylor Navas, 89
    3: Gianluigi Donnarumma, 86
    4: David Da Gea, 84
    5: Jordan Pickford, 81

    (Disclaimer, all of these ratings are from FIFA 21, not 22. So these probably will not be fully accurate.)

  26. It’s kind hard to make out the B,F,L so maybe put them in different colors and I’d say instead of the white badge maybe red or blue and remove the crown and add the world cup or any cup

  27. Looks really good has potential to look insane with the correct colour scheme also bford u do realise that the club you keep leaving is then able to sign players which is probably why you keep losing to them so maybe you should be allowed to sign players

  28. I like the old one but the new one looks clean just put it in red and white so you can see the letters a bit better and it will stand out more. 100% you should be at 1mill

  29. I like the old logo a bit more but the new logo could produce amazing merch I think keep the old pfp and use the new logo for merch and the channel banner it would be great (hope bford Is reading)

  30. Try going to other teams rather than real Madrid Barcelona Bayern Munich man city Liverpool etc try going to clubs like Chelsea man u arsenal on so

  31. I havnt heard anything good about Pickford In Euro 2020, Honestly He is such a good young talent And Did amazing to keep a cleansheet all the way to the final. I would go ahead and say right now is Alisson as Donnaruma hasnt been doing well Since the euros at all. He Is amazing of course but I dont agree with Keeper of the tournament

  32. It looks amazing, maybe try some new colours because the red,black and white looks a bit old now. But I think red,black and white will still look good. I am exited to see all the new stuff!

  33. According to almost my whole city, a fully fledged fifa player cannot enjoy other sports games e.g. wrestling and basketball. Maybe you play all of them and see if its true?

  34. I like the logo but it will need a bit of work with the colours
    Edit: can you please make some merch with the old logo because am going to miss it so much and can it be cheap like 3.00 to 5.00 pound because am very poor

  35. I prefer the old logo becuz it’s simple and cool but the new logo would be dope if you do a jersey merch make it as it’s badge

  36. Fabrizio Romano:talks completed between twitch and Facebook as twitch have completed the signing of Bfordlancer.

    Here we go!

    Conformation within the next few days

  37. this new logo seems a really nice, and profissional, but I think that u could improve with colour in B, F and L just too separated them and look more clean, each letter with a colour and also add 48 underneath the crown then that Logo would a “Golazo”