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116 thoughts on “INSANE PENALTIES DECIDE MANCHESTER DERBY!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP24”

  1. PCQ: how many seasons is the man united career mode going to last , btw love your channel thanks for the uploads in lockdown

  2. PCQ:I know this is not football related at all, what are your thoughts on la casa da papel/money heist season 4 so far?

  3. u made a poll on who should be captain between maguire and ronaldo. It was ronaldo who won with 70 percent votes so it was what most people wanted

  4. Pcq : If you are looking for new youth players if your scout isn’t doing it look for Buffons ,
    Iniesta, Zlatans,David Villa,Ribery,Robbens regen

  5. PCQ: Why don’t you try and give Dan James more opportunities… He can be an impact substitute from the bench… One of the best in the Prem maybe…

  6. Pcq:why you didn’t put the player of the episode? You didn’t put I button? At the last of the video you said Henderson or Ronaldo and you said click the I button but you didn’t but the I button

  7. Pcq : if you do another career mode please sign upamecano I have tried him out he’s really good and I think it will help you a lot ( he’s a rock at the back )

  8. If you want to loan players like Angel Gomes and Chong play them a few games so that clubs get interested to sign

  9. Why don’t you sign de jong or arthur , saúl or van de beek as aour is not fulfilling his expectations. Sign leon Bailey because he a good bench player

  10. pcq: You should make a reserve team to give the youngsters like Chong, and Angel Gomes more playtime in not important games.

  11. Pcq: how about the next career mode u do is Leeds United so u start in the championship instead of the top flight

  12. Ronaldo hasnt been captain because he has never played with team this young. In Man U he played with legends, in Real he played with Ramos who is a natural leader, and finally with Juventus he wasnt captain because of Chiellini. Now that hes back at Man U he is in a team with very young players he probably would lead them through example

  13. PCQ: Can you try to find a better keeper? De Gea is good, but what about a high potential backup for him?

  14. Pcq : put Lewis Davies on loan to a small club so he can get a lot more playing time and hopefully will come back as a better player

  15. PCQ: do you think you should start Dean Henderson over De gea in the premier League since you gave him less games in the Prem

  16. Pcq: What’s the point of having a youth academy if you are only doing this series for a couple more seasons, they won’t have time to grow?

  17. Pcq:Plz give de gea the capitain armband because he has been in club for so long and he used to win games for united single handedly

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