How Ultimate Trading Robot Works

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  1. I am 117 ovr. I want to be at least 123 ovr by the start of July. Do you have any suggestions? I really need an expert advice. Please help me……

  2. FUTMINER: arrive at 120 ovr
    i: i’m sad because i want supere him because i am only a 118
    i: okok i can build a better team
    FUTMINER I love your video bro

  3. Fut Miner : can we get Henderson or Aguero ?
    Fifa : Jiemenezzzzzzzzzzzz is the Man for you
    *Throws His Mobile Away*

  4. Bro i have a problem, i got allison 98 tossf and i’ve put it on the market for 12M 650 k ,( currently is sold for 12M and 950k) people continue to buy it for 12M 900k . It seems like they can’t see my allison , please if you have any advice?

    • @A 356 xy yes bro i know but why i am obliged to lost 900k for an error of the game ? Than the 5% taxe on my 12M is like more than a milly

    • I had carvajal he was selling for 13 mil I put him for a mill less and he sold within 10 mins

    • @Pante at least ur getting 11 mil bro then when utots are out hell probably go below 11 mil so then at least u have made money

  5. Me: going to the store and get something
    Fut miner: I uploaded a video
    Me: oh shit I need to get home now!!!

  6. Fut miner try to get aquero or henderson in guarantee a player
    Meanwhile me 5 times open reserve players just get skillboost

  7. 99ovr ! it means the stats should be better than zidane but his stats are worst I think we guys should never buy him he is never worth for 30 million
    If you want a good cam buy 98ovr Vidal he is cheap and better option

  8. Muller is not such a good card because he doesn’t have excellent shooting or dribbling. He relies heavily on his tactical intelligence to provide assists and score goals.

  9. Hey mate what’s the diff between premium version n normal coz price r different for players tho their stats r same

    • Putra yosep yea I got that one but I m bit confuse why their prices r diff tho they have same stats anyway tq for the info bro

    • When you or some people see your squad, your squad will be good looking with the premium. So why they price more expensive cause make your squad appearance more beautiful. And maybe you don’t care about this, yeah the stat same and price more expensive, but some people other want a perfection, not just stats, but also their appearance.

  10. Im so sad that I cant get my ovr up😭 I grind for days in the totsf event,but the players price go down by so much. Now Im getting 96 AubameyangI hope his price doesnt go down

  11. i have kroos and henderson totssf 95 ovr and i sell and i win 7 M i buy mbappe 95 ovr toty but he is bad and i sell it and the end i buy ronaldo ande lenglent 90 ovr keep calm

  12. He ranked up a defender with a midfielder.
    But in mine it shows for striker use striker and mid use mid and for def use def.
    What is this ?

  13. bullshit I think he is probably the best cam in the game for crosses and through balls because of his 136 vision and 120+ long passing

  14. First i had 94 Davies but after looking this video i did go to the market as soon as I could and buy his 89

    Edit: I really love your video’s 💙💙

  15. For the first time in my life,I have more coins than a youtuber.I have managed to sell all my valuable things and I have 30 milly atm.

  16. tbh most of those misses in VSA aren’t even müller’s fault… one time his teammate just rammed into him

  17. bro im a big fan pls tell me how to trade coins from one account to another and how do u give away the giveaways

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