IS FIFA 22 BETTER AFTER THE UPDATE? – New FIFA 22 Update 4 Impressions

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IS FIFA 22 BETTER AFTER THE UPDATE? – New FIFA 22 Update 4 Impressions


Today we talk about the new FIFA 22 Update 4 and i also play some matches to give you my impressions of the gameplay changes.

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72 thoughts on “IS FIFA 22 BETTER AFTER THE UPDATE? – New FIFA 22 Update 4 Impressions”

  1. So annoying in career mode when playing a game and the commentators go on about a transfer from like the Saudi league with a player you have no idea who it is! Who cares! Should just be big transfers they mention or the league that your playing in!

  2. the thing is the camera for being a gk never been improve by EA, the camera angle always at the weird angle such as above the gk

  3. Still need to fix the fact that on Career mode the ai put players in wrong positions it’s so annoying and unrealistic

  4. It’s not… they added a few faces, they added new boots that are just different colors and not actually new boots that everyone’s using at the moment, gameplay somehow has gotten worse which I’m not surprised. I’m a AC Milan fan and I still can’t believe that in 2 years of being platinum partners they still have almost an entire team not scanned, and those that finally got a scan this year are outdated.. looking at you 2020 Kessie face model. Also Zlatan and Kjaer have had the same faces for years. At least make the game playable EA you absolute joke of a company.

  5. Sometimes when hand ball is fouled the commentar says free kick instead of penalty 😅😅 in the 18 box besides balls are still over powered and cpu is too quick we can’t tackle in this situation

    • Hello bro. I’am unable to play Tournaments like Fa cup, Carbao Cup, Copa del Rey etc after update there is only Custom tournament, UCL, Libertadores & woman’s international cups but no other cups to play in Tournament section.
      Help please

  6. You would think after all of these years there would be less and less bugs but it’s the same amount if not more each year

  7. The press conferences need a massive revamp, in player career they show the inside of a changing room this could be such a cool thing for career and allow you to make team talks

  8. I’m conceding less goals since the update, my players intercept balls more which help a lot. Before the update my players wouldn’t even bother stick out a leg.

  9. They need to sort out the Career Mode glitch where you got an injured player, you replace said player before playing a match but even if you’ve made changes to your team and let the game decide to “replace said injured player”, the OG team that was there will play and not your chosen “new” team changes

  10. World class is hard enough! The only reason CPU wins is because of the fucking BS deflections and rebounds they get 😡 and AI GK is way too overpowered

  11. emile smith rowe needs a face, autoblock needs to be nerfed, defending needs to be more consistent, your ai defence need to be better, still so much wrong with the game they wont fix

  12. As a ps5 owner, Fifa 22 is so bad I’ve literally had to uninstall the game and reinstall the ps4 version (significantly better in every capacity.

  13. Definitely scoring fewer goals since the update, which I have mixed feelings about. Also, is anyone else experiencing that’s it’s nigh impossible to get a good clearance while defending in the box? Driving me bonkers!

  14. My God they greedy the prices on the team of the year forwards . They are fucking ridiculous you need to take out a fucking mortgage just to buy one player wtf

  15. The AI is so aggressive after the update, even the teams who are at bottom of the league in my career mode are playing like prime barca of 2010. I’m playing in legendary difficulty, might turn it down a level i guess or I’ll lose my brain cells after doing finger breaking defending.

  16. I don’t know but I found much easier to score goals. I think gameplay was much better before update. I start MC Brentford, and I was able to beat Manchester City 4-0 without transfers in first season. I stop playing I just to easy.

  17. Am I the only one who’s A.I.’s goalie blocks or guesses every single penalty ever😭 Which sucks bc on fut I’m a pro penalty taker but on career mode the cpu guesses every penalty smh

  18. 1) CPU goalie guessing every penalty
    2) Any young potential player being expensive for no reason $80-$120mil
    3) Scoring a header is useless
    4) Most skill tricks never work no matter how many times you try them and if it’s against 60rated cpu
    5) When the CPU gets fouled and still have the ball their play on lasts like 10seconds and get marked a foul whereas when I get fouled and get play on and lose the ball in 1-2 seconds the foul is forgotten 😐
    6) extra time at the end of the game!! As soon as I get the ball it’s over! And it could be 90 +3 but somehow the cpu will still be on ur side at 90 +5 and score on you..

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