Is FIFA 22 Good Or Bad After The Update? – Gameplay Impressions

Is FIFA 22 Good Or Bad After The Update? – Gameplay Impressions


After The latest FIFA 22 Update, EA has tweaked some gameplay specifics. Let’s play a game to see what they have changed.

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58 thoughts on “Is FIFA 22 Good Or Bad After The Update? – Gameplay Impressions”

  1. there a problem in fratton park stadium when play fifa22 in telebord cast camera.. black line in the in screen.. ea dont solve this

  2. The fullbacks have no idea what theyโ€™re doing on defense and the midfielders never track back to help in defense or the wingers for that matter. Defense sucks in this game

    • playing player career mode with Liverpool is nightmare..Fabinho, Trent and Robo going forward and leaves CB alone and they run back way to slow

    • @M Taufiq M different play styles require _different playstyles_ playing high lines requires different defending and attacking and ball retention that drop back counter attacking does. Itโ€™s simple football tactics, its as if people play at 1 million mph and when it doesnt work you all blame the game

    • @You like jazz? i get it if you control whole team, but play player career mode, which you control your own player, is not the same thing

  3. Everyone moaning about defence needs to learn how to defend. Defend space, get players into position then press. I swear the game isnโ€™t even that bad, just you losers not knowing how to play.

  4. When are they going to fix the kit sleeves glitch? In my player career mode, my player wears long sleeves and undershirt but it only shows during cutscenes. During the actual match, he only wears short sleeves. Should have been fixed ages ago >(

    • Don’t hold your breath. I believe buyers are going to trading standards about it and the no number bug. EA aren’t interested unless there’s money in it for them.

  5. Guess this is where the pc community come in with mods especially from FIFER Modder because mod team and itโ€™s the only reason I am buying fifa 22

  6. Guys can someone help me with review on manager mode. I still haven’t bought fifa 22 because I am considering should I buy it. I was very good on fifa 21 (consistently finishing in elite) but I have decided to stop with FUT because it’s not worth the grind. So Im thinking of only playing manager mode, can someone please write a review is it a good idea. How are the things looking in manager mode. I didn’t like a lot the last manager mode since the computer keeps the ball unnecessary long and it was very boring. I will be very thankful if someone helps me. Cheers guys and stay safe!

    • FIFA 22 has one super cool new feature in manager mode called : club creator. You can literally build your club from scratch, customize logo,kits,limited customization of stadium as well…cons: some intl teams are gone this years. Catch black friday discount and get it!

  7. Only football OGs and Die hard fifa lovers like me enjoy every minute you spend giving us these videos Apex, Love the comments, channel and the work keep it up โค

  8. It doesn’t matter how many updates Fifa make to the game. After playing Fifa 22 for just 4 days I already went back to Pes 21 and will never go back.

  9. Jesus christ thats fast!! Ive gotten soo used to the community sliders for career mode that watching this is like watching a ping pong session across the pitch ๐Ÿคฃ Its sad that these updates are heavily favouring the ultimate team crowd but what can ya do its their main money maker ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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