IS FIFA 22 On PS4 GOOD or BAD? – Watch This To Find Out!

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IS FIFA 22 On PS4 GOOD or BAD? – Watch This To Find Out!


Today i try out FIFA 22 on the PS4 and i give my opinions on gameplay and how it compares to my PS5 experience.
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135 thoughts on “IS FIFA 22 On PS4 GOOD or BAD? – Watch This To Find Out!”

    • You can wait for discounts. Black Friday is in November and usually you can get games quite a bit cheaper then. Also the game itself should feel better since they’re going to release some updates before Black Friday.

    • @Seru broo crazy question are you from south Africa. But guys we can all fight for that all together that ea should update fifa 21 spread this massage to all who has fifa 21 and cannot afford fifa 22

    • @Dwayne Dk I’m not. I believe Black Friday is a worldwide thing though. Also EA are never going to keep updating FIFA21 no matter what you do, so if you want to stay with this game and you’re on PC, mods are the way to go for you. If you’re on consoles, tough luck unfortunately. But really, discounted FIFA22 shouldn’t be THAT expensive. Last year I got it around 50% cheaper or so during Black Friday.

    • @Seru I respect your broo we must try on black Friday 😎🙌 but ea sports sucks but the game is good😂😂 ea just move so fast to make more money

  1. Seems alright to me, although harder to defend this year but the goalkeeps are much better which was much needed!
    Don’t think I’ll be moving up from legendary in a while lol

    • Neither am I really I don’ ttend t opla yman ygames on console only game I can pla yreally using a controller is Fifa. Besides I’ve been playing Fifa 22 on PC and the old gen version’s not bad. Sure I’d have preferred the Hypermotion stuff but the new features that did make it to old gen still work as I’ m playing a created club myself atm. Currently in my second season managed to get promoted from League 2 to League 1 as I’m doing it in a RTG style. Mos t of the good worthwhile games make their wa yt oPC s odon’t really see the need t oupgrade to next gen. Fingers crossed the yport the hypermotion stuff to PC eventually as well but for now I’m happy enough with what we did get.

  2. Better than EFootball on old gen that’s all I’ll say, I’m hoping to get Fifa 22 sometime down the line when its been discounted and updated on Xbox whether it’s old gen or next gen I don’t care, as long as it’s not EFootball I don’t care. 👍

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  4. Hypermotion in FIFA 22 is quite laggy, and nothing has really changed when it comes to the animations on Hypermotion. Also a lot of people prefer old-gen fifa in general.

  5. EA is about to change the name because Konami Efootball is free to play now EA is about to lose because Konami has not to lose EA win because of paying a lot of money to win license to sell it product thatat is why Konami move to free to play so now it leave EA with no choice weather pay more money for license or not Efootball is free to play

  6. eFootball getting bashed for having copies of same person in the crowd and next-gen FIFA 22 also does the same. I can see several clones at 9:31. 😀

  7. I’m still undecided whether or not to buy this for Xbox One. I just don’t think it’s worth £59.99 for old Gen.

  8. Ea definitivly could have added lots of the thing that are exclusive to next gen, the cutscene at the start could have been included just like the child mascots and the animated players in the menus. The worst is that ps5 aren’t even in sales

    • Child mascots, animated players, 90th minute goals celebrations can easily be added to current gen honestly next gen isn’t even next gen

    • @Skully Fade yh if rdr2 can run smoothly on ps4 im sure child mascot wont cause the ps4 to explode

      This is just sony/Microsoft and EA’s cheap tactics to get ppl to buy next gen

  9. Play online and see the gameplay not this crap, you won’t tell what’s the gameplay like, I play in a ps4 pro and most games online pretty bad, doing this review is useless

    • I thin khe mean sthat it has the revamped player career mode just like create a club as they revamped player career this year on the game.

  10. Dude! When does the next gen dual entitlement update available for the people who preordered the ultimate version? I saw that if ps4 players that preorder the ultimate version, will get the dual entitlement version which gives you the next gen version

  11. Thanks for the video man. Of course next Gen is better because it is next Gen, but ultimately FIFA is FIFA so playing on old Gen doesn’t seem that bad. I really think most of the next Gen features could have been added into the old Gen but yeah like you said EA has to sell you something better on next Gen.

  12. How good is FIFA 22 on PC??
    Has anyone played on PC?? Are the graphics the same or has it been scaled down?? Other than Hypermotion animations, are their any other differences in the PC version of the game???
    Also has anyone played FIFA 22 by using mods??
    Could anyone of you recommend me some good mods for fifa, if it’s available, and if it works.

    I don’t own a console.
    But I really this year’s like fifa 22…
    Not sure if it’s worth to buy though…

    Would appreciate if someone could help me out.

  13. Vapex please look closer when at the kits when playing a game. I found the players look obese when playing because the kit moving animation if worse then fifa 21 on ps4. But the cut scenes were normal. I had to put all players with tight kits so that it would stop. That and there are a lot of lags when contesting for the ball. Hope it gets fixed!

  14. I just got the PS5 today and the next gen fifa in identical to the PS4, other than a few cut scenes & 4k (even though PS4 uses HDR on 4k TVs) there is no real difference, gameplay feels identical

  15. So basically it’s the same game just with a little bit of flavor. Nah fam I’m not going to upgrade just for the same fifa game but just with different cutscene

  16. Ea are telling me the couldn’t include Net physics in fifa 22 old gen c’mon ea I won’t buy ps5 because of hypermotion

  17. the graphic quality on Xbox One is better than PS4 its more visually better on the pitch & closer to N-Series & PS5 with some minor details

  18. FIFA22的ps5版本玩的我昏昏欲睡,门将各种神扑,对方单刀时我都松开手柄看我门将的表演。最让我不能接受的是为什么D2以后十有八九都是PSG?EA你赶紧发个补丁出来,不然还不如去玩ps4版本的FIFA21。

  19. Atleast fifa can be called a next gen this year
    Efootball is still in 2013 lot to catch up
    If they wana compete then yeah

  20. I play on PS4, the game is broken. Really unplayable, until they release the first title update for console. Too many issues to list.

  21. People love making fun of old gen 🙄 don’t know why people can’t just be happy if ps5 wasn’t out then people would be getting gassed over this version

  22. with the sliders of Matt10 fifa 22 it is spectacular as gameplay, on ps4 pro, there is also on ps5 but I do not see all this difference disappointed by the next gen gameplay, better old gen

  23. I know what there doing with finesse shots and goalkeepers because it previous FIFAs free kick’s are almost impossible and goalkeepers can’t dive. But they haven’t found the right balance yet which is okay

  24. Game mechanics and physics changed, and the commentary, but apart from that its just fifa 21 with a patch. Not gona buy a ps4 until i can get it for retail price or until fifa announce you cant play on ps4 anymore

  25. So i have find some news about ea changing the name of the game
    Since so many fans hated idea of the FIFA changing its name
    Ea is probobly not gonna do it

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