IS FIFA 22 WORSE AFTER THE PATCH? – New Faces Added & Gameplay Impressions (New FIFA 22 Update 1)

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IS FIFA 22 WORSE AFTER THE PATCH? – New Faces Added & Gameplay Impressions (New FIFA 22 Update 1)


So recently title update 1 came out for FIFA 22 and i show you some brand new faces and i give you my gameplay impressions.
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115 thoughts on “IS FIFA 22 WORSE AFTER THE PATCH? – New Faces Added & Gameplay Impressions (New FIFA 22 Update 1)”

  1. I played after the patch.. it’s okay..I feel the changes..they also did a live patch after the title update 1..they fixed the finesse shot even more..

    • Must admit it does feel better is anybody experiencing a very slight juddering every now and then it’s very slight but it’s there

    • @Orosz Zsolt great thnks. That’s actually a good change before the update I use to touch the crossbar every game. They needed to nerf it.

    • @Theodore Bagwell i don’t like the Legendary’s so annoying.. hope they will bring the difficulty down..every team plays like Real Madrid ..Barcelona..even the small teams.. it’s not realistic.. every team needs to play different..

    • @aenimic yeah that’s good to hear cause I was worried they fucked it up and I’m loving this new live patch too, hopefully they can fix problems with the game much quicker now

  2. It seems better to me although the keepers are getting beat at there near post way to easy they just flop down now but the other improvements seem good

    • The near post issue annoyed me the most in fifa 21 and now they’ve brought it into this game, and there’s them trying to make the most “authentic” football experience. Rest of the game seems decent but they need to fix that issue ASAP

    • @NotoriousMc totally agree the rest of the game bar a few niggles is fine but the keeper issues are still a problem the near post and also keepers seem to dive more forwards than sideways, one other thing I’ve noticed is every now and then we get a very slight jolt or slow down it’s only a split second and only every now and then but it can be a bit annoying

    • @stephen underwood yeah definitely I’ve also seen the keepers on so many occasions try to punch the ball out instead of saving saving it normally, I’ve also been getting some offline lag which I’ve never ever experienced on fifa before, are you on old gen or new gen?

  3. If you really want a more realistic game try manual passing it makes it far mor realistic , I tell you what I have noticed with keepers they dive forwards not sideways

  4. Still too fast in my eyes and shouldn’t have to do with wonky animations, work with sliders makes the game much better and slow it down a bit, football isn’t played that fast, sliders are the way

  5. I played with my brother after the update. And he was able to score two screamers from 30 yards out with rashford. I was dortmund.

  6. Majority of these updates effect FUT gameplay yes they also effect career mode but not as much on PC which i’m on…Now the hypermotion hype EA tried to push just to get players paying more cash for Fifa the truth is coming out and the next gen versions really haven’t much added mainly cosmetic which we can add in through PC…The PC gameplay i’m really enjoying.
    Add in the cheat engine, realistic mods such as FIFER’s etc you get player faces, boots etc as many mods you wish miles better than console.

    Edit: As a console player for years Dom as you know the only way to truly love Fifa offline is through modding and i’m loving it so much..On PS4 i was so restricted.

  7. I really liked on the corners rebound the ball could go anywhere. Ball physics are great how the ball rolls i love it honestly

    • Honestly same. It’s probably the few things i love about this game, other than that Goals outside the box are broken as hell💀Goalkeepers for some reason cant save some easy shots but always save the 1 on 1s it’s annoying

    • @Honest youtube listen man goalkeeping is extremely difficult, well placed and hit shots are going to score irl and because we’re playing a video game good players are able to put up a good number of those shots. GK where never useless people just depend on them for a bailout and that is going to fail you 7/10

  8. Ngl I was expecting teams like Man utd & Liverpool to have updated faces half of the Liverpool team still has last seasons kit on in their photos 😂

  9. Which are the starheads added from previous FIFAs? I thought they would add people like Cahill or Nyland, but they haven’t even added their pictures…

  10. The only thing I noticed is he now shows you the goalkeeper kit on FIFA ultimate team when you go to change the kits 😂

    • Yes mate…every time..they need to fix the players to not make so many hand balls’s fouls ..but it’s full of hand balls ..

  11. What really bothers me is this feeling that the players are “floating” or “ice skating”, very detached from the ground.

  12. The game is extremely blurry after the patch (ps5), especially when you’re not playing in the rain.They downgraded the visuals in order to stabilize the frame rate so it’s alright I guess.

  13. Am I the only one that thoroughly enjoyed the game from release I didn’t have any problems with it it all even as I was battered 6-2 by Bayern nothing felt cheap it just felt like the AI outplayed me completely

    • If you played FUT and got into a high enough division off merit then you’d rage at people exploiting the broken finesse shots from outside the box with their 2 million coin squads.

  14. one thing that annoys me about how the players performance rating in end of a match is made that if my team are stronger team offensively & not allow the opponent to create goal chances against me & wins unchallenged then the defenders & goalie gets critic for poor performance instead for getting positive response to not allow the opponent to score on your team because of that & I get still critic if my goalie let them score on him despite that I win…It feels like he must save extreme many shots to even get high rating despite that I win with 7-1 or 9-2 example

  15. I don’t know if gameplay is worse but I know that there is a bug in Manager Career Mode where new or extended contracts are one year less than negotiated. This is a bug that was present in the Beta but had been fixed at release… but somehow this “update” brought it back… only happens on New careers…

  16. I’m playing with a made up team in league 2 and have noticed they have the same Team Logo written on the subs board again. Same as last year, EA is bloody lazy

  17. Well, im playing as a Player, and u cant score a single goal. Myb u score in 1 or 2 matches, but next 5 u cant score. Idk why, but its trash game

  18. Feels like they sped up the game a bunch. probably because of all the ultimate crybabies. also seems like the midfielders wont backtrack anymore like in fifa 20. They basically ruined fifa again

  19. Still haven’t fixed the blurry graphics on the Series S. Been 3 weeks and still can’t even play the game due to pixelated players and ball.

  20. D5 player here not to good but better then average players ai defense feels terrible now Idk if it’s in the patch notes or what didn’t pay attentions but it’s hilarious when lukaku can get through past a 90+ pace defender 🤣 what joke they just stand there confused and feed the attackers a wide open lane such dogshit

    • When my neur could make ridiculous saves in the box it’s just non existent now Idk why all these videogames like fifa and call of duty love to make drastic gameplay changes that completely changes their game such a joke.

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