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    • He has been out for 37 mins as of typing this message, by the time youve done him put a chem style etc it takes you to 18:10 (UK time) meaning you’ve played 1 MAYBE 2 games with him, how can you tell a beast from 2 games 😂😂

  1. I put a comment here yesterday but AGAIN, while watching your videos I packed a great card, 96 Griezmann, thank you Neppo lol keep up the great work

  2. EA probably implemented an algorithm to prevent anyone from getting Messi in red picks and messed it up so much they had to disable red player picks

  3. Player picks are the best packs, only ones worth it imo. Got fekir when I haven’t had a board apart from rodri from 2 50ks and at least 100 league SBC packs over the last 2 weeks

    • Chris McQueen my luck has also been awful over the last 2 weeks. Hoping for some good reds. Didn’t get a walkout from either of my 100k packs

  4. Ngl I like how cheap Madison is just a shame I can’t fit him in my team easy fodder though if your crazy lol

  5. The 81+ laliga player pick is EAs way of “compensating” us. Joke of a company, can happily release dead content but will take the bloody piss to give us the red player picks

  6. Madison is okay price wise for this year. Remember last year when you used to get sbc’s that were worth it for the packs or just the player alone? I stopped playing Fifa last year still watch your vids but the game is dead and going in the wrong direction.

  7. As a norwich fan it’s impossible to hold myself back with this card. Was gonna spend 500k on him if I had to so, while it’s not an amazing card, 150k is saucy

  8. To the 1% who see this, have a nice day and stay safe during this historical event

    (I have a goal of 100k within 2 months, anything is possible) let’s goooo

  9. Honestly, people need to appreciate neppo even more , it will take 15 minutes to upload 12 minutes video . Keep up the hard work ma guy ❤️❤️

  10. community: hey EA, this week is the la liga totssf, can we get some cool sbc players from la liga?

    EA: here is a moments maddison to promote our esports

    • E_M_E_T of all the things you can complain about in fifa, you complain that they’ve given Maddison a card that everyone’s been asking for for the last week.

    • NepentheZ Those who claimed should get player pick again and those who didn’t claim should get extra of the trash league player pick and normal player pick of Laliga

    • Hey Nep. So basically I’m assuming you know the ‘sudamericana grind’ is a very popular meme within your fanbase. Yesterday you unleashed your singing voice, and I decided to make a remix. If you could, go check it out. Actually what am I doing there’s no point. I’ll leave the link here anyway👍

  11. Got a choice between santi sergio or perez this has saved my day man it was so bad intill now bless for letting me know about the player pick probably!!!

  12. I got oblak and peres from the laliga challenge player pick but i already have alisson red but oblak is a w for sbcs tho

  13. I can’t wait to get him, strong link with Ndidi, fits perfect in my team and is cheap considering a lot of people have tons of 83 and 84s in the club and transfer list after la Liga and prem upgrades

  14. Love the streams and vids my guy. Thank you! I packed Benzema the blackmailer from the guaranteed, reds got me stegan and ocampos, a mega popped, showed totssf, Argentinian flag, RW, I’m like oh boy ocampos, Barcelona logo, and I shit myself.

  15. I literally bought the 86 rated Maddison today. Think I can just about afford this one so it will be one of the few I’ll do

  16. I got De Jong from the 81+ pick, I’m still buzzing, pack luck horrible all year…! Do it guys, you never know!

  17. im sorry but maddison is not good enough yeah hes cheap but theres so many other players that are better and tradeble so

  18. Damn I got 96 Fekir from my first La Liga premium upgrade so gassed my luck has been shite this year

  19. Lol, I got kroos exactly the same lineup as you but him instead of Parejo! When they were appearing I thought…here we go again!!

  20. Did the Guaranteed LaLiga TOTSSF today and got Parejo. Then I did 2 of the LaLiga Premium Upgrade packs and guess who was in the second pack.

  21. I used Kovacic with 70 base finishing as a CAM last week and he socred 14 and assisted 12 of something like that would this maddison be a big upgrade it looks like it but i want outside opinions

  22. Please someone explain to me why I never get anything out of the daily SBCs ever. I see so many people hitting big plyrs and TOTSSF cards, am I the only one who always gets shafted by EA this much? 😭😭😭😭😭

    • No, not really, but today was my lucky day and in 3 packs I packed totssf kroos, donk and carvajal

    • @Shadow Prime – Official Multi-Game Clan Today I did pack TOTSSF Cazorla and Red Kroos from plyr picks. Probably my best day for a couple months.

  23. Me: Happy some Aussie league teams got into Marquee Matchups
    Also me: Sad that they’re not the teams I support in the A-League AND its close to impossible (tho u just need 11 leagues which is kinda mad tbh)

  24. How does ea get away with not being cancelled every year they are robbing and deceiving us every year we need to boycott ea

  25. I did the sbc but didn’t get the player pick. Is it because I am unassigned or is it a glitch. What should I do?

  26. my favorite part of each nep vid is when he talks about how terrible the value is whilst sifting through his club for the players to do the SBC

  27. 104 million for Maddison is worth it, bit expensive knowing that prime r9 is one of the cards you should get, but worth it.

  28. Just put neymar, prime nakata, maeda and rttf Diego Carlos into the la liga guaranteed and got ocampos, ea just go out of their way to give you the worst possible no matter what

  29. Man this is such BS my account was nerfed or something haven´t got a walkout in ages(literally like a week and a half),even tho I do the lib/sud grind way too often still haven´t got anything ¿Anyone relate?

  30. Bit of a rant here😂. Who else disagrees with the way rivals work. You have players going down divisions to complete icon swaps. There for making it harder for players who are genuinely in the division. This year the divison 1 players are in div 3 so the div 3 players are down in like div 6. Why should players who are actually good at the game be allowed to play against people who just play casually and ruin the experience for them. Just curios 😂😂

  31. Hey Nep,

    I got my red player pick just minutes after 9 am today while everybody didn’t get theirs. Gor gold 1

  32. Got de jong from the la liga player pick sbc and Diego Carlos from red player picks from gold 3, and packed fekir tradeable from rank 4 rivals rewards from division 3. Today was a good day

  33. Reckon I’ve done about 50 la Liga 82+ and the other la Liga pack and I ain’t got shit 1 88 1 86 and 1 85 the rest is 83/82 unreal

  34. I did mariano an Falcao to throw into Madison an have to score 1 more goal for Reguilon with Marcos Alonso

  35. My Madison worked out cheap as chips in the end

    Got Team of the season Oblak in one of the packs from completing him, sold for 95k

    By the time I had used the fee players I already had and sold on the rest of the chaff from other packs, worked out he cost me 20k all in

    Very pleased

  36. I got 97 Suarez out of the 81+ player pick! Have had Suarez griezman benzema and de jong in sbc packs in two days😂

  37. I opened around 75packs today, including laliga upgrade packs of both varieties and the gold upgrade packs, but got no totssf. In my 81+ player pick, I got two 82s and three 81s to choose from. This was the only totssf I cared about as well. What a joke.

  38. I’m trying to do Eder militao sbc 90 rated and he’s not showing in the sbc section anyone know how to resolve issue?

  39. I have close to no sbc fodda in my club and just about mannaged to do the la liga challenge cos i really want a totssf and got 2 82s and 3 81s😑

  40. Nep every time with marquee matchups, oh yea these players are all gonna get expensive
    Marquee matchups don’t get expensive……..lmaoooo

  41. I saw you get Parejo in the 5 player pick pack so I decided to do it and I got 97 Benzema!! Thanks a lot Neppo!

  42. Convinced at this point that EA hate me. I’ve had nothing above an 85 for weeks & an 82 Suso out of the La Liga player pick pack.

  43. The upgrade pack looks like really bad value and I had to buy a lot of players for it, but they’re really good. I got Ramos, best pack all game

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