La Liga TOTS vs. Premier League TOTS! – FIFA 20 Career Mode

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La Liga TOTS vs. Premier League TOTS! – FIFA 20 Career Mode


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►In this FIFA 20 Career Mode All-Star Challenge we put the Premier League Team of the Season up against the La Liga Team of the Season. 99 Messi and 97 Suarez vs 99 KDB and 99 Van Dijk! Subscribe for more FIFA 20 Volta, FIFA 20 Career Mode, and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA20 #CareerMode #TeamOfTheSeason


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325 thoughts on “La Liga TOTS vs. Premier League TOTS! – FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. Hi bford huge fan
    I really like your videos
    Thank you for keeping me entertained in this bad time

  2. You should do Flanders vs Wallonia (Dutch part of Belgium vs the French part of Belgium) 7th time Like so BFORD can see

  3. What’s up Jake.. can you pls do an all star challenge in last years Premier League TOTS vs This years PL TOTS
    pls like so BFORD can see

  4. Bford can you please do no European players in Fifa it would be great if this happened my 14th time putting this in the comments lets get over 100 likes on this your the best youtuber Bford

  5. Tournament of country’s capitals of the top 8 leagues; like Sporting Lisbon vs Hertha Berlin vs Atletico vs Lazio vs Paris SG etc. Like so BFord can see. PS this is the 12th time i write this so plz like

  6. Notification squad! Next do top of the league all stars (Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern, Juve, and PSG) vs Rest of the League all stars!

  7. Idea do a siri futdraft and put the team in career mode by flipping the fut players rating🙏pls see this

    Or do a American TOTS vs European TOTS

  8. Bford, please do the best stats tournament like shooting, passing, dribbling and so on, I commented this for 19th time and you’ve also loved once!

  9. Please please make a video where you swapping ages of football player example Kanté is going to be 92 years old like so BFORD can see

  10. Video suggestion: All of the top 11 TOTS (plus substitutes and reserves) vs Icons (You can choose whether you want baby icons or prime icons.)

  11. After all the Tots comes out, can you do a tournament of different tots leagues. Like prem, la liga, ligue 1, etc.. in one tots.
    Like so that Bford can see

    • Nice idea
      but what about retiring in the end of the season
      plus 20 year olds will be 2 years old 😹😎😅🤣😂😅🤪

  12. You should definitely switch the order of the career mode simulation and go to penalties for a tiebreak.

  13. Love ur vids BFORDLANCER
    I would appreciate if u checked out my vid
    I packed Messi in a Rare Electrum Pack

  14. I think you should update the stats for every single one, since things like kdb having 70< defense could've caused a difference

  15. This one was recommended by me 😊😊😊 I literally wrote this challenge in every video since TOTSSF was out

  16. You should do every team in the Premier league 99 rated and see if the Liverpool and man city thing Is scripting

  17. Make every single player in the premier league 1 rated except all the players in one team and see how many goals the score

  18. You should do Jurgen klopp All stars v Jose Mourinho all stars
    Ps this is the 4th time I’ve commented this

  19. Can u do 1,000,000,000£ Switzerland takeover plssss like for Bford can see this is the second time I say it

  20. What if you put all of the best strikers in the French and all the best offenders in attack and see what happens make sure the team of the season

  21. I was the first to poll
    And for first I selected Premier league first
    Oh all agree with me
    LA liga
    All agree with me
    By the way I am in the 2:00 min

  22. You should put the two teams in the same group. And then see that they will only fight each other in the finals.

  23. Hey bford, can you do a TOTY tournament I mean every TOTY from all the FIFAs at the rating as their TOTY card and put them in a tournament to see which TOTY is the best.

  24. La Liga tots will win because of messi suarez an benzama i know Premier League has lot of good players as well talking of that now i don’t know who’s going to win

  25. West Ham United
    RB Leipzig
    Use these teams to create your team
    Time limited 10:00min
    You are allowed to add 1 player of choice and also can upgrade someone to a 99
    Good Luck Bford!!!!
    PS i commented this like 8 times please do this

  26. Hi bford i am a huge fan, and keep up the content and i subbed like 1 year ago. Ty bford! I played fifa because of u too! Hope u read this…..

  27. Kovacic could technically be on both teams ik that he does not have a laliga tots card but he is at Chelsea on loan from Real Madrid

  28. you did world cup with evreyone at full potential do the chanpions leauge with evreyone at full potential

  29. Once all TOTS’s are released, put all of them in a Cup Tournament & See how they do in the Champions League in a normal career save.

  30. Nobody:
    Bford: calls kovačić as kovasić
    Me: looking in the comments if anyone else noticed it

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