LEAVING SCHALKE?! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP9

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LEAVING SCHALKE?! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP9

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259 thoughts on “LEAVING SCHALKE?! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP9”

  1. Hi S2G . Loving your series keep it up . I think it will count in the Euro’s but maybe not because it is not a season . I hope everyone is safe.

  2. At least stay at a top club for 2 or 3 seasons
    We don’t want the storyline just like Òscar Brown who left for a new club every freaking season

  3. If he goes to real Madrid it could be a boring season cause when a player goes to a big club in career mode series the series doesnt get views and the series turns boring

  4. Ngl I was waiting for this and the future of Kyle Roberts
    Keep up the good work after Bford lancers career mode all Kyle Roberts all the time

  5. Who in the world thinks Robert’s hairstyle is like puyol? Like even a blind person can tell his hair is nothing like Puyol

  6. Are You Going To Leave Schalke And Join Another Club. Plzzzz Don’t Do That Stay Until The End Of The Season. Plzzzzzz

  7. Please return to Chelsea there hasn’t been any my players in the past few fifas that have played for Chelsea

  8. S2G, I just want to thank you for uploading twice a day for us fans, you are so hardworking and have helped me in tough times and I just want to say that even if you don’t have 1m+ subs your still an amazing youtuber 🙏🏼

  9. 2:11 : It states that Kyle Roberts has been picked for the match
    3:54 : S2G tells ‘we sit this one out’ which means he was benched.

  10. You always move to big teams it would be good if you help schalke to win bundesliga and champion league. It would be morw interesting

  11. the hairstyle is a hell lot bad otherwise its a great series going on and there is not even a 1% puyol look in it.

  12. Dear s2g pls pls pls pls pls stop the player I hate it or if not do Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday to my player which is like hell

  13. PCQ:
    Upgrade your weak foot so you can score more goals for this objective P.S. loving the Leverkusen series

  14. Leave once you have win a cup with shalke,it just doesn’t make sense to leave for a world class club without a single trophy.

  15. Would you consider upgrading Kyle’s weak foot with accomplishments rather then cheat engining your way out(No offense😅)

  16. I know it sound stupid but I beleive he should go to Valencia coz he will be there for a long time and profress

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