Lets Keep Going SBC Completed – Easiest Method – Fifa 20

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Lets Keep Going SBC Completed – Easiest Method – Fifa 20

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After long last guys its finally here the Lets keep going SBC for fifa 20, hope you guys enjoy this year and all of my sbc’s I try and do

94 thoughts on “Lets Keep Going SBC Completed – Easiest Method – Fifa 20”

    • Yeah adam unless u packed them, you don’t actually have to play the full 10 games though just go into and offline match kick off then quit it counts as a game for the player

  1. Wth I don’t know how to solve this the correct position. I’ve already taken LF and RF and it says 10 chemistry and I can’t do it …..

  2. St : folami 🇦🇺( ipswich) – lw ( kilic 🇩🇪 heidenheim ) – rw yang fangzhi ( 🇨🇳 dalian yifang) . You have 9 chemistry and play in single player mod with easy clubs. In one match u get one chemistry . Thanks fifa , u r mugging me off

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