LG OLED vs Samsung QLED with FIFA 20 on Xbox One X

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LG OLED vs Samsung QLED with FIFA 20 on Xbox One X

Samsung 65 inch Q90r vs LG 65 inch B8 OLED in a head to head gaming test with FIFA 20 on the Xbox One X.

QLED vs OLED on Xbox One X and GTA5https://youtu.be/nzjHBg5xXDg

QLED vs OLED on PS4 Pro and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

QLED vs OLED on PS4 Pro and Red Dead Redemption 2

LG OLED tested with Resident Evil 3 on PS4 Pro

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34 thoughts on “LG OLED vs Samsung QLED with FIFA 20 on Xbox One X”

    • The Tech Giant I used to sit around playing against my mates as a kid, sometimes for money and we would be doing big World Cup tournaments then in the later years we’d be online playing on the same team, 11 of us playing online leagues, great fun!

  1. Yo Paul, have you played DAY’S GONE?? Because I’m playing it at the moment! & I’m enjoying every minute of it. It looks so cool on my C9!! If you haven’t played it Paul, I would recommend you give it a go. You’d love it bro. Especially in this Pandemic!! Oh! Cool video brother! ✌

  2. QLED’s colors and brightness are better. However, the LG has better contrast and depth to the picture. PS. are both TV’s on game mode during comparisons?

  3. Make sure you don’t touch the anti reflective coating on the QLED mate, it’ll leave a blue stain. I learnt the hard way unfortunately.

  4. Tech giant can you do a video playing 480p or 720p video a seeing how well does it scale up to 4k vs actual native 4k video, you could test it on some random youtube video over tv or something, i think that would be pretty interesting thing to see beacuse everyone nowdays say how good their ai upscailing is you could compare lg vs samsung??

  5. Samsung is trash. I’ve got the e9 and Fifa 20 looks amazing. Can’t wait for the PS5 and the Xbox series X with the Ray Tracing!

  6. From what I’m seeing It looks like the Oled has more colour depth than the Qled in every game you’ve tested so far, which I prefer. That said, I wonder with some tweaking could the Qled’s colour depth be ramped up to that of the Oled.

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