Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

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Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

Watch as Virgil van Dijk dishes out special limited edition copies of FIFA 20, and hits his teammates with their ratings on EA Sports’ latest title. Who will react best? Disagree with any of the ratings? Let us know in the comments below.

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488 thoughts on “Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more”

  1. Firmino and fabinho does not deserve that rating. It should be much more. There are also more players that deserve better stats imo

  2. Fifa are just embarrassing Fabinho is the best dm in the world and Firmino is the best false 9 and they stay the same ?Plus we won the UCL . Liverpool haterz

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  4. All their reactions: “Should be higher”. Defo agree… mad disrespectful, some of those stats. Bobby 86? Are you blind? 90, MINIMUM!

  5. Firmino should be an 88 with mané at 89 at least. How’s mané being done like that when even messi put him as his first nomination 😂
    Need to put some respect on our senegalese player 😤
    Need Adrian being pushed up to an 80 with how he stepped up to the plate while our boy Alisson was injured 💪🏽👊🏽

  6. Mane should have been 89 or maybe 90, Firmino deserved 87 or 88. Gini maybe 85, Fabinho 86 or 87, Robertson 87, Matip 84, Origi 80 and Brewster to 68 or 70

  7. Does FIFA make a rating for heart!! The Reds would definitely be on top and Barca on the bottom lol!!! Greetings from Orlando, Florida VVD!!

  8. Wow I love this atmosphere here I love my club looks like Virgil is boys with everyone and says to everyone it should be higher 😂 love it

  9. Hopefully it won’t be long til Matip gets upgraded, he really deserves it. Also, I’d change Hendo to 84, Firmino to 87, Origi to 79 and Milner to 82.

  10. It’s like a joke, H14 just only got 64 in PAC, much underrated in overal, should be 84 85.
    O27 should be 80
    Matip’s PAC is too underrated.
    Firmino ‘s rating is also a joke definitely.
    Salah Mane Firmino should be 90 89 88. much reasonable

  11. should be at least:
    Adrian 79+
    Robertson 88+
    Matip 85+
    TAA 86+
    Fabinho 86+
    Henderson 84+
    Gini 85+
    Firmino 89+
    Mane 90+
    Origi 81+

  12. It’s so easy to love Liverpool when these are the types of guys that make up the team. Love the camaraderie. These are all good, decent lads. This is who Klopp brings in. No primadonnas. And Virgil van Dijk isn’t only awesome on the pitch. I want so badly for these guys to win the League, for all involved. If they do, I don’t know how, but the city will find a way to out-do the Champions League parade. It’ll be banana-time in the monkey cage on Merseyside. The New Invincibles!!!

  13. I think as a CF Firmino should be 86. As a CF he should score more than he does, and because he’s more of a provider he could even be put at CAM. Unpopular opinion: Put him at CAM and give him 89.

  14. Shame on you fifa shame on you. Firmino 86 or fabinho only 85 thats disgusting. Ive expected more from their ratings. Firmino should be 88 max and fabinho should be 88 max to. And what is with Matip only 82 are you kidding me i thought that he would get an 85 Rating max.

  15. Liverpool below chelsea always. Scousers are inferior people . It is always proved. Real madrid of 2016 would trash these pesants 4-0

  16. Should be:
    Alisson 90, Adrian 81, Robertson 87, Trent 85, Matip 84, Virgil 92, Hendo 84, Fabinho 87, Gini 85, Mane 90, Salah 91, Firmino 89, Origi 82

  17. How the hell is VVD pace 77?
    If he can outpace pretty much anyone apart from a couple of people like Pepe, why is it 77, it should be at least 90

  18. Matip only 82? Lmao and the pace is way too low as well, seen him chase down some of the fastest players in football multiple times. Van Dijk’s pace should be higher as well but I feel like they lowered it otherwise his card would be broken lol

  19. É muito bom ver a reações dos jogadores vendo seus nomes no FIFA. Há 10 anos atrás eram apenas garotos que jogavam vídeo game.
    Recife Brazil

  20. Should be Salah – 91, Van Dijk – 91, Firmino, 89, Mane, 91, Trent – 89, Robertson, 89, Henderson 86, Origi 83, Matip 85, Fabinho 89, Adrian 82,

  21. For the ones who didn t liked the ratings (like me, especially for Firmino), u havent seen prime Kaka’s rating … 91. How prime Kaká its 91… top scorer of champions being a midfielder…

  22. When VVD asked mane about his reaction for the rating 88 , it looks like mane would reply to him , it depends on How much salah got , Is mo got better rating than me ?! 😂


  24. Van dijk should be about slightly higher. Quickest player in the champions league last season and his pace doesn’t reflect that. I think 90 is actually generous for Salah

  25. The ratings are according to last seasons performances. We know firmino is more than a good player this season. Surely he’ll get a massive boost in fifa 21 ratings.

  26. They all should be higher! Don’t get upset guys, it’s the corrupted politicized FIFA and we all know it! You Liverpool guys are bigger than FIFA, it’s limited capabilities cannot evaluate great players like you, especially Mo Salah and Bobby, we all know how they cheated in the voting for The Best, please see how Sudanese Captain gave vote Number 1 (5 points to Salah) which FIFA added them to Messi’s points not Salah! Isn’t that corruption and cheating?! The official voting papers of the Sudanese captain have been released everywhere on social media to show the malicious “error” of FIFA in calculating the points!!!!

  27. Fifa has conspired against Liverpool. All of them should have been rated a lot higher. If they were rated to what they deserved, this Liverpool team would be unbeatable.

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