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346 thoughts on “MARKET IS SO LOW!! TOTW SBC & TOTS SBC SOON?! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team”

    • David Dabrowiecki been saying the same all year they need to change the set up..feel sorry for genuine div 8/9 players getting pumped most games by people who’ve relegated themselves doing objectives

    • @Lufc for life #MOT I once knocked Adama Traore clean off the ball with a complete weakling. It is still one of the highlights of my fifa season.

    • @David Dabrowiecki Meh – rivals isn’t really a ranked comp anyway. It’s Champs that is the real division competition. Yes it’s annoying when you see a poor looking team, and it turns out it’s some division 4er doing objs, but you get variety in rivals, and although I occassionally get up to div 5, maybe without objectives I’d stay there, but I’m pretty much in div 6 player, and that’s where I do my objectives too.

  1. Won loads of bids on 85 rated players for 1.5k under. If they release the community guarantee do you think they will rise in price and by how much ?

  2. Imagine banning a guy who only wanted the best for the game and it’s community. Single handedly, Created a revolution against the constant shitness from ea. I miss you kurt.

  3. Bro I can’t even be bothered to play the game. I tried playing last Friday and game play was so awful not even tots can make me play.

  4. does selling ben yedder tomorrow and buying him back on friday when there’s supposed to panic before tots, sound like a good idea?

  5. It s*cks like that. As an example if i have to choose between Simon and Fernandinho in red player picks tomorrow and i go for Simon and then get Simon in guarateed pack i get a big L. So basically to not get a big L from EA we should open our red player picks after the guaranteed sbc in order to be sure we don’t get same player twice.

  6. Worth investing in bronzes from leagues with league sbc’s? They’ve all shat the bed because everyone’s spamming bronze packs becuase of the new upgrades yesterday, but bronzes from the efl have shot up in price becuase of the new player released

    • Rehaan King I went with my gut instinct, bought a shit ton of the Dortmund RM bronze player for 300 or less, sold everyone last night for 3K made well over 100k in minutes from my investments only spending 300 coins or less on each investment

  7. Nick I packed a tots and want to buy mbape with the coins, when would high rated gold cards be at their lowest price

  8. Is this the time to buy Prime Icon Moments cards? I want to get Rijkaard and his price has dipped to about 600k, but it’s fluctuating a lot.

    • Imo yes, i bought PIM Ferdinand for 1.5 and i just don’t care anymore. That price is too good and people are gonna get insane rewards from now on to invest into their teams, more will play during TOTS

  9. I did all the totsf packs in sbcs like the 2 82 player pack, the 82-88 pack the efl tots pack and 2 other which had okay packs but i literally didnt get a board out of any packs and the tots i got the worst one kirk like fuckk I hate this game

  10. Guys when should I sell these Pepes and Mouras? Also picked up a SS Kante for a 15k undercut and a CB Walker… sell during Thursday or during the weekend when we get a coin injection from PL lightning rounds?

  11. I have 30 onanas and 9 tots Goodes when shud I sell I’m afraid I’m losing coins dunno when to sell if they will even rise I was thinking maybe onana will rise due to the trippier the SBC

    • In prev sbc’s onana 85 went extinct for a few hours after release of the partybag sbc. Onana is a good investment for the coins you put into it, if you have more coins i would buy 88-91 cards

    • @œ f when do I sell onana and he’s dropping and when do I sell tots Goodes in Ur opinion and if U have PS4 add me my username is Xx_Chameleon_1

    • @an Irish fella Its not smart to invest without knowledge, I would sell onana after the new totssf grnteed drops. Goode isnt really a good investment in my opinion. I am not a big trader, but i surely made 5-8 mil. Maybe invest in the current tots community players like Nick said instead of Goode.
      Goodluck my dude

    • @œ f but yeah I may aswell wait till tomorrow see if the Goode tots rise or shud I just sell now I’ll lose about 2 3k off each card if I sold now or shud I just wait till tomorrow

  12. Are Prem Tots gonna be the rewards (next week thursday) for playing this weekends weekend league? (This coming friday to sunday)

  13. Litmanen , laudrup , gattuso or maldini icon swaps . My cbs are varane and lenglet gold . My mid is griezmann fred kante.(gold except fred)

  14. Way to go to all the tryhards with 4-5-1 and high pressure without any consequences of losing stamina and parking the bus. Oh and the same players of Ben Yedder, Mendy, Van Dijk and Bakayokos.

    • I would sell Thursday late afternoon ‘ I have mid blanc and there is no sign they will go back up again after this week rewards. Everyone will have tots to use and want to get rid so am doing it thurs’ good luck

  15. Damn ea have maked tots so boring.. i mean wait until thursday to do the big tots sbc were we already get rewards that day. Zzzzz

    • @Daniel Ward what have been good? Totw sbc that nobody wants because 98 % are worse than all tots. 82+ sbc is just expensive and boring (better with player pick). 82-88 sbc boring. Nothing new or good as usual. Same shit every year = boring. EA can easy make a roullette sbc or a tournament win to get players (as they had before if i remember). STUFF LIKE THAT

  16. I’m in div 4, and this week’s rank 1 is 28500pts with 12hours to go compare that to last week which was 21630pts that’s a massive jump people are playing more than ever I’m on xbox forgot to mention..

  17. Can someone help me? I want to buty mane toty but idk if i have to buy it on the friday’s morning panic, or after the panic. Because he is getting a totssf but idk if he is going to get panic sell after the panic because of that. Someone with an answer?

  18. Fuck you did you not just say the market was gonna be high before and after prem tots why lie so you can profit off everyone

  19. What do you guys think about PIMs such as Butra and Kaka? Will they go down due to the supply or go up because of the coin injection tomorrow?

  20. I want to buy my team, when is the best time to buy it?
    Now, before players go up in price?
    Friday, where a market crash could make them cheaper?
    Please someone reply


  22. It sucks because we’re not going to know which player pick we should choose because we might just get it as a duplicate in the guaranteed

  23. Damn i just bought a mid Keane for 300 k right before tots, i looked at youre vid and told not to sell icons now he is 150 k

  24. If they’re going to drop guarantee sbcs always on Thursday that sucks because it means you can’t open your reds in the morning, otherwise the pack will become a guarantee duplicate

  25. I’ve only got 20k now after buying Ronaldo…..what should I do to make more money? Ik the BPM but anything else?

  26. Yeah thats all Well and good, but i still cant fucking play s normal game, without a disconnect or just bring a constant lag😡

    • if the squad you want consists of primarily meta players, do it right now. people are panic selling but the meta cards usually rebound around the start of WL. i’d do it now if you wanna play weekend league

  27. Dude those cards are cheap because they are trash. Nobody wants those cards. No “coin injection” is gonna help it. If you invest in these cards you will lose your coins again. GL though.

  28. Great info and a good guide if you wanna move up from casual player to serious weekend leaguer but also you know the market is going one way guys hold your coins

  29. Ive just uploaded a short video on why the transfers in this part of the game are rigged and its a fucking joke……

  30. Totally agree man. Coins I’m making just now is just icon snipes. Actually flipping them sucks right now they dont go up

  31. It would be very nice if EA drops like an Icon Upgrade SBC which requires Icons. I think this would make Icons rise again and it would be a great option to use all the untradeble Crap Icons we all have.

  32. When will the market be the lowest? Friday morning or friday when the prem TOTS is coming out, because people are selling? I’m in EU btw

  33. So what should I do with the 85 – 90 rated cards you told us to buy over the weekend. I invested 800k coins and all have gone down

  34. I just don’t wanna spend my coins . After seeing how much the marker changed after only efl and community I can’t imagine how much more it’ll go down with major leagues

    • josh hamshire neymar last year was 80k at the end so I don’t trust the market at all I’ve never had so many coins but I don’t wanna wait to long till Fifa dies

  35. *iv only spent 2m* if i ever had 2 mil to spend i wld either be hacking or packing tots joe gomez and felipe anderson in the same pack

  36. Hey guys , just need a help picking a player , firmino scream or valverdi future stars , for CDM position i am playing 4231

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