MESSI vs RONALDO…ONE LAST TIME!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP33

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MESSI vs RONALDO…ONE LAST TIME!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP33

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418 thoughts on “MESSI vs RONALDO…ONE LAST TIME!! – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP33”

  1. When Ronaldo retires scout England (if he retires at United) for wingers and you’ll get his regen for your career. Great video

  2. U are lucky in the Barca career u were Messi in Messi vs Ronaldo now u are Ronaldo the score is tied

  3. Pcq: you should try to shoot with rashford from long range more often since he has a lot of shot power and could score.

  4. PCQ: I’ve said this twice, I’ll say it again. What career mode are you going to do after this Manchester United Career mode? I recommend a Dortmund one as you haven’t done a Bundesliga career mode yet.

  5. Hey, everyone! Sorry to shamelessly promote myself but I have just started my career mode series and I’m not sure how to grow my channel. If you’re bored during quarantine and to watch a career mode series, please try watching a couple of my videos. Thanks and have a good day 🙂

  6. I S2G i really enjoy watching ur vids. I hope u can continue uploadimg series like this because i love watching them😋

  7. Pcq: why don’t u sign Ricardo pereira in the next transfer window as he is fast and technical and was linked with Man Utd in real life

  8. PCQ: You should keep Greenwood because he has been good for you and if not you can either keep Martial or get someone like Timo Werener

  9. pcq: You should sell sule and buy a world class defender like koulibaly or laporte cause sule is not been performing good

    • It is his fault he sucks at defending. I wouldn’t buy koulibaly because he is too old. If Süle was rated as good as he is irl he would be too op that is why his acceleration and jumping are so bad

    • lil_ zeldaz first of all Laporte is form City which is the rival team and second of all Maguire is performing well so just need a back up

    • @Emir Hamzic actually in episode 28 or 29 when he bought him he was amazing but then when he made a mistake against arsenal s2g decided to not let him play

    • @Emir Hamzic bro we all know Süle is wayyyy better than Maguire and if I was S2G I would start sule, he only needs some training on his acceleration

  10. Pcq : please don’t play the 4-1-4–1 it’s so stupid United don’t play thst formation I’m begging u please don’t 🤦‍♂️

  11. PCQ Once you have finished Manchester United career mode in season 3 which team will you go for I vote for some Ligue 1 teams and bundesliga cause you haven’t done them

  12. Pcq: In the next transfer window why don’t you sign new RB like Hakimi. He has a good defending skill and attacking skill too.

  13. PCQ: Have you thought about using the cheat engine if you are playing on pc so that you can create new kits for every season and use the realism mods?

  14. Lucas Digne has been
    underperforming for a while. I think you should push your full backs forward to make great runs and good crosses.

  15. PCQ: Will you be signing a replacement to Cristiano Ronaldo as he retires by next season and you should bring in Chilwell from Leicester City as a better replacement to Digne.

  16. It’s great having something to look forward to everyday..this series has been the best and the cure to our boredom😀

  17. PCQ: Will you play Greenwood and Martial as your main strikers once Ronaldo retires or will you sign someone?

  18. Pcq: Would you consider selling Aouar and signing Saul instead since he is linked in real life or someone else

  19. Pcq: for next seasons forfiet it should be mourinho tactic with you playing a really defenseve formation for the first three games.

  20. I said it last episode, but just do something like what happened to Chelsea. Have a transfer ban for 3 transfer windows.

  21. Pcq: why not give some youngsters more appearances in the less important games like Chong, Gomez, and more as we have barely seen them this season?

  22. Pcq: in week games try sule and maguire and play Marquinhos Cdm to protect sule if he makes a mistake but sule is rly good

  23. Pcq: in season 3 what are you doing with ronaldo plzz sign martinez or mbappeor juao felix as they have more potentials

  24. I hav a youth academy player with a 1 Star weak foot but he scored a screamer with his weak foot, so ur players will do better

  25. Pcq: since Ronaldo start to go down in his overall and if he well go try to not bring a ST because you have
    Paolo Dybala

  26. Pcq: play jack grealish more because he is a beast when he comes off the bench so having him play for longer would be awesome! He is good at the left wing role so try him there too.

  27. Pcq: i think you should sign luis alberto for ronaldo’s replacement because he plays centre forward with is basically striker

  28. For using Niklas Sule u need to change to him early so that he can get his sprint speed pace and he will be way better

  29. Pcq: you should sign KDB, he’s a GREAT player. I hope Financial FairPlay doesn’t bring to much problems to your team.

  30. Please don’t sell Ronaldo, I’d love to see him retire at united and realistically, is he really getting worse? He can score goals whenever given the opportunity

  31. Pcq: Most people are saying to do another team in a different league for your next career mode. But premier league is the most fun league. Do you think so as well?


  33. PCQ: Stop signing the youth players to the first team as soon as you can as they don’t grow in rating as quickly and you wont play them, at least send them out on loan or only promote the players once they are 67+ Rating.

  34. The first leg against Barca was one of the best matches I have seen in your channel. Also, the next episode will be the best.

  35. How many times I have told u to Sign Frankie de Jong nd U have ignored tat atleast sign Him next season and Evn Koulibaly by Doing A Swap deal of Sule

  36. PCQ: The fans are bias to Ronaldo as Rashford did so much more than Ronaldo in the last episode and Rashford deserved the Player of The Episode

  37. Pcq: now the you are out of the cup competitions will Dean Henderson still get game time

    Ps: love your content man amazing work

  38. If you decide not to do a 3 season can you manage Lazio, Atalanta, Atlético Madrid, RB Leipzig, or Bayer Leverkusen.

  39. If I were you I would sign max Aarons from Norwich, he has a real face, young English talent and can play both RB and LB.

  40. Pcq:As UEFA have charged a huge fine why dont you try selling Martial as he has not been great this season and you could also sign some players with the transfer fee

  41. Pcq: what do you think about Messi being linked with a move to inter and who do you think they should sign as a replacement

  42. PCQ: abit early but when your done with the manchester united career mode, can you try marseille because they have lost their glory. They won the ucl once so i think its gonna be a great rebuild.

  43. How do you even think of taking free kicks with dybala..when you have Ronaldo in the team…and you said “obviously”..were you out of your mind???

  44. Pcq: will u ever consider swapping Ronaldo with rashford since Ronaldo has a 4 star weak foot to cross it from the left flank and can cut in and shoot .

  45. Pcq :if Ronaldo retires I think u should sign haland,Martinez or Abraham as your no. 1 striker and loan out martial so he finds his full potential.


  47. Sule is a good center back. He literally has one bad game and he’s a fraud??? You have to give a player more time to adjust. And you’re the one controlling him so saying he’s a fraud makes no sense. Maguire has bad games and you don’t call him a fraud. Not everything bad defensively that happens when Sule’s on the field is his fault.

  48. Pcq-Please because of 1 mistake don’t bench Niklas Sule because otherwise he has been amazing.
    Like so s2g can see

  49. Pcq: Can you please change Ronaldo to the captain again? I feel like he was playing better when he had the armband.

  50. pcq: u should sell Aouar as u could get a good amount of money for him which is vital right now because of the financial fair play.

  51. Why do you never put in an early cross when a man is free on the far side? You’re taking it too close to the keeper and in the end, lose possession. Just an observation! Rashford vs Barca and again Bruno vs City are some examples

  52. Psq will you sub to me jk that isn’t the question
    Why don’t you sign donadrumma
    And plz sub to me

  53. mctominay only scored 1 goal but valverde knocked out barcalona but mctominay is gunna win the player of the episode 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  54. No one :
    S2G: Freaking Frankie De Jong !!!

    Still great episode man .. Ronaldo made his mark on his final showdown against Messi .. love that .. Keep it up .. looking forward to the next episode .. 🤩🤩

  55. Pcq: In the next season try 433 with on CAM so u can use dybala as a CAM and Fernandes and Valverde as CM. Sancho and Rashford are good wingers

  56. Can anuone explain about that uefa imposing huge fine on man united
    Was it in real life or just reel
    Plźzzzzzzzzzz anyone i beg u

  57. Pcq : In 2 season career modes don’t focus on youth academy and young signings as u don’t have the time to wait for them to grow

  58. Last time I was early Corona was still a bear



  59. Psq:do you think breno fernandez will have the quality to play for your first team squad in a couple of years

  60. McTominay: CDM
    Goals: 1

    Assists: 0
    Successful Tackles: 0
    Games: 1
    Goals/Game: 1
    Assists/Game: 0
    Successful Tackles/Game: 0
    Total Rating: 1
    Valverde: CM
    Goals: 1
    Assists: 0
    Games: 2
    Goals/Game: 1/2
    Assists/Game: 0
    Total Rating: 1/2
    Player of the Episode: McTominay

  61. Ouh, if someone of midfielders be sold you can sing freaking de jong😅 he have such a word class performance when you play against barca

  62. PCQ: Since you will be forced to sell a lot of players, who all are you planning to sell off in the next transfer window? Will big players like Rashford and Sancho be sold to pay the fine..?

  63. pcq : i think you should stop insulting sule so much and give him another chance maybe he will improve. just my opinion.

  64. Pcq: If you think that Süle is playing bad, then you should well him next season. Considering that Man United will have a big fine.

  65. PCQ: Do you play on PC? If so, why don’t you try using the Realism Mod or the Cheat Engine? With that, you could edit the skill moves and weak foot of your 2 new youth academy prospects.

  66. S2g Süle has about 90 sprint speed so why are you saying he is slow. Im always playing him and when somone gets past him, he always catches up. Give him a chance

  67. Whenever you end a career mode why don’t you make a special episode which is simulate it to see how good some of your youngsters?

  68. To use Süle put use passing interceptions to aggressive so he is more alert and don’t worry he won’t commit fouls

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