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  1. Cani you have really helped me through quarantine
    I’ve been feeling depressed recently and all I look forward to is your videos as they bring a smile to my face
    I hope you read this and realise how much you have helped people in this pandemic

  2. Train the longstaff brothers more so they can become insane with dynamic potential so one of them can overtake sanson

  3. Hey cani, Can you keep fan objective for Benjamin series? Like breaking messi record for most in a season or year?

  4. FUTURE SIGNINGS?!?!? Later on in the future of the Newcastle career mode you could buy players like: Billy Gilmour or Karamoko Dembele or Agel Gomes. This my sixth day commenting this😂!!
    👇LIKE so Cani can see Plz🙏
    👇👇👇thank you

  5. Cani wife I know Christmas is not near but here are a few things you can get Cani for Christmas first a new camera and also some Clean Sheets. This will really help him out.
    Like so Cani wife can see!

  6. Day 2 of saying buy Leno next season. He’s young for a goalie, could grow a little bit (85 with 87 potential) he’s 6″3, and will weaken a Premier League rival in Arsenal. Also Dubravka could start dropping in rating soon

  7. Why have you given shearer the No 9? You don’t give a 16 year old number 9, you should’ve kept him at 27 and made him work for it

  8. Buy Robin koch, from I think freiburg in the Bundesliga. He can play CB,cdm but also isn’t a bad fullback as he has acceptable pace. He is only 22 and at 76 rating but he only has 80 potential but you can easily get him up to 85-88 overall
    Other info he is 6″2 and he has a real in game face in the latest update
    Please like so cani can see

  9. Cani if you dont complete the almiron objective
    Sell him next season and sign a 61 or below player in 15 Matches either from the bench or starting line-up

  10. Sign matheus pereira he plays at West brom and his potential is 82 but in real life he’s an absolute monster he plays cam and left mid and he’s 24 he can also be a backup for Bardhi and as a winger and he 10 mill

    Like so cani can see^_^

  11. Hey hey head coach just wondering if you could try to sign ihattern plays for PSV he is known as a wonder kid his potential is 93 and is under 10 mill

    Like so Cani can see


  13. Give Volland the number 31 as that is his number at Leverkusen

    Now this is the 7th time i have commented something about vollands number 😂😂

  14. Also you need to stop licking almirons arse, he’s not good, sell him and use the money you have to bring in a world class winger

  15. Cani get a New Left Back
    Someone has got a lot of pace so you can keep up with some of the attackers in the Premier League

  16. Sign Matiás Zaracho , Zaracho with Bardhi could be something unbelievable. He starts with 79 rating, and can play in cam, rm, cm. give Joelinton in swap deal

  17. Hey Cani, I find it very funny how the mod you are using can be considered realistic when you see some of the valuations and transfers, I recommend you stop using this mod immediately as it is clearly no good and low quality, Paul’s realism mod is much better than this broken mod.

  18. Cani these are suggestions for signings
    Tyler Adams
    Brandon Williams
    Angel gomes
    Cani all these players I listed are easy to sign and have a high potential like so cani can see👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  19. Cani, sign Vanheusden(19 years old CB, 75 rating, 87 potential) from Standard Liege and Meret or Livakovic (Dinamo Zagreb, 25 yrs old) for the GK position. Both were astounding in my Leverkusen career mode!

  20. you should sign Said Benrahma, he still 23 years old and he has 81 potensial .

    Like so Cani can see 😀

    • Yes great shout! Andrija Živković from Benfica would be a good option off the bench too if that diesn’t work

  21. A quick tip if you wanna check a players rating go to team sheets—>Import team sheet go to the team the player is in and you can see the player’s rating.(this only works if the player is in the starting 11)

  22. Hey Cani I consider you get zackaria he start of at a 82 rating and he is realy physical he has amazing passing and he is my cdm in my career mode so I consider getting him

  23. Imagine its the Champions League final and the score is 2-2 and in 90+4 minutes Enis Bardhi scores a banger outside the box…Cani: Enis BARRRDDDHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  24. I don’t know if he’ll be as highly rated as Cani needs but he’s worth a try. I recommend Giovanni Reyna from Dortmund. He’s only 2 million because of his release clause. He is a left mid who can play cam

    Like so Cani can see

  25. #forfeits
    Name: small, tall, whatever
    Forfeit: by Chris smalling and play him striker until you can get 5 goal contributions with him ( and sell him for as low as you can )

  26. Please sell joelinton and buy josef martinez. Good player and really good friend with almiron would love it if that happened.

  27. Options to buy:
    Domenico Berardi, Sassuolo-
    Ricardo Horta, Braga
    Waldo, Real Valladolid
    Alberth Elis, Houston Dynamo

  28. Hey Cani
    Sign James Forest, he’s a really good backup winger
    Age: 27
    Rating: 77
    Position: RM/LM/RWB
    Current club: Celtic
    3 star weak foot and 4 star skill moves
    Without the mode he has a value of 8mil and a release clause of 14mil
    He has an acceleration of 91 and a sprint speed of 89 with a 94 agility
    He has a decent finishing on him and the finesse shot, outside foot shot and speed dribbler traits
    Like so Cani can see🙏🏽

  29. Ünder he plays for Roma he is already good and he is 78 rated


  30. The only YouTuber I have turn on notifications on for I cani becuase when a new career mode video comes out I get so hyped so I don’t wanna wast the hype on other youtubers

  31. Don’t add players in deals. After that opposition manager ask mad cash I don’t know why.
    You should sign Vargas from Espanyol or Ryan Kent from Rangers

  32. I think the team is playing so much better with joelington in the pich .Just don’t sell him cani .He is a good sub

  33. zaracho, exequil palacios, de la vega, almada, pedri, szobozlai, arne maier, wendel, camavinga, bustos, ferro, nicolas dominguez, boadu, osimhen, donyell malen, feenando, tsygankov, christian romero, alex meret, maximiliano, pedrosa

  34. Look into james forrest from celtic. Hes in his late 20s, a winger, RAPID and given he plays in scotland he wont cost an arm and a leg haha

  35. Add Samu Castillejo.Hes surely gonna be cheap.He can play in multiple positions and he’s 25 years old.And he’s 80 rated

  36. You can buy trezeguet from aston villa. He has 4 star skill moves and 5 star weak foot. His name is iconic and he is a beast .

  37. future signings i suggest you shortlist these player to keep an eye on their stats
    1.ADAM HLOZEK from the turkish league he is 16 years old he can play striker left wing and right wing starts of with a 70 overall and can get into the 90+ with dynamic potential
    2. ibrahima sissoko he is 21 years old he is a CDM starts over with a 71 overall and has a 85 potential he has a high defensive work rate and a low attacking work rate
    3. eduardo quaresma CB he is 17 years old starts of as a 65 overall and can get up to a 88 potential
    4. tonali aka the next pirlo, he is an amazing CDM good on set pieces he is young and can play all along the midfield, i used him on my wolves career mode and he is a beast of a player, he can do just about anything from attacking passing and defending, he is currently a 89 overall for me
    also can you please try and get brahim diaz or takefusa kubo from real madrid they are both very good players on fifa DRIBBLING BEASTS
    pleaseplease like so that cani can see

  38. Maybe Maxwell Cornet? He’s got the right kind of rating and has some pretty good stats for a bench winger. Love the videos man.

  39. Hatzigiovanis from panathinaikos .He is cheap and fast .Also can play one vs one .He is really cheap .Like 6 mil.I think he is 73 ovrl and pot to 80+

  40. For Cani: I think you should sign takes Kubo the Japenese winger from real Madrid. he is an all-out attack player who has a 5* 5* skills and weak foot and would be a good right-winger or midfielder. he also is very pacey (almost as fast as Almiron) and is good on the ball.

  41. Buy alvaro vadillo, 24 y.o, can play rm or lm, 4*skill move, value 8 million, 17k wage, his best stats are, dribbling, acceleration, sprint speed, balance, agility! Like so cani can see❤️

  42. 22:41 Cani finally pronounced Saint-Maximin right

    22:43 Cani Sant-Maximan said it wrong

    Cani you pronounce it Saint-Maximin NOT Sant-Maximan

  43. Denis Bouanga (st. Etienne), Oussama Idrissi(alkmaar), Gyrano Kerk(Utrecht), Robin Quaison (Mainz), Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla), Steven Berghuis (PSV) etc list of wingers that can be signed. Like for Cani to see it.

  44. Try to sign Diatta from Club Brugge, has pace, stamina and can play on either wing, otherwise sign Galeno from Braga or Watkins or Benrahma from Brentford who all have the same qualities
    Edit: there is also Waldo and Ruben Vargas who look solid

  45. Sign karamoko dembele he is a good player only 16/17 high potential.he has no game face but you can buy camavingha who is also 16/17 and also loan ansu fatu pr kubo.

  46. Kinda of an asshole to say ‘I also have a life, I gotta sleep and what not’. I mean cool dude, I respect that, but you could have more tact upon laying down your thoughts.

  47. I think you should sign Alberth Elis. 4* 4* High work rate.RM. 75 overall and 81 potential, Speedster.Also it would be funny if you signed James Milner on a Pre-Contact!

  48. cani for a good cheap winger u should sign Ricardo Centurion he has 5* skills and 4* weak foot and hes 25 so he shouldnt be expensive if not u can get joao victor who is basically the same but 24

  49. Cani sign Zaha play him at cam change to 4123 or 4312 then bench Sanson
    Let’s face the fact he never brought the heat anyway 😂😂

  50. Get quersma for a season he brings energy when he comes on and his technical skills are good and has 5 stars skill move

  51. I just read some news, Newcastle wants to sign James Rodrigez for 40m, he is a good player but his pace is just dreadful

  52. I don’t like Sanson in this game. Maybe it’s because we don’t see much of him. Plus your bench only has 1 CM who can be a super sub. If I had to suggest a CM I’ll suggest Alexis Mac Allister. He’s Argentinian. 75 rated with a 26.3 million release clause. He’s a very balanced Midfielder with:
    79 crossing
    76 Finishing
    76 Short pass
    75 long pass
    71 agility
    79 ball control and dribbling.

    Try him out since no one buys him in any of the career modes.

  53. You could try signing Pedri, he’s a 16 year old LM 72 rated with 89 potential and he’s worth £5.4million. He can also play CAM

  54. Sign Thiago Almada or Diego de la Vega, both from the argentinian league, or Pjaca or Amuzu, both from Anderletch; Diego Lainez, from Betis, is also good.

  55. Sign Anwar El Ghazi or Trezeguet 75 and 78. Change shearer’s first name to alan shaerer.

  56. Winger—- Karlan Grant!!!! Hes a striker but can play LW & RW great starts at 75 rating.. Like ao Cani can see.

  57. Dennis man would be a really good option as he is pacy and plays as a rw and is quite cheap. He also comes from fcsb like Florinel coman

  58. bro you could’ve potentially got 76Mil for Almiron…. it would be more fun to see you negotiate that and then buy a younger winger

  59. Again, Cani, the best sub for your team is Adam Armstrong, 22-23 years old, former Newcastle player, cheap, can play ST, LM, RM, 71 – 75 overall but insane, INSANE stats, 81-83 potential in the first year… man… do it!!

  60. Cani,will you ever do a carrer mode simulation with only players from the team”s league/nation again?It was very enjoyable!like so cani can see

  61. Alberth Elis for the wings! Sign him and never regret.
    He’s from Honduras, plays in MLS and can be a striker too. Overall around 74~76

  62. Hey Cani buy Zaha an put him in at RW for Almiron with his great pace,skill and finishing sell Warris and use the money as part of the deal, Almiron will be great as a sub for the C.A.M and the RW plz like so Cani can see

  63. Cani! U should sign adama traore… He’s got the pace, he’s got the physicality and he’s only 24 and i think he’ll fit into the side

  64. I think Longstaff should start mor game as he is a well balanced midfielder with physical presence with a good shot and you have an objective on him so it would only make sense.

  65. buy corner taken divock origi,palacios,trossad,chiesa,donyall malen,lazaro,rojas,bruno tabata, brekalo,yaramoh and kluvert. please can you call vergaras for Hanad junior. please like so cani can see.

  66. Jamaal lewis from norwich starts at 73 rated and I got him to 92 on my career with dynamic potential great young left back

  67. Slates joelinton & almiron all season yet last 2 episodes they have been 2 of the best players, struggling for cash keep joelinton as a back up CAM & ST

  68. Sign Riccardo Orsolini from Bologna. 22 year old Italian, 4 star 4 star, 76 with potential of 85, with a 24 million release clause.

  69. Unlucky to get the romanian mbappe, Florinel 😂😂 maybe in next transfer Window🤞try for Dennis man 👏

  70. You can sell Waris by a swap deal which is good but that it really does not work but I would say get a talent that is young like Tyganskov whatever his name is from a Russian team

  71. Maybe try Marius Wolf from Dortmund. I think he could be a solid choice to replace Warris. Like so Cani can see!

  72. Cani bale from real Madrid is linked to Newcastle if you don’t want sigh him you can go for Kai havertz like so cani can see pls 🐱

  73. Players are tougher to get in swap deals, the clubs want the player plus whatever their player is worth #careermodeisbroken

  74. Hey Cani, will you be using the cheat engine to give some players who are deserving a boost and potential upgrades?? Like so Cani can see 😁

  75. You should buy keita baldè he can play left wing and right wing and has 4 star skill moves and 4 star weak foot and hes 80 rated

  76. 17:20
    Nobody gonna talk about how he is using his right hand to wipe the sweat as well as push a button 🤔

  77. Hi Cani you should look to buy max bird from Derby 66 rated but he has potential to be a fantastic player. Also love the videos thank you for putting so much effort into the videos, keep up the Fantastic work that you are doing. 👏

  78. Alberth Elis is a winger from Housten Dynamo
    he is 24 years old.
    he is around 12 mill
    like so Cani can see !!!!

  79. Ideas for wingers Jonathan bamba from Lille or possibly Keita balde from Monaco. Both got lot of pace . Like so Cani can see.

  80. You convinces me to start my own Newcastle career mode, I signed a few of the same players as you but some others I went in different directions.

  81. Cani was so confident that he’d win against wolves , he didn’t even name the title of the video after the comeback against them 😂
    Like so cani can see 😃

  82. There’s been some talk of Newcastle going for a precontract signing in January next year. Maybe try looking into that.

  83. To be honest it feels like watching Man United cause when they play against small teams Cani gets humiliated and against big teams he does great performance 🤔🤔

  84. Can you return to 1860 Munich! Since the last time you managed in fifa they went down to the fourth division and came back up last season, if you’re looking for a career mode to do after Newcastle it would be a cool idea to return back to one of your best series and make 1860 Munich the best team in Munich and Germany again!!

  85. A good winger signing could be Marcus Edwards from Vitoria Guimares. He’s 73 with 83 potential. idk if he would be available in your save tho.

  86. Look for George Kevin Nkoudou from besiktas french left winger he could be a amazing sub for maximan

  87. Hi Cani, you could get Ayoze Perez from Leicester to replace Warris, he’s around 76 rated and is in his prime years. By getting him you would also be weakening Leicester city’s squad.

  88. Get bukayo saka. One of the best wingers in the world under 20. He had 4 stars on both attributes and will prove very good on the wings as a sub. Can play both lm and rm if needed!!

  89. Instead of just end negotiations try to bring down the price cos sometimes they will accept lower money.

    Like so cani can see

  90. Hey cani I would like to recommend Thiago Almada from Velez Sarsfield his age is right now 18 n overall of 74 n potential of 88 RW LW CAM he is young n 10M

  91. Hey cani once check Jovane Cabral form Sporting CP 21 yrs old 75 overall 21 years old n 10 M value potential of 84 n 4 star skills 4 star week foot hope you like it 😊

  92. I would suggest you to try the following players, which are suitable for your team. These player are very impressive and key for future team.
    Youcef Atal (Future Marcelo)
    Age=23, RB/RWB/RM, (Dribbling and Sprint Key)
    Overall=77, Potential=88, Value= 11 Mil
    4 Star Skill, 5 Star Weak Foot
    Rafael Leao,
    Age=20, ST (Very Pacey / Speedy Tank),
    Overall=75, Potential=87, Value=10.5 Mil
    4 Star Skill, 4 Star Weak Foot
    Nicolas Dominguez. (One of the best Youth player in fifa20)
    Age=21, CM/CDM/RWB (AllinOne- Stamina and Acceleration key), Overall=75, Potential=90, Value=10.5 Mil
    3 Star Skill, 4 Star Weak Foot

  93. Cani how about signing Adama Traore from wolves. You never used him in career modes and he is a beast!

  94. The problem with realism mod is that you literally have to pay every penny to take a young player on your books.

  95. I suggested you “Chanathip Songlrasin” 5 stars skill with 3 stars weak foot. 25 years old. 100% can be your backup winger and he has a lot of pace. The most important is he is very cheap but 73 rating. You can have fun with his 5 stars skill and agility.

  96. The Reason you dont score a lot is because when you in position to just pass the ball from the backline to the penalty spot you try to dribble past a few and score it yourself but of you just pass it you score every time you just dribble to much and make misstakes just think about it play eazy you play way to hard

    • Its just i see it a lot that you dont score because you dribble to much in the box even when you just can pass and score you just dribble en sometimes score with luck

  97. Hey CANI if you’re looking for backup then Kevin mirallas is perfect for it . I know he is 32 but you’re looking for backup right and he is 74 to 78 overall you can try him. Like CANI can see

  98. Hey cani please sign Marco asensio he’s a good fit for ur team. He can play on both wings and potentially CF

  99. Can u see if u can get the next up and coming superstar and young talent like ANSU FATI he his a potential of 91 and is a Barcelona player at the rating of 72 and with training and game time he grows very quickly he is a 5 star 4 star I believe and he can play left or right wing and even Cam or CF if needed he is very fun to use with his dribbling and high agility please like for Cani to see

  100. Cani telling abt bardhi, Volland and almiron but Saint-maximin doing a good work and cani be like not even telling his name properly

  101. Waldo from Real Valladolid. Age 23 LM/ST with good physicals and 4* SM/WF. Should be able to get him at a reasonable price. Like so Cani can see!

  102. Sign Ianis Hagi from Rangers. He is crazy good at potential. He is 73 rated and 21 years old and 5 star wf 4 star skills. Is worth 8.5 Million without mod. Will probably cost 15 million in a swap deal with Waris.
    Like so cani can see

  103. cani you need to make a counter offer whenever they ask for more money , they end up lowering it down up to 10 mil less then what they asked for

  104. Cani I’m wondering why you not buy a free agent player. There is many good players can you bring in free agent.
    And also Free.

  105. Cani sign thiago almada he has a release clause of 24 mill your exact budget cani
    Like so cani can see 8 time saying this 😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  106. Don’t know how it’s with the mod, but you can actually negotiate with the clubs even if they’re asking for astronomical fees. They only come up with high prices because the players are unscouted. So, you can realistically bring down 40 mil down to atleaat 20-25 million, or add in a sell on clause and lower that too

  107. Cani sign Ampomah from Dusseldorf for your backup Winger/Striker he has 5* WF and 4* SM
    Has a Play Style like Majeed Waris and can play LM/CAM/ST

  108. Cani #Real life How do you feel when Liverpool supporters support your club only because you are the best team in the world but 7 years ago they supported like Real Madrid or Manchester united Like so Cani can see

  109. Buy Pedro de la Vega with an initial rating of 71 with 86 pace and 77 dribbling with potential upto 88 and brahim Diaz is rw also 74 rated with 5 star weak foot and four star skill moves with dribbling 81 and balance 86 with decent 67 finishing with £20.2m release clause and potential upto 86

  110. Coach these guys would be great and have fantastic potential. K Diatta – Club Brugge RM/LM – 77 – £12.6m also try K Lee – Valencia LM/RM/CAM – 76 – £11m

  111. Cani for a quality winger u should check out Francis Amuzu from Anderlecht he’s a LW that has 5 star weekfoot and 4 star skills he doesn’t have the highest potential which is at 79 but that should make him cheaper and with dynamic player potential he could grow alot pls like so Cani can see

  112. Suggestions on players to sign-
    Felix Agu- VfL Osnabrück can play LB/RB/RM
    Jordan Torunarigha- Hertha Berlin CB/LB
    FC Nordsjaellland CF/CM

  113. Buy Luis sinisterra with rating of 74 with 4 star WF and 4star SM work rate high/high with 84 potential release clause of €15.3m and sign 19yr old GK diogo Costa with intial rating 70 with 73 reflexes 71 positioning with €2.5m value

  114. Transfer Suggestions:
    1. Alex Iwobi – 77 ovr/81 pot, 23 yrs, LM, Everton
    2. Roman Yaremchuk – 76/80, 23, ST/LM, KAA Gent
    3. Muo Cadete – 77/79, 19, LM, Palmeiras
    4. Daniel Podence – 78/82, 23, LW/RW/CF, Wolves
    5. Daniel James – 77/83, 21, RM/LM, Man United
    While all of them are fairly young, they don’t have really high potential, so it shouldn’t be super expensive to sign them. Daniel James will probably be the most expensive of the bunch, but he’s a pace monster with 95 Pace. Cadete and Yaremchuk should be cheap, and with dynamic potential in work, they should really grow nicely.

  115. Hi cani, sign Rennan Lodi. I think that’s how you spell it! He is a 21 year old left back and is I think 79 rated. He would make difference to the team

    Like so cani can see

  116. Buy centre back benoit badiashile 18 yr old Frenchman stands 6’4″ and as a result boasts 81 strength and 71 jumping. But he is also good with his feet, with 74 standing tackles and decent short passing of 70 with intial rating 72 valued at £4.6m

  117. sign bongdongda from genk he is 24 years and has a amazing shot on him not sign diata he is 20 years old and wil cost around 36 milion with the mod

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