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  1. Cani sign Matias Vargas, best player I’ve used in cm, he is a cam/lw with finesse shot trait, lots of stamina and can do everything in my cm. He is 77 rated, I hope you get him and that he Will be as good for you as he was for me as I got him to 94.

    Anyone who read, have a Nice day!

  2. Cani sign Elmas he’s really good young midfielder with decent potential he would fit in your team perfectly. He can play LM, CM and CAM

  3. Cani i love your vids your vids are just full of positive content you did Liverpool career mod i know thats tradition but Liverpool is my fav club and SGE is also club that i love so goooooo!

  4. This is going to be one of the best career modes. Suggestion try to sign German or Austrian players as Bundesliga puts great focus on these two countries.

  5. #rebiccomeback also maybe sign Andre Silva permentuly or Hlozek he’s a 16 year old 72 rated player he’s a right midfielder

  6. Hey Cani,
    Please sign Iannis Hagi 5 star weak foot and could Play as CAM right and left Winger also with decent potential.
    I would love to see him at Frankfurt 👍
    Also John McGinn would be an amazing CM with decent allround stats 👍
    As striker you could buy Joaquin Correa from Lazio and try to do a swap deal with Dost and change the System back to an 3-4-1-2 or 3-5-2 thats how they Play in real life.
    I‘m hyped for this career mode 👍
    Greetings from Germany 😊🇩🇪

  7. I’ll be honest I was really disappointed that arsenal wasn’t the higher vote but after watching this video I am extremely excited for this series
    Love u Cani keep up the good work

  8. #FanObjectives
    “Im Herzen von Europa”:
    WIN the Europa League.

    INFO: “Im Herzen von Europa.” is kind of the YNWA of the club. It’s always sung before and after games. Particularly last year after the second leg against Lissabon there were really emotional scenes with the fans with this song.

  9. My bro love you so much BUT where is the RTG i’ve been waiting 30 mins to watch the vid and then go to sleep don’t let me down that way just post the RTG forever and call this channel leyton orient FIFA not kappa xd

  10. Cani your working very hard making a lot of videos I just hope your health is okay . Make sure to rest yourself rest your eyes also make sure to stretch as well as maybe invest into a chricopratic spiky mat for your back

    Too late

    • Well actually his mum had him, they seperated and he stayed in holland while his dad went off in other countries such as italy, and now he has training at 13h and 9h so my private school said he would have to leave my school, so now hes in a FEYENOORD school

  12. #fan objective, Keep 5 clean sheets inn a row when you are playing and for the forfit, at the start of next season if you dont do it you have to sell your 2 highest value players for 1million.

    • The Gladiator for the penalties it would be better if it’s in percentage because maybe he just concedes 2 penalties so he should save 50% of his penalties

  13. #fanobjectives
    Get a top 4 spot in the league and win the Europa league
    Release a player that’s 80 and above

  14. Cam- Hagi
    Striker- ante rebic or luke bakayo u used him in ultimate team
    Cm- edhis bardh, Phil Jones from mnc
    Try loan guedes he can play all aver the attack
    Cb- jose mere from koln he grows and after 2 seasons hole can sold over 100mil
    Alex tranzuebe from man utd young and very good.
    Nathan ake
    Check pre contracts and free agents
    Try for ansu fati again

  15. So hyped for this!Good thing about having this and RTG is that there is content for everyone.Maybe someone doesn’t like lower leagues so here you go 🙂

  16. You should replace Sow with either mason mount or Yusuf Yazici
    Both players in real life have been putting up good numbers for their clubs
    Mount 4 goals 1 assist and Yusuf has 1 goal 4 assists

  17. Sign Benson Manuel. He is a 72 rated left/ right winger. He is 23 years old and has a potential around 80. He plays for Gent in the Belgian league (And is from Belgium too). He *might* be able to play striker, but I’m not totally sure.

  18. Please try Dost. I play a similar style of fifa as you and I tried dost with a quick striker partner and he scored 23 goals in the 25 games I played in the Bundesliga season and 5 more in the nine sim games… give the old man a shot please

  19. #fanobjective Champions dream – finish above bayern munchen. Everyone knows Bayern owns the bundesliga, try and dethrone them!

  20. Recall Rebic he will be a key player
    Like so Cani can see and if you agree
    Objectif : The New Jovic : Score 10 goals with Martinelli as a substetud

    Transfers : Florentino
    Donny Van Den Beek
    David Neres
    Jonathan David
    Verschaeren he would be
    perfect because he can
    play many positions

    Again Like So Cani Can Der
    Cani , Love you bro your amazing ❤️

  21. #RebicIn
    I think you should bring him back because he would be really good and useful for the team.
    Sry if my english is bad

  22. Sign jean philipe matter 6 foot 4 about 88 sprint speed great strength and finishing every defenders nightmare like so Cani can see!!!! Also #rebic

  23. Hey Cani!
    Train Joveljic, he could be your backup st and in the future he could play in the first team!
    (Ps. He was a 2019 golden boy nominee and that would be a great story if you could make him better)
    Love your vids!
    Greetings from Estonia 🇪🇪

  24. Here’s the objective for elvedi: THE NEXT VAN DIJK – don’ t let any player to drible past elvedi for 20 25 or 30 matches

  25. Cani keep ronnow and sell the other one. I have a leverkusen cm and he won the most clean sheets in 3 consecutive season from the 2nd season onwards

  26. Hey Cani. What do u think about Ezequiel palacios rumoured move to Leverkusen ? Could u see that happening for peter bosz’s side ?
    Like so Cani can comment it guys

  27. #FanObjectives
    “Karate Kid”
    Score 15 goals with Kamada.
    “Arsenal come at me”
    If you play against Arsenal score 2 goals with Martinelli.
    “Better than Neuer”
    Get the most cleen sheet with Trapp to show that he is the best goalie in the Bundesliga.
    I don’t the name, but get 35 scorer points with Kostic because he is your best player.

  28. Cani pls for your midfield you can bring orsolini he is a cam and can play rw and rm has ok pace and I would love to see him in the Frankfurt career thanks pls like so cani can see

  29. Cani it would be cool if you could do a video going to frankfurts stadium even just to the outside to helps us feel close to the career

  30. Maybe a stupid idea. because you live so close to Frankfurt’s arena. Maybe you can record as you walk around the stadium with a a nice costume. Then you have that videoclip at the beginning of every Frankfurt episode.
    Like so cani can see.
    (Sorry if my English was bad)

  31. #fanobjectives
    “The next Origi”or”the Jovic replacement”
    Score 10 goals with super-subs who play at the striker position
    Like so Cani can see

  32. #fanobjectives Clean Sheet Jinx – for every time you say the words “clean sheet” before giving up a goal in a match, your wife gets to slap you with a fish.

    Much love from the USA 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

  33. Cani, when you start up fifa and come to the title screen, press “Start” on the controller instead of the space bar so that the controller is your default “controller”

  34. Cani I did a Frankfurt career mode and Dost scored 20 goals in the Bundesliga and 7 in the Europa League.. he deserved a chance

  35. Ronnow: 26 year old 74 rated with 78 potential
    Wiedwald:29 year old 72 rated with 72 potential
    Cani: I’ll keep Wiedwald and sell Ronnow
    Me: Surprised pikachu face

  36. Will you train Dejan Joveljić back in a day when Jović and Joveljić were in Red Star Belgrade they were best friends.

  37. Hey Cani, You should sing unai Nuñez from Athletic bilbao he is only 22 years old and has good potential and Has a real face!.like so Cani can see

  38. Hey cani when I try and loan in a player he rejects but goes on loan to another team it also happens when I hit the loan button the message comes up that the team doesn’t want the player to go on loan but when I look in a few days the player goes on loan if this happens to anyone like so cani can see so he can let ea know if it’s a glitch

  39. #fanobjectives
    “The Manager killers”
    Sack 2 Managers (beat 2 of the best teams in the world in the Europa league or Bayern/Dortmund (they should be out of the champions league spots))

  40. I think you should sign Antonio Marin from Dinamo Zagreb for super sub, because he can play winger and CAM and is really good in game.
    Like so Cani can see

  41. Fan Objective: The survivor
    Rebic the one good attacker to not be sold from Frankfurt so score 25 goals with him in all comps

  42. For wings substitute bring Milot Rashica of Werder Bremen.
    The guy’s got both skills and pace and has bundesliga experience.#TransferSuggestions

  43. #FanObjectives
    Who Needs Jovic?: Score 25 goals with Dost.
    Consistency: Finish in the top 6.
    The Serbian Messi: Get 10 assists with Kostic.
    Portuguese Duo: Score 10 goals with Silva and Paciencia assisted between them.
    Done it Again: Win the German Cup.
    Dancing Samba: Get 15 scorer points with Martinelli.

  44. Hey Cani
    Please don’t play SOW in that position
    That isn’t a CM position
    It is a CAM position
    Play Kamada or Robertone there rather as they are the same rating

  45. Hey Cani i have a great player for you to sign.
    His name is David Tavares from benfica he is a low rated CM card but with an incredible 82 stamina at 20 years of age
    He can play CM or CAM has High-High WorkRate with an base potencial of 84, i thought that he was nothing sspecial but just after 2 seasons he is at 99 stamina and i didnt even trained him , he grew to an 80 ovr just finishing my 3rd season
    The most i could get him was at 88 ovr really fast really strong, he his literally an Portuguese Kante!!

  46. #fanobjectives

    Dream partnership- If you recall rebic which you 100% should do on objective could be to get 15 partnered goals with rebic and Silva so 15 goals which is a rebic assist and a silva goal or a silva assist and a rebic goal

    Like so Cani can see 😃😃

  47. Joveljic is a great young striker that have a lot of potential and I think that he is a pretty good striker for backup. Like so Cani can see

  48. If you want a talented CDM Player i recommend Santiago Ascacibar, he is a “aggressive leader” kind of player with very good physical and defending stats, 76 overall currently, 22 years old, potential should be around 83 to 85

  49. Hey Cani please sign Yazici from Lille he’s an absolute beast 4 * 4 *, has finesse shot, flair, long shot taker, play maker, outside foot shot and technical dribbler triats and overall is really well rounded he starts at 78 rated and is a CAM. Keep up the good work cani 👍

  50. Man… Cani is such an underrated fifa career mode youtuber, honestly he creates some of the best career mode content
    Keep up all the good work 🙏🏾❤️

  51. As a striker, buy Donyell Malen. He is a very young, pacey ST/LW and I played one career mode with him and with one training session a week, in two seasons he was 86 rated with max pace and was amazing at long shots. He is well within your budget and cost me about 13 Million. He is originally from PSV so hopefully none of the other clubs have signed him. His potential is 86 but with the dynamic potential he can go a lot higher. He is 5’ 10” and starts off with a rating of 77, 4* skills and 3* weak foot at an age of 20, he would fit Frankfurt and you team very well!

    LIKE SO CAN CAN SEE!!!!!! #CaniTransfersForTheWin

  52. #FanObjective
    Do a objective that is called “the experience” and play Bas Dost in 10 or 15 games


  53. Play Joveljic “the new Luka Jovic”
    they both played for crvena zvezda and they are very good friends pls try playing him .


  55. Cani for a winger transfer (not loan) i think you should bring in omur from trabzonspor he is a very young talent and i think he could be useful coming on as a sub on either side of the field. Keep up the great vids bro!

  56. #fanobjective
    Don’t know what to call this but something like Dutch giant but anyway score 10-15 headers with Bas Dost

  57. #transfer
    Buy Jacob Bruun Larsen from Borussia Dortmund. He didnt played this season often enough and has great stats. He is a Winger who has also Striker Typ of stats and it is not unrealistic.

  58. Sign adam hlozek he has 87 potential starts at 72 and could be called if as a fan objective The Czech Jovic #fanobjective

  59. #Rebic don’t bring him back. Respect the agreement as Milan paid fee for loan. Sign Mateta Instead as it will be a little different.

  60. Check out Răzvan Marin from Ajax, he is a great all-roumd CM with great long shots, Kroos type player, really good, or try buying Rodrygo Goes

  61. objective:
    get 10 scorer points with Martinelli

    you have to walk Into the Frankfurt stadium wearing a mainz shirt

  62. #FanObjective Eagle Eye:
    Get 10 Assist and 6 Goals with Kostic in league. As it was his one of best season in his career.

  63. #fanobjectives
    Send a scout to USA to find youngsters. Get 20 scorer points and clean sheets (combined) with American youth academy players.
    This would be realistic because American youngsters thrive in the Bundesliga.

    Like so Cani can see


    What are your thoughts on Messi winning the Ballon Do’r.

  64. #fanobjective
    1) Win any possible trophy with this team.
    2) Beat fc Bayern in both away and home league games
    3) win at least 3 games against bayern, Dortmund, gladbach in league.
    4) reach at least quarterfinal stage in UEL.

    And I have to say this I just can’t wait to see your episodes bro. Lots of love man ty so much for this content.

  65. #FanObjectives
    Jović Who?: Score 20+ goals with any attacker in the Bundesliga.
    Rising Star: Score 10 goals with Gabriel Martinelli.
    The Class of ’80: Win the Europa League.
    Thank you, Cani for choosing Frankfurt. Good luck, my friend!! Like so Cani can see

  66. #FanObjectives get 10 scorer points with new Jović(Joveljić) they are coming from the same youth academy of Crvena zvezda (Red Star) and they are best friends

  67. Cani you should sign Pedro De La Vega he is 70 rated and has a 4 star weak foot and 3 star skill moves and he is insane you should consider him also you can get him around 5 to 6 million euros

  68. Go for Dennis from Brugge very pacey and skillful 75/76 rated to 85 perfect substitute for the RW and ST. You were interested for him In Valencia Career mode. Also Luis Diaz is a Colombian LM, 22 years old , very pacey 4 star 4 star 77 overall to 86 potential

  69. No disrespect to Ronaldo, he’s one of the best players ever. But how the fuck did he finish 3rd in the ballon d’or above Mane Salah Mbappe and Lewandoski??

  70. #fan objective#
    Sign a youth british player like
    dortmond did with sancho
    Schalke with rabbi matondo
    Rb leipzig done with ampadu

  71. Please try to sign Hagi or Martinez from Ajax they’re both great midfielders with high potentials and they won’t cost too much (probably around 20 million)
    Like so Cani can see 👍

  72. Hey Cani you should look out for Gedson Fernandez from SL Benfica.. He is 76 rated with the potential of 85.. His value is 12m and wages are 10k.. His stats are absolutely insane!!

  73. #fanobjectives DERBY DOUBLE – beat Mainz 05 in both league games and with a goal difference of at least 5.
    Forfeit – wear a full Mainz 05 kit at the Frankfurt stadium. Like so Cani can see

  74. Cani I have a career mode with Bordeaux and tried to sign rodrygo and fat I on loan and they rejected but when I tried again in January it worked

    Like so Cani can see

  75. Bring back rebic and call a fan objective ruthless rebic and score 20 goals with rebic with a forfeit of accepting the first offer that you get for any of your best players! #FanObjectives

  76. This is driving me crazy! Cani even if you just bought a player you can still use him in a swap deal if the other team agrees, that means you can change out Dost! like so mani can see

  77. Please try to sign Szoboszlai from RB Salzburg he has been great alongside Haaland, it’s quite realistic as he plays in Austria, he has great potential in FIFA, is only worth around 10 million and can play anywhere in the midfield. He’d be a great super sub and I’m from Hungary so I’d love to see you try him out (also MGH called him the cheap havertz)
    Like so Cani can see!! 👍

  78. If possible make the coach look like Jurgen Klopp…Why??..Klopp brought Liverpool back from the dead to make it a team to compete for the champions league and premier league the same way you want to do with Frankfurt…BTW shout out to all Liverpool fans…Like so Cani see

  79. #Rebic You can’t use Rebic, he’s a permanent player for Milan it’s a loan with an obligation to buy so it would be totally unrealistic recalling him, they made that deal like that to avoid Financial Fair Play

  80. #fan objectives
    Better than the rest- finish in a European spot as a forfeit the star man of the team will force a move out

  81. sign torunarigha 21 year old german CB and reiss nelson (since he broke through in hoffenheim and its getting popular for english going abroad)

  82. For fan objectives do sow the team together/create five goals with you starting with the keeper than up to the striker #fanobjectives

  83. #fanobjectives
    The perfect attack
    Get 50 scorer points with your three attacker. ( kostic, Silva and rebic).
    Like so cani sees

  84. Fan objectives:

    Get Da Assists: get 10 (or more if you think 10 is too little) assists with da Costa as he has decent crossing and you can train him up to make it even better
    Forfeit: Wear a Man City or Everton Shirt for an episode. Like so Cani can see

  85. #FanObjectives
    Bas Header: Score 10 headers with Bas Dost
    Punishment: Buy the worst striker and use for 15 matches.
    Like so Cani can see!!!

  86. #rebic
    You should bring back Rebić beacuse eventually he will come back and you could buy Mislav Oršić from Dinamo Zagreb, you probably know who he is😉

  87. “Rode’s Revenge”. Score against both Bayern and Dortmund with Sebastian Rode. A goal against two of his former teams in the Bundesliga

  88. #summersigning sign Werner from rbl or Lucas from spurs
    They both have decent pace and shooting and will fit well into the team as werner has Bundesliga experience and Lucas has champions league experience

  89. Get sander berge from genk he is 21 years old. He can play at cdm and cm and is 79 rated and has a 87 rated potential. He is a very talented player and is tall and very physical and that is why is suits the bundesliga well , bundesliga is a very physical competition compared to other top leagues.

  90. Cani I think Almiron will be a very excellent player,considering Sow is a CM I think Almiron will be the best choice for that RAM position,excellent pace,stamina,shootimg shouldnt be that bad,but excellent all round player

    Like so cani can see

  91. A few #transfersuggestions

    Krépin Diatta, Club Brugge, plays RM but can play LM and ST too, so he can be a sub in both areas. Sick pace, 3 star skills but up to 82 dribbling so could become 4 star with mods. 4 star weak foot. Good stamina, good agility, not too tall – just how you like them! Worth about 12.5.

    Pedro De la Vega, Lanús, can play on both wings. Not as fast as Diatta and his dribbling isn’t as good, but he’s younger and much cheaper. Less well-known as well, so more of a chance to become a career mode legend. Highest potential as well I think.

    Cody Gakpo, PSV, LW/RW. Quite fast and agile, dribbling needs a bit of work in training though. Probably worth 10 mil maximum.

    Mason Mount, Chelsea, CAM/LW/CM. Don’t need to say much about this one. Could he be the next Jason Sancho?

  92. I’m so happy your doing a Frankfurt career! I love this football club so much just love the way the fight right till the end and never give up! My favourite player is definitely Kostic, he’s a beast and should be captain! Oh and Sow is a really great talent and has had some big moments in real life.

    #Rebic definitely bring him back he’s sooo good!!

    Like so Cani can see.

  93. Bring in Roger Assalé! He is a striker from bsc yb. Adi Hütter, former yb coach, now sge coach, made him big! It would be such a realistic transfer. Also Djibril Sow transfered this summer from bsc yb to sge!

  94. 7:29 ´´He is quite uzeless´´….. Your english was uzlezz :* It just banter dont kill me #LeonDickForLife #BartraAregallForLife #MitchMcGugan #MostRandomCommentOnThisVid

  95. #FanObjectives
    Out of you comfort zone: Score 15 goals with Dost.
    I think this would be a great challenge as you dont usually use players of his ilk.

  96. Actually I think that a good bench player for the RWB position might be Ainsley Maitland Niles from Arsenal. On fifa he’ fast , good at defending and I think has good workrates.

  97. Sign Malen from PSV he is a ST but you can use him as LW his pace is brutal and his got pretty good skill moves and good shooting

  98. Its your channel, so your choice, but please dont go for Ansu Fati, everyone is gonna use him and what I liked most about your channel was when you fond hidden gems out of nowhere, just like Bardhi

  99. #fanobjective:
    serbians future
    bring in 2 serbian strikers from the youth academy and they have to have 5 scorerpoints each or only one serbian form the youth acedemy and get him 10 scorerpoints

  100. Sometimes in Fifa they reject the loan because of too many players in that position. My guess is that was what happened with Fati.

  101. That tactic looks so strange. 2 center mids as Wingers, i don’t think that is going to work.(but let’s see if it works)
    The tactic they have in the beginning is the best for the players you have.
    Also give a chance to Gonçalo Paciência, he is great player irl and you can make a portuguese partnership at the front – That can be one of the #FanObjectives

    And as always keep up with the good work

  102. Please don’t do so much unrealistic stuff. Frankfurt will never get Ansu Fati. At least not in the coming years and especially not if his career keeps going through the roof. And if you buy all the players you want and that fit your style, no matter how unrealistic it is, this career mode will just be another first league team becoming CL winner in the second or third year. And that is actually boring to watch. Especially since Frankfurt was the team of the hour last season, they’re doing alright. As you have said yourself, it is more fun for the viewers to see you also struggle and not win too much too early. Please don’t build a great potential mega pace top team that wins everything. Cheers!

    Btw.: I love the RTG and was sad that there was no upload. Your RTG content is the real shit!

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