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265 thoughts on “MUST WATCH! NEW eFOOTBALL 2022 UPDATE is actually AMAZING”

    • The collaborated with a physics company, to change the algorithm.
      The physics of the ball are great, and way more realistic than pes 2021, that’s why it’s slow, but the issue is on the power bar, they need to change the ratio now, so when you hit the ball harder, to see a noticeable change.

    • Gameplay, is actually really really good, but colors Lighting, menu, pitch etc. Need work.
      Plus they need to add sharp kick and some way to control more players or make AI a lot better

    • @Wake no. The 2022 patch is a graphical update that will hopefully look and feel like a next-gen game. The current update is a bug-fix patch only.

  1. Remember in 2018 when Disney released the live action “Aladdin” teaser trailer with the intentionally bad genie cgi— just to go viral?

    They “fixed it” and it grossed over $1.1 billion.

    Just saying there is a precedent for releasing a poor product on purpose and then cashing in on negative hype.

    • There’s a difference between a teaser trailer and the final product. That’s why it’s called a teaser trailer. Now Konami has delayed the full game till spring 2022. Do you expect people to still play an incomplete game till spring 2022 ?

    • @Aaron Dias it doesn’t matter about the people turned off by it. IF the game eventually becomes something spectacular people are bound to want to give it a go. I will

    • @Beautiful Zero spring is June…dont think it will come in march…by June the competition would have been onto the next thing…FIFA 23 hypermotion 2.0 at that point… UFL would be out…etc… the modes might not even be ready haha.. a hot mess

    • @Obinna Onuekwusi whoever makes the best football game wins and so do the people playing it. Let the competition begin 😉

    • @Arman Falahati the gameplay is better but defending got so much harder and I hate losing more by 5 goals every game against good teams. Maybe I just suck but the gameplay did get a lot better

    • I hope 2k takeover fifa , yeah we will wait forever 😐 haha but for now fifa way better it’s really a challenge I enjoy it

    • Hahahah that’s too funny…. FIFA just need gameplay from another game and it’ll be perfect— yeah… I also need to be only five inches taller and just a dozen or few extra IQ points… watch out then

    • Also… do you really think that just because 2K makes a good basketball game they can succeed at creating a football simulator just like that?

  2. Question. Why does efootball only have a few teams available when you go to play a match? Like for example I wanna play psg and I can’t

  3. This update didn’t fix e’thing but it’s a good step however this game is dead until ‘spring 2022’ once again no specific release date so who knows when the 1.0.0 will exactly drop.
    Now more than ever more users are playing FIFA it must be what they wanted anyways since they’ve killed PES

  4. The update that was due in October and cancelled till November has now been cancelled again till spring next year, who actually did not see this one coming.

    • The 2022 patch is a graphical update that will hopefully look and feel like a next-gen game. The current update is a bug-fix patch only.

    • @Domenik Valci Read the patch notes. I havent found anything about change in the gameplay. Obviously, if the bugs are gone, gameplay would feel more fluid and responsive.

    • @Maz2bi let’s hope so that they remove mobile from cross platform. I mean look at it, The graphics would have been ok if it was never for mobile being added in cross platform. 🤷‍♂️

    • @F22 Gaming cross platform is not the reason we didn’t get highest graphics yet. To cross platform, we only need to be on the same server and the same game engine (for synchronising match data). Meanwhile graphics depends on the capability of their devices (player side). Another reason is, this is not full game yet.

  5. Do you know how to do face up ball rolling dribble in 0.9.1? I’ve seen AI do it. Using left stick seems different.

  6. How the hell can you say this is good a half finished demo that konami have been working on for over a year absolute joke of a game

  7. 2 years to work on this game and it’s going to be basically a demo until at least March Konami really night have killed this franchise

  8. Very impressed with the update

    But bro never you dare compare efootball crowds to fifa crowds again

    Didn’t you notice duplicate crowds in efootball?🤣🤣🤣😒💔
    And you wanna compare that with fifa?

    Efootball update is cool…but still not yet comparable to fifa to me

    Keep the good work up tho🤝🤝🤝

  9. The mechanisms from pes 21 maybe some of them possible but gameplay never because they want to do this cross platform and the game engines are different from pes 21. So maybe idk little bit close to mobile pes cuz of the cross platform thing.

  10. What update seriously guys wt the actual fuck, this update didnt do fuck all my game looks like pixel football, this is a disgrace man were in 2021 ffs

  11. Tbf does look alot better and its only gone from 9.0 – 9.1 so when we finally get 1.0 should be alot better 🤞 the real test is the game modes.

    • Another cutscene should be of the fans instead of just using the actual crowd. Like how FIFA does it with basically CGI clips mixed with in game camera.

    • would be cool but i can already see people would be complaining that it takes too long to change kits because you have to wait for the kit man to hang them up.

  12. The game is alright now but I wouldn’t have minded the myclub update on 11/11/2021 waiting 3 months for the mode that I wanted to play is absolutely crazy, we’ve waited so long and i just got Kaka at the end of PES 2021 now i can’t even use him

  13. i just played it and it was amazing, but y did they change some controls, it felt wired when i played. the button controls felt strange. y did they remove BAL and ML???? DOSENT MAKE SENSE

  14. I’m so happy the game has drastically improved, I’ll be downloading it right now! Thank you so much Sander for giving us these vids!

  15. It’s still bad.The pitch looks like a background picture. Still blurred in parts.players response is still slow.And as for a game,a complete joke.By the time this has had all updates and add ons,the next version will be due out.

  16. This guy is trying to convince himself it’s a good game.He just doesn’t get it.New team are behind it.New game makers.New plan to sell it to all platforms. It will take this new team around 3 years to get it where it was with pes 21.

  17. I really don’t understand when Konami says we listen to the community about mistakes and we will correct it. And then the kids show up on You Tube and discuss the graphics, the grass, the audience, the animations, and all sorts of side things. I have been playing this football since it came out and was then called Iss pro evolution every year every title. I will talk exclusively about gameplay. There are a lot of problems that the game is not playable. Players act as if they are on ice. The long pass L1 triangle is unusable. The defense was completely destroyed and a doubling of players was eliminated ??? 🟥❌The pass was completely destroyed. The shot from a distance er non-existent The physics of the ball is comic. Small and precise movement with the ball is non-existent. Taking of the ball from opponent is non-existent, and very odd. Physical contact must be balanced. Lag is horrible like every year but this year is more noticeable. The only thing that is better than previous years is the head game and that makes me happy. All in all, there is a huge road ahead of Konami in order to bring this game at least to the level of previous releases.

    • @Chillax Boi Dude, do you want to tell me that football is good and improved ?? That the problem is in me, and that after 20 years of playing this football, and 20 tournaments played around the world, I don’t know how to play football and that the problem is that they have adjusted the controls to mobile phones. Out of 50 games played, I have 49 wins and one lost game online on this football and that defeat came after this update, where I did not play but tried what was done … Football is currently terrible and unrecognizable …

    • @Nikola Brkljac Nikola, first of all, calm down. How many people say the game feels better and how many say it doesn’t? Didn’t everyone say the version before was shit? Is not everone saying this is better?

      After playing 2000 hrs of PES20 I know there are things left for me to check. Don’t be so prideful. You winning or losing means nothing when it comes to learning controls or defense or attacking. It just means you were better than your opponent not that you know everything.

    • @Chillax Boi Friend, I’m sorry if you got the impression I want to argue with you, I don’t . Is the game better than it was? Yes, but it wasn’t hard after the kind of garbage they threw out. The fact is that the game is incomplete and that we can only expect the game to look like something next year …

    • @Nikola Brkljac Oh, yes. I didn’t take your tone as an arguing tone but a frustrating one. Expressing concern and disbelief. It is true, we will not get a full fledged game until Master League comes… But I think it’s going to be really good.

  18. AMAZING?!
    How much did you received from Konami seriously ?
    The gameplay was aweful, since yesterday’s update it’s a little better, but still huge work to do.
    And please, what’s the point of correcting bugs now, if we’ll have the full game only in 4-6 months?
    What are we supposed to do, just play useless single games with no challenges, no game modes, no rewards, nothing…?
    I love PES for 20 years, but it’s time to say goodbye.

  19. If I had £1 for every time I’ve heard Konami say “sorry for the inconvenience ” every week for years and years. And now pes22 postponed till spring? “Sorry for the inconvenience ” ching ching💰

  20. Pes 2014 was not a good start when konami change their engine back then. But see how they improve untill we get pes21 right now? So much improvement. When i see efootball gameplay i really enjoyed because it’s feel more natural and realistic. Plus with this update it’s become better and have a big improvement from the first release which is horrendous. I know that it still have a problem , not a finish game. But still i enjoy seeing efootball gameplay. It’s still have that ” Pes ” gameplay. Sometime i feel like i’m watching a real life football game. They still need a ton of work to improve and to do , but man , i really see a potential on efootball with unreal engine !. Hopefully efootball become better and better !✌️ Sorry for my bad english.

  21. This is not a serious gameplay test. You played 3 min against a guy who don’t know how to defend. You can say nothing about ATT/DEF balance which is the central thing… Kid!

  22. Konami doing the old tried and tested, if you make something so bad anything is an improvement switch up to successfully lower the bar, turning below average to being considered amazing

  23. Konami needs to stop making mobile PES games and make next-generation way better. Konami needs to put more money into the PES franchise it’s there best game and they can make serious money knocking out FIFA take over getting more licenses and continue to be the best sport game ever made since N64.

  24. To all pes fans. Let’s now get behind Konami now to help them get back our football game efootball or not we’ve done enough negative talk. They will make the game we want and we all know this. Konamis football is the peoples ⚽

  25. Caramba é uma vergonha isso, um jogo quebrado abandonado, sou pés desde o Wingh elevem, porém não dá pra passar pano pra KONAMI, se todos se unissem melhoraria, porque este ano não dá tá uma merda O jogo… Nem estou ligando O game…e vcs divulgando esse jogo q a KONAMI já abandonou, q piada

    • It actually has.
      It’s not as good as pes2021 but it looks ok. The issue is the rendering and lighting. Pes 2021 had very bright colors, while Efootball tries a more realistic color, but that has as effect to be make things not look clear and look blurry, to be fixed needs better lighting.

    • That’s in all football or sports games.
      Only unreal Engine5 is supposed to be able to have every single fan look different.
      But who cares about that, no one watches the crowd so close, the just need to make the crowd movement better, and give them a bit more color.

    • @Wake no. Yes my friend. First konami lied us about ue5. İ mean there are more copy fans than pes 2021. Even in 2021 there are more different fan faces. Much better in 2021.

  26. It’s not. stop feeding people lies.they turned it back into shit.pre patch was better more fun even though it was buggy. Now I can’t even play one match I’m bored because it’s no longer random like a real match.every touch is the same

  27. Game’s improved by a landslide, yes but tgere are still a few changes left to be done.
    1) Game still looks dull. Where’s the life? Compare PES 21 audience and PES 22 audience. What looks more attractive?
    2) A little more work on newer animations and crowds and the game will be a 110% next-gen worthy

  28. Still can’t compete with Fifa this year. Can’t go from the worst rated game on steam and all over to as he said “might be better than fifa” No.

  29. you the only one that make video on them so sure you will say this amazing
    u have some benefit im sure.
    the game still look suck
    players confusd with movemnts, istop after 10 sec of gamplay in that video. 2-3 years of working on game that my dog can do better. totall shit!!!

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