NEW BOOTS SPONSOR!! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP5

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NEW BOOTS SPONSOR!! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP5

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165 thoughts on “NEW BOOTS SPONSOR!! – FIFA 20 My Player Career Mode w/Storylines EP5”

  1. What happened to the Ronaldinho to glory series edit= thanks 🙏 for the likes👌 and if u have sold ronalhino try to sign zidane and do the series we miss it very much pls🙁 and one last thing increase roberts height and change the hairstyle

  2. S2g plz upload some pes stuff on ur 2nd channel because people seem to like it like so he can see

  3. Wow, didn’t expect this early, you usually posted around 10pm but this is better.But wait i need to do my taraweeh prayer

  4. In the next episode you could show how to make kyle roberts as i would like to make him in my career mode

    Pls like so s2g can see

  5. Please go to different league this time ur player going to la liga is getting very repetitive. I would suggest serie a

  6. After this season (Kyles first season) you should simulate a lot more games to speed up the career mode. We wanna see west the future has in store for this lad so if you simulate more games we’ll get to see more of Kyles career
    Love the vids tho so keep it up 👍

  7. pcq: I advice you for cut back use double tap pass it is a low chip pass , works wonders for me in ultimate team

  8. You can tell your temmetes to shot when the ball is theirs you can just pressthe shooting button and your temmate will shoot

  9. Since Kyle is now one of the most important players of the team he should get a decent kit number like 10 or 11. Please make it happen.

  10. Don’t make the MY PLAYER SERIES the same as last year, as even last time Oscar Brown was rejected by a big club and he signed up with Puma as well .

  11. At the end of the series why don’t you retire with Kyle and see the offers from clubs to become their manager and make it the first career series in fifa 21

  12. pls don’t make a move for Kyle yet, a good performance doesn’t mean he need a better team. Try to win something with Schalke first.

  13. Pcq:your forfeit if you do not compel ete the challenge:get a red card in Bundesliga.

  14. Lads it’s my first time in player career mode so I have some questions first one where can we see which team is interested in us second one can we come back from a loan early

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