FUT Millionaire Review – Best FIFA 20 Autobuyer

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67 thoughts on “NEW CENTRE BACK OPTIONS!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG Ep5”

  1. What abt Eric Garcia or taylor Harwood bellis for long term centre back options
    U also might be able to loan them and I always mention these for long term career modes. Like so he can see

    • They are prem players and those tend to not want to relocate to League 2, when he gets promoted, then yeah that’d be a great idea!

  2. Chris can get the plenty of the Youth players from free agency & *”Scout the future Stars”* button if he wants to save budgets

  3. I had something similar to your Ranieri situation, went into negotiations to sign Arek Milik from Napoli, the manager I negotiated with looked like Milik, then when negotiating personal terms Milik’s agent also looked like Milik! 😂

  4. Kristian Dirks Riis is pronounced “Kristian Deerks Riis” The “R” in Riis is almost like a hard R or something with a rumbling sound, a bit like when a tiger says “grrr”. It might take some time to figure out. If you can’t figure it out, look it up on Forvo with the Danish pronunciation. There are some Danish names there where it’s used.

  5. Im a Bristol Rovers fan and Alfie Kilgour is very very good in game and in real life, in fact he is linked to Championship and a few Premier league clubs in real life.

  6. The glitched head is probably because of the realism mod, right? Doesn’t it add new starheads and might have messed up a bit..

  7. Just a little thought, maybe you could use a mod menu or something to get a few player faces for some of the players?

  8. Eyolfsson if he is still a free agent would do a job for you. 69 rated. Ajauuri is 69 rated aswell but is probably too old.

  9. And please try and buy Ro-Shaun Williams!!! If not this get him next season👍🏼he’ll be so good and by premier league he’ll be a solid rock at the back when dynamic potential kicks in💯

  10. Every time “O’Neil” touched the ball, I couldn’t stop thinking of Ranieri. Can see how that’s distracting

  11. A good random winger option if ever needed could be Alex Mighten from forest 57 overall 17y/o and 80 potential

  12. It’s a disgrace those things happen in FIFA at all.All the money it costs.F ing not acceptable and so annoying.

  13. Riis is pronounced R-eye-ice like the word eye then a gap then ice just with an ‘r’ at the beginning.

  14. Nathan wood from middlesbrough would be able to purchase, really cheap and £450 a week wages, 82 potential

  15. ches can you check if conceicao was tagged with “showing great potential” because if he was bring him on as a sub and allow him to get gametime to boost his growth

  16. I think now you have that young Brazilian you shouldn’t bring roles back… you can train the youngster and he will be just as good as roles in my opinion.

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