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Today we have some more brand new FIFA 21 news and rumours. New commentary may be coming to the game, ea and real madrid may have ended their marketing partnership and a new face could or could not be coming.

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  1. TikTok video translation:
    “FIFA 21 Live Recording Session”

    Staff: next time when you shout “Goal!”, make it sound longer.
    Commentator: Ok, sure.
    Commentator: GOALLLL!!!!!!!!
    (Keeps shouting)
    (Still shouting)

    • @Jsp it will be somehow possible but mainstream impossible. The only way for it to happen is if they release a terrible game so bad that they’ll force refunds

    • @Scott Barnabas I don’t say that
      I say that EA should postpone Fifa 21 or even don’t release any game this year to have more time to develop the game that the whole community wants
      And yeah WWE2K20 is the worst game ever

    • @Jsp yeah. Totally agree with you mate. I love wwe games but this year’s wwe game is just terrible. Fifa as well is very repetitive game every year. Hope the next game will be much different. Fingers crossed.

  2. If Konami does become a Real Madrid partner, it’s possible that the Santiago Bernabéu won’t be included on FIFA 21.
    It could depend on the type of partnership, as there have been various cases of a team being partner with Konami, without FIFA losing the stadium (Schalke 04 being the more recent example).

  3. Yup , it’s either they making fun of it or its Chinese commentary for those who choose to play FIFA 21 in Chinese. He’s just yelling “Great Goal”

    • @Ilko Bliznakov indian league is in fifa mobile the players are 50-60 rated but yes india is not good in football but now it’s improving gud players are coming and right now the indian leaugue is winning the pole. They leading finnish leaugue

  4. Definitely skipping out on this one.

    Not coming back until they get a new engine, frostbite isn’t ever gonna be the engine we need for a proper football game.

    Plus EA needs new innovations, all “new features” are lackluster rehashes of previously given features from older installments.

    • Sure… Everyone says so, buys pes or doesnt buy anything at launch, then they get bored and buy fifa after 1 week

    • Honestly I’ve tried to give Pes a chance every year but I just don’t like the gameplay and I end up going back to fifa.

    • i have used like 100 bucks on fifa 17 and 18 on ps3 then i got a ps4 and bought a used one for 15 bucks and i regret every pence i spent

  5. I want at least some bulgarian teams in FIFA or even the whole league. Ludogorets are actually pretty good, they were in the Round of 32 in the Europa League

  6. The indian leaugue is in lead now. Yessss!!!!! Would love if fifa considers the pole but yes indian league is in fifa mobile

  7. Player Career mode Issues:
    – Still can’t come off the bench in 2020
    – Impossible to sign for a specific club of your choice after the first club you pick, the game just throws a hand full of teams depending on your players rating
    – Glitches that skip over international games when I was clearly called up by the national team for friendlies and tournaments
    – No qualification matches for international tournaments
    – Past fifa games weren’t any better, for example I was the best player for my international squad in the world cup yet only I played 3 games in the group stage and carried my team to the quarters, but of course the game simulated the game and we lost.
    – Lack of play time, fifa 20 is by far the worst when comes to this issue in general
    – Upcoming Targets are impossible to fulfill when I don’t even get play time
    – Can’t change time of day and this also applies to online friendlies another forgotten mode that desperately needs work

    Player career mode is my favorite game mode, but year after year i’m left with disappointment and it doesn’t help that this mode is not as popular as it was before so making these issues mainstream will be very difficult. All I want is this mode to be as good as 2Ks NBA My Player and I think the reason why 2Ks franchise has been so successful is because for the most part the game revolves around you, your player that you created and every other game mode follows, thanks for reading this take care.

    • There are a crap ton of issues, I’m not even going to try, but, it’s ea, we are going to get a idk, pro helicopter rampage mode, ultimate team and maybe Metallica playing in the menus

    • Dreonix heard it’s absolutely solid this yea but amazing, is there a way to get proper kits and names for the teams that don’t have them?

    • Play time is my main issue I used to play for psg as an 89 Ovr player and I got to 92 still benched by 83 Pepe now my player 95 playing for man united

    • Damn I see all these complaints but I only experience the scripting that makes you lose. In my player career mode I always get called off as a CM and since that’s what I played in real life, I get fairly good ratings and passing accuracy

  8. Lol, basically gonna have the same old depression again with this game.
    Step 1: Be hyped and feel like the game will indicate a new era
    Step 2: Depression

    • Just don’t buy it bro
      Save ur cash, then if I feel u wanna boy towards the end of it’s released month, wait till it’s on sale and read REVIEWS. Go EA forums

    • @Eddy I do buy it when it’s on sale around Black Friday and Christmas time. But it’s sad to see how much the game has declined in fun perspective compared to the last 5 years

  9. Ah EA, here we go again…

    Wonder why I replaced that word by EA ? Because that’s what EA is so makes no difference ☻☻🤗

  10. Love to see the National League in FIFA 21. Would be able to take Chesterfield all the way to the Premiership, would be a fantastic challenge

  11. How can there be more bugs than these past 2 fifas you could be blindfolded and still not have that many glitches

  12. What’s the point of having non EU league’s when you cant play the intercontinental tournaments like the Asian champions league etc

  13. Real Madrid should make a deal that if fifa 21 career mode isn’t Improved, real Madrid will have exclusive partnership with pes like juventus..

  14. So you make a 13 minute video about fifa 21 and you dont even mention the fact that brazilian team palmeiras signed a contract with ea?

  15. If Real Madrid signs with PES that’s it for me With FIFA first you lose juventus Boca juniors and river plate and now Real Madrid my team…..

  16. EA sports should add African Leagues and African competitions. Like the CAF Champions league( Africa’s version of champions league.) The ABSA Premiership( South African league and more.

  17. I hope ea doesn’t leave fifa20 broken like the telecast display in la Liga … They need to update it one final update or so…

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  19. I want them to put in the African champions league and some of the African leagues (Algerian league,south African,Egyptian)


    • mate if you have xbox dont bother, if you play pes on playstation/PC there is a patch to download the real kits, leagues ext BUT if you buy pes on the xbox they dont have that patch

    • @Ross Dee Yeah, I figured that out too…. I may as well sell off my xbox one and buy ps4 this time around. Anything just to not buy that Fifa this year man😁

    • That would be perdect. But EA are bunch of greedy fucks, so they want u to pay 60€ for the same game every year.

  21. Fifa has every team in game with its logo and kits apart from juventus because they partnered with PES yet in PES they have all other Teams kits logo’s just like Fifa but now fifa losing Real Madrid this seams unfair that we wont see these clubs in game no more

  22. Only thing stopping me from buying PES over fifa is the licensing. Even tho OF exist it still isn’t the same to me

  23. I genuinely thing it’s gonna be a copy paste of fifa 20, not really that Hyped because as long as the engine is not changed gameplay is going to be very poor.

  24. How many dumbasses thought Voting for the “Finnish League” would mean All league’s wil be Finnished(Fully Licensed) because tbh there’s no way they could have that many votes and a League Like the Brazilian League that little

  25. @Vapex Karma could we have when you send your own player on my player on loan, they achually play games. My own player is 79 rated out on loan at some random Portuguese team and has only played 5 matches by mid march

  26. Yeah I hate the fact that you can’t come off the bench in player career mode cause other you’re a starter in the say for example champions league final or you don’t play it at all

  27. Hey vapex quick question! Have you ever heard or saw Jadon Sancho and Kai Havertz go up to 99 overall as in my career it has happened 🤷‍♂️

  28. Something i dont see many youtubers suggest:
    -Changing nationalities, it happens in real life, Diego Costa for Spain, Sterling for England, Aubameyang for Gabon. Should be a feature when editing players.

  29. I am Chinese from Malaysia, I might understand, this is only a joke, they ask the man to say long term for that’s a good ball

  30. hi , great video, and the guy from tiktok is the chinese guy who comment PES since 2006 in China, so i think it is tru, not rumor.

  31. I literally forgot about Fifa until I saw this video 😪. I’m so caught up in NBA 2K20 ( Also Kinda Trash Game ) , but better than FIFA. . . This very literally useless like 99% of your other videos 😴. I’ll be back in June.

  32. For career mode :

    I think they should add an option where we are allowed to swap a player when another club approaches our club to buy our player

  33. We need the South African PSL in FIFA, only Orlando Pirates & Kaiser Chiefs are in the game, yet Mamelodi Sundowns are the PSL Champions.

  34. Lose quality Leagues like the Brazilian and Russian Leagues, potentially replace them with cellar dweller Finnish and Indian Leagues. Got it, great work again EA, how many other licenses will you lose due to laziness. Hello PES, anyone that buys Fifa 21 is a fool, EA only spends 5 quid on Career mode anyway, 21 will be the same old glitchy, bugged, less licensed, more problems trash…

  35. Hello I’m your commentator Derek Rae and I’m with fmr Arsenal defender Lee Dixon. Yh thanks Derek we have a game on our hands as Madrid white face Catalonia Blue and Red

  36. There should be the foreign language for opening and closing the press conferences or just the whole press conferences with audio option and also the transfer negotiations.

  37. Nkunku already has a similar face but in real life he’s short hair now, Sabitzer would need a new FIFA haircut.

  38. Fifa 20 is sooo broken cuz i was doing a man utd career mode and we were up against wsg tirol in the europa league i didnt know what was that team so i was siming right and we bloody draw them 1-1 but paok and AZ defeated them like 5-0 and 4-0 but when i was up against paok i won them 5-0 and i won AZ 4-0 but when we were up against wsg tirol we won them 2-0 we deserved to score more plz fix this EA sports

  39. People are so disappointed with these games because they expect way too much lol😂😂😂 way most people are talking there expecting some sort of hi teq simulator never gonna happen if you want that get your noob arses off your consoles and get a job or watch real football gimp ass gamers

  40. Chinese commentary would be good, the usual one use to say the same words of course over and over again , the chinese one we didn’t even know single word

  41. I still believe in fifa people think its horrible before fifa 20 everybody loved fifa everyone was hateing pes back then fifa has been top for years fifa has one bad year and everybody goes mad

  42. YOU NEED Translation tools to read this:
    王涛:OK, no problem
    1 hours later

  43. Hello ,what’s the best FIFA game ? i have FIFA 18 and i’m wondering if it’s worth to upgrade to FIFA 19 or FIFA 20

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