NEW FIFA 20 UPDATE – 30 NEW FACES ADDED – Title Update 8

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NEW FIFA 20 UPDATE – 30 NEW FACES ADDED – Title Update 8

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🔵 In today’s video we have a compilation of all the new faces added in the new FIFA 20 Title Update 8 for November. This update features the promoted team faces for teams like Aston Villa and Norwich City, new manager faces were added as well plus some south american faces.

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70 thoughts on “NEW FIFA 20 UPDATE – 30 NEW FACES ADDED – Title Update 8”

  1. Another day of news, thanks for being consistent man and constantly updating us! you and some others have inspired me to start my own channel so thank you, i cant wait to start my villa career when the squad update finally comes out!

  2. Remember not to call Sheffield United ‘Sheffield’. There are two teams in Sheffield and you wouldn’t call Manchester United ‘Manchester’

  3. I’m sorry how are they releasing a new title update without even releasing the previous squad update!! I just wanna play career mode!!

  4. Where are the la liga faces? Not even MLS I know it’s not a popular league but there are some good teams there and they need their faces also their stadiums

  5. They really needed to be able to these new faces to an exciting career mode so we aren’t constantly starting new ones it’s very frustrating

  6. Can’t even start a career mode anytime soon because the January transfer window is coming up. So if you want all updates/faces you’re looking at February 2020 at the earliest. PES is good in this aspect in that any face updates gets included into ongoing career modes

  7. Update number 1.10 in play4 but… There is still no grealish, aarons, no trezeguet, el ghazi pukki godfrey etc ….:) 🙂

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