*NEW* FIFA 22 NEWS | National Stadiums, Career Mode Third Kits, Broadcast Packages & More

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*NEW* FIFA 22 NEWS | National Stadiums, Career Mode Third Kits, Broadcast Packages & More


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Know more about FIFA 22 latest confirmed news and updates ft. information and details about men’s national teams’ stadiums (Germany, Italy, Portugal & Ukraine), broadcast packages (Serie A, UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Europa League & Bundesliga), real managers (Norwich City’ Daniel Farke, Crystal Palace’ Patrick Vieira, Everton’ Rafael Benítez,Getafe’ Míchel González, Girona’ Míchel, Real Sociedad B’ Xabi Alonso & Young Boys’ David Wagner, Arsenal’ Mikel Arteta and Paris Saint-Germain’ Mauricio Pochettino & AS Roma’ José Mourinho), and added third kits to Career Mode.
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► National Stadiums (0:30)
► Broadcast Packages (2:27)
► Real Managers (4:30)
► Third Kits (6:00)
► Moment of the Day (7:29)
► Outro (7:47)
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141 thoughts on “*NEW* FIFA 22 NEWS | National Stadiums, Career Mode Third Kits, Broadcast Packages & More”

  1. They will not do anything for us otherwise they are trying to make bad the game . Do . When they’ll understand that the game is demolishing, they’ll see the fun

  2. The Donbass Arena is permanently shut down. Shakthar Donetsk now plays in the Olimpiyskiy, the same stadium as Dinamo Kiev and Ukrainian National Team.

  3. Ukraine should play in Olympic Kyiv stadium from EURO 2012 DLC. Poland has National Stadium Warsaw from the same DLC. Russia home stadium should be Luzhniki from FIFA18 DLC.

  4. It’s weird some nts don’t play in licensed stadiums, maybe an error, or they just forget in the case of both Portugal and Ukraine?

    Anyway, EA are deleting so much content with adding nearly nothing, and eFootball being ridiculously sh!t (worst rated game on Steam, breaking a 10yo record), I’m afraid this year sucks !ss…

  5. Italy is playing in olimpico of Roma, maybe Portugal plays in Jose Alvalade and Ukraine plays in olympic of kyiv (stadium of dynamo kyiv) *germany is inexplicable*

    • It will be good to these national teams playing in licensed stadiums in the game.. No problem, as we have the stadiums.. All nationals are playing in different stadiums at all.

  6. – Use code ReFIFA to get 3% DISCOUNT for FIFA22!
    – Buy PSN gift cards UK at the best price. Use code ReFIFA to get 3% DISCOUNT!
    – ENEBA.com – great place to buy games (PS4, Xbox, PC)! Use code ReFIFA to get 3% DISCOUNT!

  7. Problems I’m seeing so far
    1. The game goes in slow mo during a match in career mode
    2. Skinny arm youth academy players
    3. Defence is terrible
    4. Not being able to keep your position the same on player career mode.

  8. Ea are getting worse each year broadcast packages stadiums face scans should come out on release of the game waiting gal a year is, just a joke!

    • @Daffydd Fones also, remember the circumstances they had to work with. I would hazard a guess alot of the game wasn’t even made in studio.

    • @Daffydd Fones the issue with Serie A is that the teams have final say on who can use their license, the Official Serie A License only means they have the official license of Legea Serie A and the Coppa Italia, issue is they don’t take full advantage of the license and add Serie B and potentially C. Like how they have the official license of the League of Ireland, but only have the Premier Division. Or how they have the official license to the entire J-League structure,but only have the J-League1 in game.

    • @supersasukemaniac yea the last fifa I agree, this one not a chance can they use covid as an excuse, bcoz they’ve scanned players and 2 stadiums, there’s no excuses for Brentford or osasuna stadiums to not be in the game upon release, also covid has nothing to do with loosing multiple seria A teams, u may accept mediocrity for a second year running but not me £180 on fifa 21 – 22…… We get good gameplay the shocking Indian league that’s it…. Its just not good enough, how can u compare Indian league to securing seria team licences its a joke,

    • @Daffydd Fones the issue with the Serie A teams not in the game is that Serie A doesn’t have the same loophole that Premier League and Bundesliga do. While Manchester United, Arsenal and Fc Bayern are still in the game, they do not have their European uniforms due to Konami having the license. Serie A doesn’t have League specific uniforms for the member teams. Like for example, in the Bundesliga/DFB-Pokkal, FC Bayern’s uniforms have the player name on the bottom of the uniforms. Their usual European uniforms are printed with the name on top, which EA can’t use. In Serie A all teams jersey prints are the base Jersey manufacturer print.

    • @Daffydd Fones actually Covid was still an issue due to travel restrictions, they couldn’t scan the Brentford stadium because, all though out the offseason, when they normally would scan the stadiums, the UK had travel restrictions with the US.

  9. Argentina national team stadium is el monumental in real life and sometimes they playing at the la bombonera
    Also Fernando gago, aldosivi’s manager is missing

  10. Fifa 22 is shit this is one of the worst versions ever released
    The only thing I first liked about it was how improved passing and dribbling but the lagging and disproportionate amount of national teams including stadiums plus the the unfair downgrade of many players made it horrible experience for me
    Efootball a trash fifa a trash really disappointed that there’s not many other football games out there.
    They showed Dani olmo face as updated but it is not
    Including with most of the Brazilian players headlined by Neres who don’t have a face and he plays for AJAX.
    I appreciate ur efforts refifa bit looking from my angle EA feeds are the worst they are not even reliable makes your job that much harder when it comes to uploading videos with accurate content.

  11. Just stupid there is so little national teams you can’t even play qualifiers. Also it should be possible to change the stadiums for national teams

  12. fifa 22 sucks … cpu not commit a foul!! & cpu not making any tackle every match i play in career mode, i finish 2 season and not getting foul by AI this game sucks

    • I’m playing career and get fouled here and there by the AI. My only issue with the game is my players not pressing forward when I make a play, they just stand and watch me as I move at like 6 opposition players, nobody in my team moves or makes a run. Frustrating. But otherwise, much better than 21.

  13. Hi! If you create a new team in a league where all teams have the same font on their numbers, your team does not have those numbers. Do you know anything about whether EA is going to fix it?

  14. Missing updates on the leaderboards of the different leagues and updating jerseys. For example: Benevento, APOEL or Crotone among many others.

    • There are some incorrect jerseys in Bundesliga aswell I don’t know how the teams communicate with EA but Bielefeld, Gladbach and Stuttgart are just alternative versions of their originals

  15. I can’t belive it took me this long to figure out. Juventus, Atalanta, Roma and Lazio are generic teams because they wear the same base kit in the Serie A that they use in European Competition. EA can’t exploit the same loophole for those 4 teams that they do for Man United, Arsenal and FC Bayern (League-specific kits, and EFL operates the stadiums in England.)

  16. Any idea if they will add the Barça yellow kits? Also during career mode the previous champions of a league keep the championship badge. Same problem with fifa 21

  17. Germany and Italy play in Generic stadiums since their actual home stadiums, Allainz Arena and Stadio Olipico, aren’t in the game.

    • This is wrong since the German nationalteam has no official “Home Stadium” It changes every match but since Berlin is the main capital they should’ve kept Olympiastadion or just randomnize all 18 stadiums in the game

  18. Speaking of National teams do you know about the new Russia national team manager Valeri Krepin are the new russian national team manager or not in fifa 22, the last one got fired last time?

  19. Thanks for this update. I didn’t know EA removed the Uefa super Cup broadcast package although the old one is still in the database..that is poor so hope EA update it and add the missing ones..Serie A and the FA Cup ones!

  20. The ukrainian team dynamo kiev they should their stadium the olympiyskiy stadium i hope the next year they should bring the olympiyskiy stadium of dynamo kiev and shakhtar donetsk now is playing on their rivalry stadium

  21. Hey what about UCL and Libertadores badges? Did they were update? Also, I wish to know if the “last champion badge” of Libertadores appear if I win the cup in career mode

  22. I think the whole Ukraine, Germany and Italy etc etc with generic stadiums 🏟
    Were possibly mistakes
    I personally think they’ll probably fix it in a later update

  23. I know it’s a lot to ask well maybe it isn’t but give us some classic kits! Playing season after season in Career mode with the same kit is annoying.

    • You know what would be cool if we can mix match our team kits. Like change to aways socks but have home shirts and shorts. Lol I’ve seen real madrid play like that once and another team as well. Idk would be a cool detail

  24. I can’t understand why ea add thirds kits with the squad update whereas they were added directly in fifa 21 that is so dumb

  25. When are 3rd kits coming to the normal game mode in FIFA 22? I can only play with home and away kit for the most teams, only a few have 3rd ones. Especially Barcelona and Ajax 3rd kit I hope they will be added. And who did notice about the referees? They look much better now, with real faces, but not famous referees, but it looks like they’ve used real existing faces from random people, maybe they are refs in real life.

  26. Why doesn’t Portugal play in estádio da Luz since that’s the stadium where Portugal plays irl and estádio da luz is licensed

  27. Can you give me file squads includes 3rd kit like this ? I don’t have many 3rd kit like man city liverpool and many many so I want to have a newest file squads. Thanks so much

  28. Hey Refifa do you think EA will fix the kits for Mazatlan FC,Juarez and Atletico San Luis for Liga MX? I hope they do.

  29. Is LAFC’s stadium in the game too? Banc of California Stadium I didn’t see it when I was playing the early access last week.

  30. I m not surprised that the Portugal national stadium is generic, because the Estádio do Jamor is our official national stadium.
    We never play there but is the official one

  31. why tf was arteta removed? he was already in the database last year. makes no sense. and even some of the scanned faces that happened in fifa 21 squad updates are back to generic faces in fifa 22. honestly a joke.

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