*NEW* FIFA 22 NEWS | TITLE UPDATE #2 – Updated Stadiums, Kits, Gameplay Changes & Career Mode Fixes

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*NEW* FIFA 22 NEWS | TITLE UPDATE #2 – Updated Stadiums, Kits, Gameplay Changes & Career Mode Fixes


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Know more about FIFA 22 latest confirmed news and updates ft. title update #2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Origin/Steam), and Stadia including. updated kits (Tianjin Jinmen Tiger, Yeni Malatyaspor & Antalyaspor), updated stadiums (Nuevo Mirandilla, Estádio da Luz & Estádio do Dragão), added the ability to perform JUL’s celebration to additional players, and new changes et issues fix in Gameplay, Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), Pro Clubs, VOLTA Football & Kick-off.
► ENEBA (0:00)
► Intro (0:15)
► Title Update #2 (0:28)
► Updated Kits (0:48)
► Updated Stadiums (1:47)
► New Celebrations (3:49)
► Career Mode (4:34)
► Gameplay (7:25)
► FIFA Ultimate Team (7:38)
► Pro Clubs (7:51)
► Outro (8:13)
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167 thoughts on “*NEW* FIFA 22 NEWS | TITLE UPDATE #2 – Updated Stadiums, Kits, Gameplay Changes & Career Mode Fixes”

  1. Yeah, however we are still waiting for the broadcast package’s Serie A TIM. I am more and more convinced that it will never come out.

  2. I Hope In FIFA 23 ( I Mean EA Sports 23 Because Of The Recent Things ) I Hope They Bring Ultimate Stage which is a Imagination Stadium Which is present in UCL Intro
    When Konami had the Licenses they added Ultimate Stage Instead Of EA who puts The Real Life Final Stadium in Game

  3. Where is the story of the player’s carrer like the journey one,the social media and all the new features about player’s storyline??

  4. I hope they fix the European qualification system
    Cause when I won the conference I went straight to champions league and not Europa league

    • @TheNextKingOfGames95 Yes if you finis in a non European place in the league then the next year you’re in europa league. Let’s sat Tottenham wins conference league but is only 8th in the league still they play Europe league next season.

    • @I don’t care ohhh ok but if they finish first then it’s champions time for them ???

      Another question

      How many points in the game do I need to win

      Bundesliga cup 🇩🇪
      La Liga cup 🇪🇸
      ligue 1 cup 🇫🇷
      Premier League Cup 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

      Undefeated Though no loses or ties

    • @TheNextKingOfGames95 Yes if they finish like in Englang top 4 it’s CL place 5 and 6 europa league and place 7 conference league. Also in Bundesliga there are 18 teams so 34 matches so 34×3points is 102 points. In leagues with 20 teams it’s just 38×3points. But like in Germany top 4 is enough for CL and in France top 3. Italy top 4 Spain also top 4.

    • @I don’t care ohh I see so for 20 teams like in serie A would be 114 points to win the league cup without any loses and ties right ??

    • @Ademola Amusat and you think by doing it easier it will get more realistic. Like in Fifa 21 when as cpu defenders never defended ? I think you don’t get it so play semi or world class and be happy

    • @Monti I didn’t say “make it easy”,I said fix the bug and make it realistic it’s too tough, I’m so sure if it’s realistic center backs won’t be scoring finesse shots from mile away

  5. Hello i want to ask why on ps4 the latest squads update (22 October update) can’t be download? And we have 26 October.. i cant explain it… I want to play with the latest squads…

  6. Love youre videos good job! Shame the update didn’t bring new faces and kits the people really want like Ajax and Marseille..

  7. The change to the European draw cutscene is that it now shows you the results of the draw. Before the update it just showed the name being pulled.

  8. Next updates With Icons and real life free agents and National League In career mode and Ultimate team please

  9. Hello Brother. Any information about the real face coming soon to fifa 22? eg Emerson Royal, Gabriel, Ben White, Ocampos, Weghorst, Sbozlai, Acerbi, Acuna, Diego Carlos, Kounde, Osimhen, Mike Maigan, Zielinski, Politano, Pedri, Harvey Elliot, Minamino, Tomiyasu, Di Lorenzo, Tomori, Burak Yılmaz, Zeki Celik, Merih Demiral, David Neres, Akanji, Watkins, Gervinho. many of these players are powerful and popular. how many years they are not real faces. They should be real faces in FIFA 22. We want these actors in real face, so a video would be nice.

  10. Welcome back so long we miss some information video and Ea please fix the youth arm cause to slim like a noodle no fix it with normal arm.

  11. Great video as always. Did somebody play with this update? Really fixed what they said or opposite, going bad and converted in Fifa 21 as I read? I heard this updates are going bad for the game. Is it true?

  12. Is it just me or did I notice that they have improved the section of the pitch beyond the sidelines/behind the goal? The quality of the grass looks dreadful in those areas so far. It looks extremely saturated and unfinished; almost as if a lot of green paint was thrown on the pitch. It’s quite off-putting at times.

  13. How about the Name & Jersey number on youth squad? in my career mode, some of our youth player don’t have the name and numbers.

  14. Really don’t understand why they do not add 9 subs on the bench in leagues and 12 in UEFA. Also they could allow 5 subs per game.

  15. I wish they would get rid of the pitch wear in career mode on next gen. I am playing in the Premier League and by the time it gets too January all the pitches look like Sunday league pitches! Its so unrealistic and very off putting

  16. I’m guessing I still have to start a new career file in order for the updates to go into effect for career/player career mode

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