NEW FIFA 22 Update #1 – 31 New Faces, Gameplay Fixes, Career Mode, FUT & More

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NEW FIFA 22 Update #1 – 31 New Faces, Gameplay Fixes, Career Mode, FUT & More


Today we take a look at FIFA 22 title update 1 notes. They will be tweaking goalkeepers, adding 31 new faces and fixing up issues in career mode, fut, gameplay and more!
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153 thoughts on “NEW FIFA 22 Update #1 – 31 New Faces, Gameplay Fixes, Career Mode, FUT & More”

  1. What u post which is reality
    Efootball is worst game ever

    What people want to see and hear
    FIfa 22 is the worst game ever

    Reason : bec almost whole football fans are fifa haters

  2. To all fifa haters here and in every vdieo comment section commenting negative and insults to the game
    I just wanted to give u this :🖕

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    • Only with the English commentary yes me too. I have German commentary now because I playing Bundesliga and there it’s still a penalty but in German then.

  4. Another major issue is faced by many users in player career mode
    When playing player career mode if the player is injured for 4 to 8 weeks the manger ratings drop and is put into transfer list please ea fix this

  5. Anyone know with these patches, if you have already started a RTG Career Mode do you have to start over to get the benefit of the patch or can you just carry on?

  6. Gameplay changes are applied to current career mode saves, right? Or will I have start over for the changes to take effect?

  7. i have a few questions that i would really like answer for
    (1) playing be a pro career mode can you become the captain of the team?

    (2) can you get substituted on when the match as already started ?

  8. Any idea who the new starheads are. Hoping for some serie A and bundesliga. Few from la liga could do with sorting too. Mbabu,weghorst,ocampos,suso for example

  9. My life long dream has been one day reading in these notes “skating animation causing players to float and look like sliding on ice has been fixed”

  10. Icons in career mode any updates please all icons mid baby and prime please let me know or reply back please vapex karma

  11. Jose mourinho Dani alves David Luiz Diego and Douglas Costa Daniel Sturridge Andy Carroll Claudio R in career mode please and ultimate team please

  12. Any chance tell ea about David Beckham son Romeo In career mode he is in MLS 2nd League please reply back please

  13. Hope they don’t remove the youth player first name kit thing it’s kind of cool how some of the payer have different kit names kind of like delay has memphis or Rodriguez has James

  14. My Fifa has even more bugs now than before invisible players no cup celebration among others wtf is wrong with football games how can’t anyone get it right

  15. Has anyone had this probLem?
    I per ordered the ultimate edition for my series x and in the past few days 1 in every 3 games my Xbox is shutting down? It is only fifa this is happening with and it is extremely frustrating! Can anyone help or experiencing the same problem?

  16. Does anyone else keep getting the same dam message from the same dam player “I feel like I’m letting the team down” every single day in manager career mode? 😑

  17. Thats a huge patch. I was wondering why it took a while to update last night.
    I started my player career late last night as CM, I decided to go help out Haaland at Dortmund.
    First preseason game & I broke my toe 😆 out for 3 months 😂
    I was having a good game as well.

  18. I’m just waiting and hoping that they will fix the phantom controller issue on the series x/s. It’s been there since fifa 21 for gods sake.

  19. That long ass patch note and no word about fixing the jersey issues, such as not switching jerseys for everyone on your team and white jerseys for your opponent, nor flashbang issues (screen being bright af). These issues in Pro Clubs make it unplayable

  20. I hope EA sometime add goalkeeper kit to create a club. To edit and cuostmize. Now the goalkeeper kit looks simular to the regular kit. The kit that the outfielders have. If not in fifa 22 give us it in fifa 23.

  21. I bought this for the PS4 after having not enjoyed the 21 version. My 22 version constantly froze and became very annoying, played the same disc on a different console and did the same. Wasn’t happy and returned for refund.

  22. Anyone else finding the players match ratings really harsh? Feels like every player has to score to have a good rating, especially subs

  23. I’m playing fifa 22 on a Ps5 is anyone else having a problem saving there controller settings not the sliders there fine it’s the controller settings with the problem no matter how much I change the button configuration or the assists it say it saves them but when you go to play a game it just reverts back to a preset one ,anyone help driving me nuts

  24. Dear FIFA Lovers EA is about to rename the name of FIFA because Konami Efootball free play let them know that football is not about license so EA Sports will change it name from FIFA

  25. Has anyone else got an issue in career mode with the game lagging for a few moments at the beginning of every second half?

  26. I’m having problems playing tournament mode with multiple teams on xbox series s 🤦🏽‍♂️ am I the only one?

  27. I can’t do any after match interviews as I just get this aweful roaring sound like a broken speaker or something 😡

  28. Fifa 22 also need to sort out the problem with it just going randomly in slow mo it happens loads on crosses and when to tackle in the box 😡

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