NEW FIFA 22 Update #2 – NEW THINGS ADDED & FIXED! – Full Details

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NEW FIFA 22 Update #2 – NEW THINGS ADDED & FIXED! – Full Details


Today we go over the patch notes for FIFA 22 Update 2. EA has fixed and added things in career mode, gameplay, FUT and more!
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68 thoughts on “NEW FIFA 22 Update #2 – NEW THINGS ADDED & FIXED! – Full Details”

  1. EA needs to update Pedri’s face. come on he is one of the best young players in Europe. Mason Greenwood never had face update for few years. not good enough Ea not updating well known players faces. I’m getting disillusioned with Fifa game that Ea produces career mode not much update apart from pro clubs n that. n the few tweaks here n there in fifa. Is it worth the money. I’m starting to think maybe I should give fifa 23 a miss next year. not gonna get one!! Ea gets fans excited every year. Then fifa comes out n then you found not really much has changed!!

    • They can’t scan Barcelona’s players due to their deal with Konami, EA can only do a custom face at best because of that.

    • @MrRonald2796 yeah because Barcelona is the Global Partner to eFootball 22(PES 22) also their contact is about 4-5 years,i think because Barcelona renewed their contract with KONAMI on 2019

  2. They still haven’t fixed the youth players’ numbers not appearing in match… gonna be really annoying in a season or two bc I like having a team full of youth players

  3. What about the noodle arms and kit number display. EA don’t deserve a fan base. Address everything but address nothing. Who cares about Volta, scrap that and fix the game.

    • @truedbzfan foreverdbz that’s just pathetic.. like really. It gets to the point I have to release them instantly when I see it. I don’t want my career mode filled with glitched players.

    • I lost all my potential to be special youth players because I signed them to senior team at the end of the season. Now they are just regular folks. Didn’t know that was a bug.

    • @Lest I would be pissed off.. hasn’t happened to me yet but now you’ve mentioned it, seems like I can only go for 17 year olds that good enough to be signed instantly.

    • please stop watching these kind of videos since you don’t like them. he’s supposed to stop doing them because YOU don’t like them????

    • @Aliosman Alpak bruh who hurt you!?😂 some people would rather hear him read and explain than going to read it themselves…it’s entertaining for most people, it’s like having a discussion.

  4. Yet another year of FIFA where EA release an unfinished game. How is there so many issues with the game post-launch? absolutely insane.

    • Because the people who “test” the build only care about views and money. If EA put someone that actually plays the game like it supposed to then you wount see Any bug on release its also because of its easier to put out 60% finished and update it rather then actually put in the work like they need to do back on old engine now everysingle new thing is broken and people always say its a great start or this has potential but we all know that just ends there no new fixes in next game new feauture will be the same for years .. this createa a club bs is so basic literally same old codes from fifa 08

    • Ye like efootball was better to you pes fans it’s embarrassing , there’s nothing wrong with FIFA just a couple of bugs I’ve had 2 that’s it

  5. They need to sort out the algorithm for the news panel. I bought a player and their debut was not recognised till the second game, and no mention of the player scoring on their debut. Then in the post interview they ask about the players disappointing debut even though he scored and got a good rating.

  6. Anyone else get the issue in player career mode where after being transferred in season 2, the game doesn’t let you change your kit number in your new team and forcibly defaults back to the original number you had in your previous club?

  7. Still nothing about no shirt numbers or names on the back of players promoted from the youth team. Pathetic EA. People have been going on about this for months now.

  8. Did they nerf goalkeepers? They’re so bad now it’s making career mode boring I play on ultimate and I’m always wining like 5-0

  9. I think they should nerf AI attacks on legendary, I can rarely keep a clean sheet. Maybe I’m just bad but I’ve seen some people talk about this.

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