NEW FIFA 22 Update 3 – Many New Faces, Boots & Balls Added + Gameplay Impressions

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NEW FIFA 22 Update 3 – Many New Faces, Boots & Balls Added + Gameplay Impressions


Today we take a look at FIFA 22 Update 3. This is a new update that adds some things and also tunes some other things. Follow BladeJohnson:

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98 thoughts on “NEW FIFA 22 Update 3 – Many New Faces, Boots & Balls Added + Gameplay Impressions”

  1. Antonio Conte in real life: I am happy to help Tottenham Hotspur to win the Premier League.

    Antonio Conte on the thumbnail: Crying.


    • @Daniel Serrano Díaz ah I seen someone say it was the 19th but he will probably be added in the fist squad update after his birthday. And for kamara I am not sure because ea isn’t consistent with young players unless they are playing first team minutes. He might be added to the Dortmund B team that is in the 3rd division though soon

    • @J Costa but regeer and Harvey vale were added recently, and they are not playing in the First team. Kamara has profesional contract with Dortmund, and he appears in transfermarkt with the First team, and number 32.Thx

    • @Daniel Serrano Díaz im not sure he probably will be at some point. Just ea wont treat him with the same priority as moukoko or other wonderkid players. All im saying is he makes first team appearances the chances of him getting put in the game quicker is much hogher

  2. That Ajax third kit is one of my favourites it’s a shame. they have to remove the little birds it’s a tribute to Bob Marley

  3. What about Unrealistic pitch wear in Carrer Mode. Managing top teams it completely takes away all immersion when plying big league games and your pitch looks like something from the local park!.

    • Yeah it’s pathetic. They should give you an option to put whatever pitch wear you like. If you play online in FUT there is an option to change the pitch wear but in Career there isn’t. EA are fucking idiots and don’t care. It’s such a simple option they could put there but they don’t. It’s one of the reasons i don’t start a Career because i know that every stadium turf will look like sunday league damaged turfs at some point in the season and i can’t do anything to change it..

    • I would asy it is yes but I think it’s a matte rof poinion as there’s not a massive change but definitely I’d asy you do have to work a bit to get goals now at least.

  4. Anyone know if shirt names and numbers on youth players have been fixed? Not showing on mine but not sure if I had to start a new career mode.

  5. Hey, bro. Vapex Karma, can you tell me why I can’t find Youssoufa Moukoko, the young promising talent of BVB Borrussia Dortmund after the title update #3 meanwhile the face updates like Emre Can, Sebastien Haller and others updated now. I play on my Xbox One X, the prevoius GEN Console. Is is the cause that I can’t find Moukoko on the squad or something? Please also anybody tell me ???

  6. How is it possible that we still have skinny arms on youth players?!? It’s been 2 F@#! Years!!! I can’t believe they just ignore my career issues cause it doesn’t bring more money… We pay for a full game, not half a game! This is incredible! The whole concept of making a good game is dead, now it’s all about making money! Sell this game to 2K please! They actually listen to the players!

  7. All these updates and still no fix to players playing out of position in Player Career Mode ex Laporte is playing leftback in my career mode while Zinckenko is playing centerback. And still no fix in elite players not being selected for National Teams.

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