*NEW* FIFA 22 Update 4 – More New Things Added And Fixed!

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*NEW* FIFA 22 Update 4 – More New Things Added And Fixed!


Here are many of the things that were added and fixed with FIFA 22 Title Update 4. EA has added a new UEFA Super Cup broadcast package, Brentford stadium, new faces, new boots, new manager faces and fixed some career mode bugs. Follow BladeJohnson112:

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66 thoughts on “*NEW* FIFA 22 Update 4 – More New Things Added And Fixed!”

  1. Funny that you use the 2 teams that lost the Champions League And Europe League in the Super Cup Instead Of The Winners Lol.

  2. They’ve added a nice overlay on the UI of the team selection screen based on what competition youre playing, noticed it for Europa League last night. Its a nice little touch to add to the immersion

  3. I think they should add all the youth leagues as well. I mean not all of them but like the under-21’s premier league and stuff so you can actually play people like Cole Palmer. Then your players can get promoted to the upper team and you can sign new youth. It will be good for career mode. This could probably wait until fifa 23 though.

  4. Any idea when the other boots will be added? I’ve seen youtubers posting vids of puma , Adidas boirs etc but they aren’t in the game yet

  5. Weird one, because I play Udinese CM on PC but I think the 3rd kit is already there before I update the game. Hmm..I don’t know, I might be wrong.

  6. Some players are literally bald with the same faces just different skin tones now… It may be because it’s gonna be updated next but it’s still annoying

  7. Sponsors on shirts are key to me. I won’t start a save without sponsored kits. Can finally start a Valencia save now. It matters

    • Id rather they fixed gameplay instead of new boots. My mrs beat me 1-0 and the next game i beat her 13-0. Only fifa and Mario kart can such madness happen.

  8. Vapex I was playing kick off with my mate and when I ran into the box the ref would call a foul and i ended up getting 4 penalties for no reason and got a load of free kicks when the my mates player got on the ball

  9. So they still haven’t fixed the substitute issue when you have a suspended player?…
    Yesterday I tried substituting a suspended player before the match wouldn’t let me, had no choice but to let it do it itself… they fucking put a winger to replace my suspended center back… wtf 🙃

  10. In my player career mode you can’t change your kit number i have tried Manu times but it don’t want to change EA must fix this

  11. Can we talk about pitch wear in career mode? The fact that throughout the season pitch wear gets worse just completely ruins the visual authenticity of the game. Fair enough for a couple of games over the winter period, but when do you ever see PL or even League 1/2 pitches looking like a desert come the end of the season? I thought it was a bug but maybe not. Needs fixing.

  12. Existing saved career mode can still play with the new updates..just one more error still exist, the numbers of champions league my team won on jersey should be 6 but game just show 4

  13. Can we get World Cup badges for are national team surprised they haven’t done that yet but then again this is fifa I’m talking about

  14. I have downloaded the update and squad update yet I don’t have the Brentford Community Stadium activated, anyone with this issue??

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