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101 thoughts on “NEW FUT CHAMPS SQUAD! – PC ROAD TO GLORY Ep.12 #FUT20 Ultimate Team”

  1. “Don’t lie who else is a fan of Nepenthez?👀”

    (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪ𝙵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝚂ᴜʙ𝚂 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ ᴡ/ ɴᴏᴛɪs)🧢

  2. 21 percent off of our team and then they are not sure if we are allowed in our team or to leave the game on our one day and he’s one of our one who will have a good team to be able for the game to come and join the group team team game team team pool game and I have corona for the next three years so we will have a game that will make you happy and we can get it done before the end and get a little more money for it to get it to cut off and then if I get it I wanna was it I got it and it then it got to cut off and it got it back on it I got it to cut off the money 💴 is a new team team game so high it

    • Rocket Bugsy nah might be your internet, haven’t been disconnected this fifa and I wouldn’t say my wifi is mint, but I know that people have been DC’d in WL recently

    • Wameii if you search for the cheapest ones like 25k-50k but if you pick the Futbin ones like 70k. You can do it for dirt cheap tho

    • Conor McManus They still haven’t added the SUD and LIB leagues to the game besides companion app so it’s kinda tough. Got Bustos yesterday for about 28k. Idk whether to do marquee matchups with coins tomorrow or grind the sbc again.

  3. You should start the next fifa with stricter and more creative rules to make it harder and more interesting for yourself and the viewers.

  4. Do sarr because there aren’t many good French CB from ligue 1 that are still in packs (strong links to bakayoko)

  5. How come was this guy so, so, SO bad? He had a God squad and only thanks to Nep we drew it 4-4 after having 4 shots, 3 of them being handed by Nep. What a an absolutely terrible Fifa player that guy was.

  6. I don’t mind u doing the sbc, not being weird but I like the sbc segments then the gameplay I enjoy it 👍 keep the good vids up!

  7. I started my own RTG thing just before he did, not doing it untradeable but my team is fully untradeable.

    GK: Courtois
    CB: Varane
    CB: Lenglet
    Lb: roussillon
    Rb: semedo
    CDM: Bakayoko
    CM: sissoko
    CM: Son/Fut birthday Havertz
    Lw: Mane
    ST: Hugo Sanchez prime
    RW League Shaqiri

    I’m on the way to doing bergwijn for RW and I have 60k in the bank, need fred to replace sissoko (7k xp away from him)

  8. Her: he’s probably thinking about other girls
    Nepenthez: does the sud-lib sbc grind 8 times an hour have good reactions and composure

  9. Mega packs this year are great what u on about. Fut birthday mbappe and fut birthday rashford both from mega packs. That rashford is tragic tho

  10. His pack luck wasn’t good in this episode but no one will mention it because it doesn’t fit their red list agenda

  11. Thanks for the content Nep! Hope you all are doing well! Can’t believe it’s already #12… I had to scroll through your channel just to make sure I hadn’t missed a load of episodes – Time flies!

  12. Am I right in thinking that nep just buys the lib and sud players. Would like to do the grind myself, if any kind soul reads this please let me know

  13. Great video, I’m new to the channel going to have to start doing those league sbcs grind. What size screen do you use mate I’m thinking if switching camera from tele broadcast to co-op because heard the left stick switching is more responsive. Thanks in advance

  14. You’ve proven you can reach gold 3 and even if you wanted at minimum gold 1 with a less than ideal team. So I ask, what is the point of improving the fut champs team? Is it to have a team you can get to 14 the quickest? Just trying to understand what’s the desire to improve the team as it might mean you just get to the win threshold slightly quicker.

  15. Nep could you make a vid on how to do the lib sud grind effectively because rn doing it it’s really expensive for me

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