NEW KITS & SPONSORS ARE HERE!! 😍 – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP40

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NEW KITS & SPONSORS ARE HERE!! 😍 – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP40

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441 thoughts on “NEW KITS & SPONSORS ARE HERE!! 😍 – FIFA 20 Manchester United Career Mode EP40”

  1. PCQ:Since you change up the career mode are you going to do a season 4 as most of us will like to see if United can rebuild the squad

  2. I like this reinvented career mode it is much more interesting then before.
    (Before wasn’t bad, just too good)

  3. Pcq: U should make a rule that a player can’t be a nominee for pote(player of the episode) two days in a row so that other players in the club can get the award. For example maguire has played soo well.

  4. PCQ:I think u should do another season or 2.I am really eager to see the youth academy players grow up to there max potential


  6. il ove the new series but it would be good if you could have kept someone like jadon sancho because he is manchester home grown .

  7. pcq: You should start to sign players on a pre contract and save the money you have to really invest in the weaker areas in your squad.

  8. Are you guys happy now? You got the new kits that every Fifa youtuber are implementing into their careers now so can ya’ll stop going on about the kits now

  9. Pcq – you could use the support from a billionaire option from the catalogue and could create a story line from there

  10. PCQ are you going to change the midfield maestro season goal goal because Lewis Davie might not play as much now we have camavinga?
    I would suggest 15 instead of 20

  11. pcq: (or smth) because ur manager and managers don’t play, can u let computer play as it will be more realisitic as like real managers just watch so just watch them play etc.

  12. Pcq:would you consider playing rashford as striker,and putting dan james on the left and greenwood on the right because rashford could score even more goals than he is know

  13. Pcq:would you consider playing rashford as striker,and putting dan james on the left and greenwood on the right because rashford could score even more goals

  14. Pcq: The new concept kits for united for the 2020/21 season is out. Would you consider making those kits for the next season as it would add alot of realism

  15. Pcq: when I checked if there were new kits they wearing any so are u just lying about this ban please tell me as I’m confused

    • I’m not sure if I understood this correctly but he is making this “financial fairplay” stuff up so he is forced to play with the young players and keep the series interesting. The kits are also just made up to make things more fresh, this series doesn’t have anything to do with what ManU are doing in real life.

  16. So far u don’t have a player who is wearing jersey Number 7 so what is your plans about that number or u gonna sign another in the next coming transfer window!?

  17. Pcq: Have you forgot to chance formation? I think you should play a two striker formation so Rashford and Greenwood could combine better.

  18. The reason why Grealish was injured was because every new month on the first day there’s always an injury

  19. PCQ: Maybe send a scout to Finland to find the next Hyypiä or Litmanen since you have a finnish scout already, it’s been a while since the Premier League has had any finnish talent.

  20. Pcq: have you ever considered to play rashford in striker greenwood at ram and dan James at lam because rashford was great as striker before

  21. 8:17 when the rebound falls to s2g- I will absolutely take it.
    When rebound falls for opposition s2g- it is so wrong why the rebound has to fall to the opposition.

  22. PCQ : Considering ur current form in the premier league, what are ur thoughts on winning the league like leicester city did back in 2016?

  23. I love how the kits resemble those from the past
    i call them flashback kits
    i would love to see rooney in those kits
    Pls buy him

  24. Pcq : Why have you kept the number 7 jersey number vacant , is it for a new signing in the January transfer window ?

  25. Pcq: I love seeing what you are doing with camavinga so would you consider a move for ansu fati he’s amazing I love him

  26. pcq: dont change greenwoods number just yet hes to young to be doning number 9 it will also put alot of pressure on hm and hes young so wait till next season then change his number

  27. Pcq : We need lot of depth in the CAM/RM/LM area so let’s sign Dominik Szoboszlai on a pre contract so that we can also have enough money
    for WINTER ⇄ window

  28. Imagine this old classic kits on Ronaldo!
    You could have kept him as he was about to retire within one or two season and it would have been so perfect to see him retire in man utd!

  29. Pcq: Your content is more needed than ever because some people now (like me) are fasting and have even less to do. Could you try doing double uploads on more days.

  30. For everyone wondering, he said that he was gonna continue the barca career mode in Fifa 21. Watch his stream to ask him these kinda questions

  31. Pcq: I remember that I sent a scout to Poland and I got a player that was 69 overall and he had 87 and 94 potential so why would you not try

  32. PCQ: What Do You think about including best moment of the season nomination. For example emotional goal in the final or something like that

  33. Pcq:The story with Financial Fair-play has keep the series fresh so in the future would u do a epidemic story?Like skipping a season and lose some money also players value decresed.

  34. pcq: when you get some money ,swap rashford for martial as he didn’t have many chances to prove himself like rashford did also it would make it more of a challenge

  35. Pcq:In the next scouting projects can you send your scouts
    to eastern countries like australia, new zealand , japan etc.
    we can find good young prospects there too like Take Kubo in barca carrer mode

  36. U got enough money considering FFP I think u could sign neves or Saul from athletico Madrid and Wolverhampton they were good in fifa 19

  37. Pcq: could you sign ansu fati cause you’ve signed camavinga now ansu fati would be a great addition and possibly erling haaland aswell

  38. Pcq: promote the youth players to find out what it says on their status so you know who you should play to keep their possibly high potential the same

  39. The press conference questions should be the top 3 liked PCQ comments because those are the questions that the majority of the people want answered

  40. Pcq: I feel like you are too good for this difficulty.. maybe improve the oppositions stats, so that the episodes are a bit more exciting?

  41. Pcq you skipped the friendly fixtures with Portugal it would be nice if you played a few or if your simming show us the results

  42. Pcq: I’m really disappointed by the kit reveal I believe that you could of done better than that. I spent all night thinking about it and I kept checking my notifications. When will u change it?

  43. Pcq: what team are you going to next. I suggest a Bundesliga team as you haven’t done a Bundesliga team yet in fifa 20

  44. I see that there is a mod where you can get the game faces of the players imported,why don’t you get players like Brandon Williams and Mason Greenwood their gamefaces?
    Like so S2G can see

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