FUT Millionaire Review – Best FIFA 20 Autobuyer

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101 thoughts on “[NEW SEASON] CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MINI SERIES!! FIFA 20 | Leeds United Career Mode S8 Ep1”

  1. Buy a solid centre back for the rotation XI. I would recommend someone like Todibo or Saliba. If you want someone really class, then get someone like Alessio Romagnoli and play Militao in the rotation XI if he is not as high rated as Romagnoli.

  2. Because last season u got thrashed by AC Milan, try and sign some of their players, and maybe Everton’s aswell

  3. Buy someone like Renan Lodi or Alphonso Davies who has 87 potential for LB and sell Youcef Atal for the rotation XI.

  4. Will the Cambridge RTG have a heavy youth section in the early seasons with, hopefully, players that continue through to the last episode?

  5. Start your highest rated player for simulated matches so start Tyler Adams as he’s 2 overall higher then Sanchez you can play with Sanchez but better to have highest rated team possible for sims

  6. Would like to see a full squad report on this season as well so we can see how the players have done in the simulated matches. Would also be nice if you could scout former players so we can see how they’ve done since they left.

  7. A bit optimistic of you to hope that something is fixed for Fifa 21… I dont think EA know how to fix anything, useless bastards.

  8. This is for rotation side Sell Allan saint maximin, put melendo at CAM and ansu fati at lw and upgrade copper and upgrade on atal(sell). Loving the series mate😁

  9. A quicker way to see someone’s rating is to go on edit player and check their rating that way as it shows everyone rating instead of waiting days/weeks in game to wait for their rating 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Players you can sell: Wright, Morris, Atal
    Players you should keep: Saint-Maximin (even if he drops to 85, that’s quite nice for a backup), Bowen (move to CAM)
    Positions need strengthening: proper backup LB and CB. But since you already have Barella, Phillips can be used as a makeshift CB again.

  11. Bring in Rashford go 4-4-2 and drop Renato to the bench
    Rashford and Haaland Are a perfect Duo

    Like if u agree 👍👍👍👍

  12. Just end this. We could have had SOME drama but you simmed the group games after fucking up so it’s like, what’s the point in watching?

  13. I appreciate that the realism mod makes European competition more difficult but this feels like a tad too much in my eyes. Just doesn’t quite feel right to me.

  14. that leverkusen draw should have been a win for you, keep it simple when you play, dont try to get too fancy and focus on getting through

  15. You need a world class CM
    Maybe camvinga the French wondering with 90 potenial
    Maybe modric or De Bruyne regens
    Or rodri

  16. Buy Umtiti, Skriniar, Varane or Marquinhos, a solid center back to go with Militao and buy another world class winger as Sane, Neymar or Guedes,

  17. You should be playing all the Champions League games not simming them…what’s the point?! You only got through the group because of the games you simmed!

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