Fut Millionaire Review [My Review]

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93 thoughts on “NEW SIGNINGS & FUTURE STAR WONDERGOAL!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG Ep6”

  1. It’s quite obvious that Cambridge United have a defensive woes in this career mode until their won 4-0 against Exeter City

  2. Lyle Taylor from Charlton is available on a pre contract. Slightly older but still could get a couple of years out of him

  3. Ches, check in the free agents. You just filter them in the ages 16-22 and there are always some young hidden gems with potential to grow

    • Charlie Hooper Yeah, and in most of the saves I’ve done, they start out at a good overall in that second season free agent regen pool

  4. Ches you should do an fm series on YouTube, maybe when lockdown is finished so the ad revenue is better. It would be amazing and I’m sure we would all enjoy it

  5. In the lower leagues, free transfers are more common so you could do 2/3 a season and it still be realistic. Even if they’re just squad players while the young players grow.

  6. Yes ches. Keep the pre contract signings at one. Please mate. More challenging. Thats what makes an rtg an rtg actually

  7. how does your cursor stay so still when you take a free kick? when i take a free kick the cursor is going crazy..

  8. Next season you should bring back uche ickpeazu as he has the potential of the low 70s and i think would form a very good partnership with Andrew Dallas

  9. To maybe try and make this career mode more realistic you should ( like In real life ) limit your transfer funds when you upgrade stadium ( or maybe even make it that your not aloud to make signings for a season or two) e.g Tottenham in real life

  10. Are we just not going to say anything about conceicao celebrating with all the city fans after his free kick goal! 😂😂

  11. Think Sabbi is available on a free for the first season, I know he’s a bit of a been there done that but would be great to see him in this save. Doing my own Cambridge save and likely to try sign him on a free

  12. Very pleased with the youngster’s debut. And did you check to see if he can play at the wings? If he can, you’ll have a wider selection when bringing him in 2nd halves.
    Please remember to play Brown when he’s trained to 60, Ches.

  13. Maybe loan in Adam Uche Idah or another youngster from Norwich to establish the Cambridge-Norwich connection for when you rent out Carrow road in the future

  14. Conceiçáo looks special. If he can ping a long ball with the same accuracy of that free kick, we’ve got ourselves a potential figurehead of Cambridge United

  15. The reason why you conceded the 4th against Mansfield was because you were waffling about faces no on cares about. You’re also very bad at explaining stuff.

  16. Lewis Page is extremely injury prone. No first team appearances for us this season. Might not be the case in Fifa, and still a great rating for league one or two

  17. Sad to see you not liking Jack Roles, but you probably won’t have much in the way of funds next season so you have to prioritize

  18. With the stadium situation, why not expand The Abbey in the championship then get a new one for the Prem

  19. Free contracts are very common in the lower leagues and cause of how Fifa career is so limited it’s the best way to do it so I think whilst ur in league 2 and 1 have about 3 pre contracts a season

  20. legendary you singed a charlton player in this series, joining dimi mitov another ex charlton lad, love it! also few ppl have said this already but look at free agents as a charlton fan we aren’t unfamiliar to them as a championship/league 1 side

  21. Make 2 pre contract signings a year ches at least until you get to the Prem. Also you don’t have to sign them in January, you can sign them any time up until the end of the season now as long as they still have less than 6 months remaining

  22. Please Ches look at Mattie Pollock from Grimsby. In my first season with Grimsby he’s already grown from 60 to 70 and it’s Only start of April… his wage should be less than £1000 a week and he’s only 17

  23. keshi anderson is available on a free from swindon town and is a decent CAM option for League 1 and League 2

  24. Ches bro im a big fan from south africa.

    Ps: youre saying mokeke’s name wrong youre supposed to say mokek not mokeker

  25. Ches, how r u changing the stadium is that a PC mod or can I do it on Xbox as well? Loving the series btw!!

  26. Great video chesnoid, one of the guys who motivated me to make my own content. Would love if you took a second to check it out, I’ve just started but any support whether it be a view, like or subscribe would be much appreciated. Much love and thank you ches!

  27. Watched a similar stream earlier, he kept saying things like “great tekkers”…
    I couldn’t listen to anymore.
    Well played Ches, I’ve never heard you say such a thing once ever and a bloody good thing too!

  28. Can you please stop complaining about the stats for lower league players.

    It’s a video game…they obviously need to create a gap in quality. You’ve been playing FIFA for years, you shouldn’t need this explained.

  29. Anyone who know an updatet pre contract link i can use in 2022? I am in Championshipp with Salford and need new players

  30. Definitely play at Carrow Road Ches, for me as I’m a Norwich fan;) and I subscribe to the patreon so pleaseeeee!

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