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78 thoughts on “OMG I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE WE DID THAT!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG Ep8”

  1. Slow down with Jack Roles training otherwise he’ll be too expensive to sign, or may not want to rejoin on loan!

  2. Loving the series cheza, your vibrant personality is definitely getting me out of Boredom this Lockdown, cheers ches

  3. Ches I love this series, but I was a bit annoying last episode that Jack Roles got a special shoutout just cause he’s a primer league player, but many other long term subscribers don’t….

    • Yeah but he’s very thankful for all his subscribers or else his content wouldn’t be as good as it is. I understand where you’re coming from but you’ve also got to understand that he usually never does that. And when one of the actual players from his boyhood club (even if he was just on loan there) DM’s him and tells him that he’s a big fan of his work, it makes him feel accomplished. I’m sure you would’ve done the same thing because I know I would if I was in his shoes.

    • @Mi1zy Yeah I understand bro. Just know that subscribers like you and me who have supported him for a long time have helped him get to where he is today and that he’s very thankful for that. I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm by it. Hope you keep enjoying the series mate.

  4. Ches I know it’s outside the transfer window but: get lots of pre-contracts. It’s realistic at this level, my team (Dover in the national league) usually go into every season with basically an entire new team

    • When I was watching and he was saying Conceicao taking the free kick, I was thinking, um… that still looks like Maris. So had to rewind it thinking “Am I the one who took the crazy pill?” Glad I am not the only one who noticed that.

  5. Hello guys. It would be amazing if you can check me out on youtube. I do football manager career modes. Here is the channel: the_bumfuzzled_slav. Currently doing an Everton Career Mode.

  6. In my career mode… Darling is higher rated than Greggy T
    Shuld I replace him?
    Or shuld i cont with Greggy cause he’s a wat a club legendish… Personish

  7. You need to stop simming games ffs you won’t get promoted and getting the play offs isn’t as good as automatic promotion

    • Lance 108 it’s the first season… we’re relying on players who are loaned to us. I think promotion is an unrealistic expectation this season. We need to have our best players on permanent deals before we start going for promotion

  8. I’m absolutely loving this series when u score I’m celebrating cos I know how much it means to you and the boys, well done 👍

  9. Hmmm, Jack Roles might want to know why he wasn’t set to take that penalty kick missed by Knibbs against that Bradford SIM game.

  10. Hi Ches, would you consider doing a video update about your health? Curious about your physical and mental health having just watched your old video about your condition.

  11. The passion from the Newport game is so invigorating, that’s why I love watching this RTG, so much drama, keep it up Ches!

  12. You should try and get your system down and having that be your staple formation as you go through the leagues. Kind of like Conte and his 5-3-2 that he loves or Sarri and his 4-3-3. It would make things more interesting instead of the boring 4-4-2.

  13. Ches, your RTG’s are always the best. No one is more invested in their team than you are in these videos. These teams feel real, because you’re so invested in their success. It’s so much fun watching the series, and probably ten times more fun to run the series! Keep up the good work

  14. i will remember now to necer watch ches while listening full bulle with earphones. Oh god i think my ears are still bleeding

  15. Lambe for the chop!! Take the money!

    Also maybe consider going to 5 at the back too. Concede less goals that way and grind out 1-0 wins to secure play-off.

  16. tip for clearing ches, hold lb and x, then it will send it in the air every time. Also works well when your keeper dropkicks it

  17. For your Cambridge series sign Ricky jade jones next season he plays for Peterborough and has potential of 84 he can play st cam and lw

  18. Adeboyejo – 18 goals
    Dallas – 10 goals
    Roles – 6 goals
    Knibbs – 5 goals

    Goals in all competitions

  19. Sign players from Scotland I suggest Anthony McDonald and Harry Cochrane on loan from hearts cochrane plays unreal for his rating

  20. You brought in conceciao to take the free kick in the first game but you still took it with maris😂

  21. Ches make sure you check your still on the same sliders because I was using ur sliders and after the recent update I found it really easy and it turned out the update reset my sliders and I was on normal legendary. Just thought I’d let you know

  22. 14:29 30 minutes into the game i was wondering since when cambridge utd had yellow shorts when i realised i was looking at the wrong team XD

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