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FIFA 20 Pack Opening / Fut birthday in a pack, icon pack

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  1. PS4 is better than X-Box and switch is the deadest console to get FIFA on cos u cant make money whatsoever unless u have unlimited packs like these lot.

  2. These guys are just lazy. They can’t bother playing games. Therefore they only open packs. The first 8 minutes of a twosync video usually consist of 1-2 packs opened and no gameplay. This is the main reason i don’t enjoy their content anymore.

    • If you dont enjoy the content then dont watch it. And their is no need to comment on the video. Other people enjoy the videos so dont just hate on them for your opinion.

    • Lee Powell it’s not just hate, it’s criticism from fans who used to enjoy their content and want it to be better

    • @Lee Powell but it’s true. Ik they have a life but their videos r going towards the bin. Someone even said they watch just to burn time which is quite bad. Also there hasn’t been a SS posted in ages. And if u can’t say Ur true opinion what’s the point in a comment section

  3. For chris, Puyol is sublime in cb with a shadow.
    For Matt, it would be nice to see u build the team around totgs martinez. He’s an apsolute god on this game

    Like so they can see

  4. Get allan saint maximan fut birthday Matt. Like this so Matt can see it. (Also I packed him in an 80+ player pack 😂

  5. Kaka from a icon pack and red messi or if you mean normal pack probably james rodroquesz ultimate scream when he was worth 500k

  6. Normal I’m dislike Youtubers when they put Rooney in an Sbc, but 2sync are also Legends like WayneTheBrain..

    But when I see at the next Vids you put BigZlatan in an Sbc it’s over..

    Last Chance my Friends

  7. Seriously forgetting you guys are youtubers☹️ You need to start uploading or people will just unsubscribe. I watched every single day and it was a highlight seeing a twoysnc notification on my screen.

  8. I packed fut birthday Griezmann today in a mega pack that I got from season progress. Also, if the POTM Werner is still out in SBC’s chris, you can complete it to give the green links to havertz and gnabry.

  9. Can Chris just not change formation or get any knowledge bout fifa?

    Literally still using Robertson normal and submitted his favorite player into an sbc

  10. Chris do not get fifa on switch i payed £220 all together and only half the stuff are on switch NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!

  11. I play FIFA on the switch it is not as good as Xbox and PS4 but it’s all right. I have 81 rated Florenzi and he plays like a 99 team of the year. His stats are decent to. I would definitely recommend trying him.

  12. Best pack is either between toty mbappe in 1 premium ligue 1 pack or toty de jong and normal Neymar in the same 50k pack

  13. My brother got hazard in a 7.5 last night and I got moments litmanen in 1 couple weeks back🔥these are crazy but only when you least expect it

  14. My team was worth about 4.5 million before futbirthday. After i did EVERY sbc, objectives, fut champs, packs, rivals, squad battles… I can proudly say I own a 4 million team. 2 weeks of insane grinding for this… Christ I’m stupid

  15. Who is your best player?

    Mine is 91 pele at the start of fifa
    Comments section: You are a liar

    If anyone wants proof reply to this and ill show you

  16. I’ve got gold 3 rewards and div 1 division rivals mat if you want me to share play them so you can open them add my ps SELF1SHJOK3R

  17. I Finally got a good pull, after bad luck all year I did a mid icon pack with leftover players from early in the year and got 91 Ronaldinho!

  18. save for headliners lewondowski pls…i havnt seen gameplay playing with him and he looks like one of the best cards in the game

  19. Still disliking till you upload everyday. I remember when there was 2 vids a day now there’s barely 2 vids a week. Smh

  20. Iv watched the full 9 Star Wars episodes last week and since then iv been getting a lot off Star Wars quotes in all videos iv watched that is very weird

  21. Chris where has the 1.1 millions coins gone from selling berkamp u could of built a sick team with them coins. Like so he can see please thank you 😁

  22. I think Shearer is underrated he is a beast especially in the air I have him hes recored is 53 games 50 goals 22 assist

  23. I don’t have good pack luck but I have good red player picks, got red rashford, Bruno, haland(dortmund) and 94 lewandowski

  24. Had a good year
    Packed neymar 3x
    Gullit in mid icon pack
    Fut birthday griezman
    And mid seedorf for 1.2 million in the start of the game
    And red inform son 91 rated

  25. Chris stop putting players that you can’t get back into sbc like sane and Rooney it’s actually pissing me off I would much rather see you with teams full of good player than teams full of crappy mid icons

  26. Packed Cristiano Ronaldo untradeble Bruno winter refresh untradeble van dijk fut birthday in 7.5k pack Pirlo in 25k pack and packed griezmann fut birthday in 50k pack there my best packs this FIFA

  27. There team was so much better at this time in fifa 19 as they where playing it more and had more content can we go back to videos everyday

    1.Icon moments Laudrup
    3.Ronaldo (80+ player pick)
    4.Middle Eusebio (Mid icon pack)
    Trust me, I am NOT a pay to win

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