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315 thoughts on “OMG!! THE BEST FUT BIRTHDAY DRAFT EVER!!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team”

  1. Could you hit me up with some fifa points on Xbox 1? Insta: matthew_k_3 (Also loving the madden vids keep up the good work!)

  2. No one :
    Literally no one :
    Literally no one ever in the entire galaxy :
    Pogba still getting a fut birthday even though he didn’t play the entire season

  3. Hey Skillz !! Your work is amazing as always man. You still got it since you first started. AA team always !!
    Would appreciate a code for xbox if you can spare one 😉 <3

  4. can i get the fifa points please I never gotten fifa points in the game and it would be nice if I did 🥺

  5. I would love some PS4 codes for my game! I don’t want to use all my time doing this bronze pack method 😂

  6. man fifa points would be sick don’t really got the money to afford them my fut team been struggling with all these op teams

  7. Hey Skillz. I’ve been watching your channel everyday for quite a while now. I know its a lot to ask but could you give me a code for some fifa points🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Skillz I’ve been seeing you for 4 years now … I never bought any fifa because my parents won’t let me buy it … I have a pc… I think I want to go pro please help 👏👏

  9. Can I plz get some points. Watch you every day. I don’t have any sosial media how can vi come in contact. Do you have a email. Bless you❤️

  10. Hey skills ( if u see this id freak out ) recently I’ve been saving up for a big team and u are always there to make me happy I’ve recently got scammed so that really upset me but u cheered me up id love for u to see this to know how much u mean to me and if u could a code would really help me but just u seeing this Would make my day love u bro

  11. Hey skills I’ve seen all your videos for a long time and I haven’t bought fifa points at all this year so I would really want a code for Xbox.

  12. I’d love a code Skillz, PS4 or Xbox doesn’t matter, I don’t got the game and because of you I wanna play so bad!!!

  13. Skillz it would be amazing if i could get a pc code for fifa, i haven’t been able to play any fifa since fifa 15. Love and peace bro!

  14. Hey Skillz i havent had a fifa game in a while. My birthday is on Easter this year and i would appreciate it if i could get the code for ps4. Anyways hope you have a good day.

  15. Im broke rn and i had to quit my job because i live next to my grandparents and obviously family comes first but if you can pull through with some fifa points you’d really cheer me up man regardless i fucking love you Skillzy

  16. Thank you skills and to all the other fifa youtubers, who have helped me through hard times today. I received news at 2 am that my grandad had passes away from coronavirus. It has been really hard for my family and I, but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have been the people who have been making me feel happy, while keeping me entertained and away from the tragedy. Much love ❤️

  17. i would love an xbox copy but i’d also just love an xbox 😂 haven’t been able to play video games through quarantine at all

  18. I’ve been watching your videos since your vlogs and love your content I would really want fifa points on ps4

  19. What’s up AA9 skills!! I’m a longtime subscriber and I love your content and I was wondering if you can hook me up with a copy of FIFA 20 please 🤪🙏 I would appreciate it.

  20. Pls skills been watching for time just got the game and that would be a great way to start with some points even tho ik it’s a lot to ask anyway great vid

  21. skillz ive been a fan for ages at least since 350k i comment quite alot and i was wondering if you could hook me up with fifa points i know your probably not believing me but its all up to u im not forcing just wondering if ur intreastead my console = ps4

  22. Yo skills love the content man have been a viewer for the last 2 years and supported the channel! Would really like a copy of fifa on Xbox that would be amazing thanks bro keep plugging👊

  23. Been watching you all year, my PS4 had broken so I didn’t buy Fifa this year. But a homie recently sold me an Xbox One so I’d be psyched if I could have a copy of Fifa for it.

  24. Skillz i would like fifa points but when you post a tweet please say if it is fifa points or the game its self.

  25. Hey skillz could you please hit me up with some fifa points. Love and support, keep up the good content god bless ya

  26. I would love fifa points, I’ve just been going rtg, and I’ve just started doing fut champs more, and would love fifa points, love the content too bro

  27. Skills swap zidane for Marcelo and play lacazette on full chem and use Marcelo as a cdm he’ll play on 7 chem tho

  28. Hi aa9 been watching since ur vids since the start of fifa19 could I get a FIFA points code plz keep up the good work😀

  29. hey Skillz i play on PS4 but i don’t got fifa this year. i couldn’t afford it. that would be awesome if i could get a copy thanks skillz!!

  30. bro, my guy I am a huge fan of yours and I would just like to say thank you for all amazing videos you have provided the booya gang with. And pls may I have fifa 20. this all I do watch your videos.

  31. I want a copy of Fifa 20 on ps4 skills plz so I can quarantine and chill with FIFA. ill start a pack to glory as well if I can get a copy!!!!

  32. Great video Skillz, would love me a code. Didnt buy fifa this year but at this moment this is the only footbaal we can play. Appreciate the content homie. Hopefully you see this.❤️

  33. Hey skills I would love some codes it would help me soooooo much!!!! My birthday is tomorrow and I can’t see any of my friends😭😭😭

  34. Can you plese give me a copy of fifa 20 on xbox plese. I love your contact, i watch every signle video of yours for two years.

  35. Please AA9SKILLZ if you pick me please send a code that can be redeemed in the store PS4 code please
    I have a playstation but I don’t FIFA 2o and I also don’t know all the things about Online gaming
    I sure know how to play I’m very good but I just need this code to make me feel better

  36. Bro I can’t afford the game but if you can gift it to me it would be so nice man I’ve been watching you since Win one Take one love your channel

  37. Bro i always watch ur videos during breakfast before online classes and u didn’t post it today morning. LOL

  38. Hi Skills I really enjoy playing FIFA and it would be amazing to have FIFA 20 on PS4 to play with my friends and thanks for the awesome content you provide

  39. Yo aa9skillz I need fifa 20 because I have been watching fifa from fifa 18 and never got to play it but if you can give it it would be amazing and if you decide to give it my Twitter is HumidifyRandombark peace ✌🏼 btw I would want a PS4 copy

  40. Skillz rocking the FUT birthday hoodie smash a big thumbs up. Let me know in the comments below. Please stay safe guys.

  41. Skillz can you please give me a copy of fifa 20 on pc because it would mean the world to me
    Also I have been watching your vids since fifa 17
    Keep up the good content

  42. Desperately Need PC points plssss!!!!!!! TOP YOUTUBER FOR ME BTW You make the game look better with your over the top commentary!

  43. I really want that PS4 code skillz. I just found your channel last month but I have been watching it non-stop both YouTube and stream

  44. Hey man been subscribed since u had 80k subs! I love ur vids, they make this time a little less boring!😂 I would love to be able to play fifa 20 on ps! Love u so much bro ❤️

  45. I would really love a PC version Fifa 20 man !! I doubt you’ll see this comment tho . Anyways amazing content bro . Keep going dude

  46. Hey skills it’d make my brothers bday to be able to get the game on ps4 his birthday is coming up and the corona just messed it all up 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  47. mate if i could pleeeasee get ps4 copy i havent have a fifa in years! been watching the drafts and pack to glories love it all

  48. Been watching since the Arsenal 2017 career mode and have been a fan since! Hoping to get an Xbox copy! And hope you start up a new career mode soon!

  49. I’m not allowed get fifa points, it is sooooo difficult playing against teams that are 100 times better than yours

  50. Skillz bro. You never read my comment, pls make a fut guide winning video for those who can’t win fut very often. Helps a lot pls, tips too

  51. Never really commented on a video of yours even though I have been watching since your trading tips on fifa years and years ago, but just wanted to tell you how much I love your videos of Fifa as well as Madden since you started your new channel being a massive fan of the sport.
    Much love from the UK, bless you man and hope you and your family are well

  52. I don’t spend money on the game and always have trouble getting the better cards so hope I could get a code for FIFA points on xbox

  53. for me xbox copy skills but dat don’t matter dude just love the content during this tough time stay safe bro

  54. Hey Skillz hope u going good and staying healthy. If u could send me some fifa points that would be greatly appreciated but if not that’s fine ur still the goat🐐. Keep working hard brother and bringing out more killer content.

  55. Hey man nice draft i seriously don’t understand how you always get so lucky but even so you play so good. I would like to play fifa but i can’t so i just wanted to ask (if you can of course) for a pc copy. I’d appreciate it a lot. Keep up with the pack to glory rly that series!

  56. Yo AA9 bro i watch your ptg series every single day and it honestly helps me throught this though time rn. Your streams are more than entertainment to me. Sadly i dont have fifa but what i like from your streams is like im there playing it with you , hope this message reaches you Stay safe.

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