OMG TOTSSF Aubameyang is a Glitch Card! FULL TOTSSF Squad Builder in FIFA Mobile 20

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OMG TOTSSF Aubameyang is a Glitch Card! FULL TOTSSF Squad Builder in FIFA Mobile 20

He might be one of the smoothest cards I have ever used in FIFA Mobile! Get ready as Aubameyang and Giovinco join our full TOTSSF squad!

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240 thoughts on “OMG TOTSSF Aubameyang is a Glitch Card! FULL TOTSSF Squad Builder in FIFA Mobile 20”

    • No offence but stopde might’ve been a bit biased when reviewing because hes an arsenal fan but when I play with wolves players I always pass to the wolves players to make them look good rather than my other players lol

  1. For the guys who still don’t know what to get in tots :


    You have to complete EVERYTHING and all the players HAVE TO BE FROM ONE LEAGUE


  2. I saw you build the full squad when you were streaming yesterday 😂 and Stopde you keep saying Baumeyang instead of Aubameyang :/

    • Wait better strikers will definitely come
      Oh between them definitely Vardy hes much batter than Aubameyang

    • Vardy hes easily f2p obtainable without ads has better stats will probably be worth more if u wanna sell and he has better stats and skill boost the only thing auba has better than vardy is height

  3. I NEED HELP!!!

    Should I go for Auba or Vardy? I mean I’m not the best at grinding but I’m 42 days I can easily get Auba but idk about Vardy. Should I settle for Auba or go all the way for Vardy?

    • Vardy is easily f2p if u watch ads u can get about 13000 with just ads no coin packs so u can get vardy maybe get allison or someone like that so u get enough for a utotssf starter sell vardy as soon as u get him and wait for utotssf if a good striker who fits ur is in it then try to claim him if he isnt st or doesnt fit then buy auba or buy vardy as they will be down in price

    • So many different opinions. How easy is it to get Vardy? I’ll have to miss a few days as well. So idk. This vid made me want Auba but Vardy is good too. I DONT KNOW!!!

    • Nah they weren’t done that dirty because kdb was entirely deserving of that 102 mane deserved 101 more than vvd salah got 101 but it’s in store packs so I think vvd is deserving of 100

  4. I think I’m going to get any 99, 96 aubameyamg, soyuncu and any 95 and reserves. Is that good?

  5. Not being able to beat Tottenham for the last one day, it’s frustrating, I have grinded so far , short on cash but man how now? My OVR is 93/140chem I have been playing since golden week was on the 11th day , the reason why I missed Casillas and Jesus is still reachable but not worth it because I don’t have enough time man help me out, I really want Son on my team
    I got 2 animated ones from the TOTSSF, it wasn’t easy I finished the first leg yesterday and moved on to EPL , I am really trying could you help me out man?

  6. If u guys are wondering u can get auba Robertson and Arnold and Gomez btw he has 131 speedf2p with all coin pack and adds

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