opening up 5x Icon ROULETTE Packs on FIFA 20…

How Ultimate Trading Robot Works
opening up 5x Icon ROULETTE Packs on FIFA 20…

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Hello and welcome to this video with me, Nerdfire. In this video, we opened up 5x Icon Roulette Packs for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team! Thanks For Watching!!!

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  1. Umm isn’t daglish prime 92 or have I lost my mind. After searching I edited this and daglish prime is 92

  2. Tbh this is one of the only fifa you tubers I watch because of his creative content and dosen’t rage ( Nick28T).

  3. Jheee lad these subscribers have been booming, well deserved mate watch all your vids and think you deserve another 500k at least pal

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