PACE vs. STRENGTH… in FIFA 22! ⚡💪

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PACE vs. STRENGTH… in FIFA 22! ⚡💪


►In this FIFA 22 Career Mode All-Star Challenge video we put the fastest players in FIFA up against the strongest players in FIFA! Subscribe for more FIFA 22 Volta, FIFA 22 Career Mode Create A Club, and FIFA 22 Ultimate Team content! #FIFA22 #CareerMode #AllStarChallenge




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628 thoughts on “PACE vs. STRENGTH… in FIFA 22! ⚡💪”

  1. Yooo Rewind Navas From PSG orr…. maybe John Stones? And Pls start adding the video idea from comments in vid it could make it better 👍 thx for the faily content

  2. Video idea: Put a continental competition. E.G African all stars vs South America all stars. Do it with all the continents to find out the best continent.

  3. Did u see at 0:04 that Dylan Davenport’s next match is against Ukraine that means that he will be making his international debut in the next episode

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  4. Can you guys help me out with a problem on player career mode. Everytime I create a pro player. The face doesn’t scan into the game. It’s just the blank shadow face figure. I don’t know how to fix it

  5. Suggestion: Make a month all time team, for example messi and de bruyne would be in the june team because they were born in june


  6. you noticed that on the home screen when the vid started it said continue carrer with davenporth against ukraine,that means he got the US national team call up

  7. Video idea : three season to win the champions league with arsenal if u loose u have to show a picture on All media you have of you wearing a arsenal kit

  8. BFord Please Can I HaveA FIFA 22 Copy I Won’t be able to get it until FIFA 23 when it becomes cheaper at My local game shop

  9. Vid idea : You should do the same thing (pace vs strength) but you should put the pace/strength as their rating.
    Please take my idea

  10. When my dad and I coached girls soccer, our favorite formation was the 3-3-1-3. It worked for us really well in our system 😂

  11. I honestly think the match should have been redone because he gave them a wacky formation that basically made them unable to play for 2/3 of the match

  12. its spelt like vicomb(with com being produced as in come) and i as in victor lindelof or vikstar and b produced as a “B” only like in bababoii E is silent

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  14. Stop hating on Arsenal we beat a top 5 prem team 3 to 1, I’m sorry, I love ur vids, it’s just I support Arsenal, Love from Jamaica bro!

  15. The video can be better if you edit the tactics and instructions to suit their “strengths” and “speed”

    For example: For strength, put long balls. Direct passing.

    For speed, get in behind and quick short passes.

  16. For the next all star battle u should do Women’s international team vs. Men’s international team but give the women the same ratings & attributes as the men. For example, the French womens international team will have the same ratings & attributes as the men’s national team.

  17. video idea:Pick a championship team and every season spin the wheel to add a player. see how long it takes to win the premier league

  18. I like how many situations arise when Son and Mane are on the same team and Bford chooses Son over Mane. I know Son is such a likeable character, but I guess we could give more chance to Mane as he is a proper LW.

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