Pie opens his FREE Pre Order Hero Pack…

Ultimate Team Millionaire Trading Center
Pie opens his FREE Pre Order Hero Pack…


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142 thoughts on “Pie opens his FREE Pre Order Hero Pack…”

  1. I just sold all my club items (players, consumibles, etc…) and i will sell my coins, this game is dead, it was the last chance i gave to EA. In the first weeks the game is good and the gameplay fresh, after that, a bunch of updates screw completely the gameplay, now it’s like a FIFA 21 2.0

    • On origin the ultimate edition had a tick next to fut hero item, Fifa points OTW TOTW mbappe (the usual). EA gives you all but futhero

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  3. Why didn’t they give these out when fifa was released?

    Why wait until 80% of them are unusable and cost less than 50k coins 🤣

  4. I did 2 hero’s I got pele and him he’s alr he’s played 7 games for me and scored 4 put a hawk on him he will have 92 pace 92shooting

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