Playing a FIFA 15 GOD Team In FIFA 20…

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Playing a FIFA 15 GOD Team In FIFA 20…

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79 thoughts on “Playing a FIFA 15 GOD Team In FIFA 20…”

  1. Why in the thumbnail does Doumbia only have an orange link to Ibarbo if they are both playing for the same club???

  2. I remember the days of fifa 14 and having a full bundesliga team with lewa and aubameyang, then subbing on Ibarbo.
    Those where the days

    • XDGOSHO 95 music is subjective, 19 and 20 may not have had the best gameplay(it is fun sometimes tho, like when you smash a sweaty team im div rivals) but the tracks been bangin, ozone, jackie chan. those two are straight bangers

    • @joseph I agree, some songs from 19 and 20 are straight 🔥. But 15 is legendary with bangers like Walk and The Nights.

    • Rohit Harish I agree with being the better soundtrack, but the better fifa hell no. The main reason hate on this one is because it’s became more competitive so they rage more over losing

  3. Do a FIFA 17 squad, with Butland at goal, Bailly and Smalling at the back, Renato Sanches in the midfield, and Martial in LW! 😂

  4. Stop comparing God almighty to useless fifa games and players… if only u knew how grave the words are that you speak nosey boy

  5. Doumbia balled out for me in FIFA 15 but Adrián Ramos is my favorite player of all time from that year. You gotta do a team with him in it

  6. This game proves you do not need a lot of money or a super op team to do good i get paired with people like this all the time in games and then muck on them

  7. Imagine grinding this game for months, having a team worth millions, only to lose at the hands of doumbia…

  8. Hi my nose is massive do you want the best player on the game I said do u want the best player on the game bin of ronaldo get Dean Marney get all Dean Marneys

  9. That background song from fifa 08 is soo good best Fifa song and I don’t know it’s name can anyone tell me so I can add it to my playlist

  10. You should try playing nba 2k20 park or mycareer I can help you with the best build btw depending on what you want

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