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63 thoughts on “PLAYOFF SEMIFINALS…..AGAIN!! FIFA 20 | Career Mode RTG S2 Ep11”

  1. With talks of an edge of the seat finish in the season finale….please don’t premiere an episode with the heading of the play-offs! Kind of ruins the suspense bit mate! 🤣

  2. I wonder if he actually enjoys the games, you know, with all the scripting and unfair game play EA has used in this game.

  3. I predict he is going to clutch a win in the semis and Ngoy will score in injury time in the final

  4. Ches go for some higher rated older players that will show the team how to get promoted in L1 and Championship and L2 if you don’t make it

  5. Portuguese here.
    The 1st way you pronounce it was kinda close, the 2nd was really weird to be honest 😅
    Keep the great content!

  6. We’re on our way, we’re on our way, up to league 1 we’re on our way, how do we get there I don’t know, how do we get there I don’t care, all I know is Cambridge is on their way

  7. Ches, I’m portuguese and in Conceição, the à is supposed to be a nasal sound. Kind of like a short “uh”. Sort of like Conceiç-uh-o. So definitely its better if you pronounce just conceiçao because that nasal sound is quite difficult to replicate for non portuguese native speakers 😂

  8. If you get promoted and feel confident enough in the squad, invest the money on a better scout.
    And Norville is still able to get better, whereas Dunk is not. So sell Dunk instead.

  9. Ooof got wreck by forest green
    Look like league 2 plus league 1
    Is 3
    3 years in league 2 to go league 1 boiiis

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