*REALISM DRAMA* WE NEED TO TALK!!🤔 – FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode EP14

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*REALISM DRAMA* WE NEED TO TALK!!🤔 – FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode EP14


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1,036 thoughts on “*REALISM DRAMA* WE NEED TO TALK!!🤔 – FIFA 22 Barcelona Career Mode EP14”

  1. Pcq: we all just didn’t agree on the salah signing he will resign for Liverpool in real life the only problem is money. Sterling would’ve been more realistic as he wants more playing time and Barca are keen on him that’s all

  2. It came as a surprised for us amd no cap it was quite unrealistic. But its still a video game, and those personal attacks are unacceptable. All I want to say is thank you for all these series. After studying whole day, YouTubers including you make my day a loot better. Thank you man

  3. PCQ: im sorry for saying its unrealistic but you have to have some too and i think it would be more enjoyable for everyone keep the grind up

  4. Sid you are a legend!
    Keep doing what you want it is your Chanel.
    You are amazing! Many other loves you! Keep up and dont care about the hate!❤️

  5. signing andres iniesta isn’t realistic, selling pique, busquets, ter stegen is unrealistic and signing kessi and salah is unrealistic, getting rid of 1.35 billion of debt in 1 season is unrealistic.

  6. Pcq: don’t you think you should sell dembele as you have demir Salah and trincao will come back and get the cash cause he wasnt good before his injury

  7. PCQ: You’re underwhelming yourself it’s not fair you’ve spent abt 400mil (including first seaeon signings) and you must win the treble

  8. PCQ: Sid one of your objective has 20 home games without a L in La Liga but your total games in La Liga is 19
    what will be your modification to this Challenge

  9. pcq: the problem is not realism, the problem is repetition. you struggle for 1st season, sign some expensive players in 2nd season, win it all in third season. a series of 4-6 seasons with restricitons would be more interesting. west ham, arsenal, barcelona etc series have been entertaining in the first season or so. I prefer a more competitive series with losses and challenges instead of a series where you win it all in 3rd season. (the lille career mode was very entertaining but you ended it early. it would have nice to see lille to develop and triumph psg)

  10. *1* . *Maldanado power* : score *10* goals with your youth star *Maldanoda*
    *Forfeit* : convert *Maldanado* again to *CDM*
    *2* . *Captain Fantastic* : Score a winning goal with your captain
    *Forfeit* : change your captain

  11. I read some comments people do be taking this game serious watch mark goldbridge then you’ll see this games *realism* ( just my opinion dont end me ) 😉

  12. PCQ : Give Salah number 11 shirt as he will be your main winger this season and he also wearing that number on Liverpool (like this so he can see it and change the number 17)

  13. Pcq : do you realize that chiesa is currently a fiorentina player? The reason you didn’t sign him because he is a star in Juventus team for many years so they wont let him go but in this save he isn’t

  14. Hey everyone, Sid’s entertainment and opinions should be taken into account as well! A video game is a video game, we should prioritize the hours upon hours that he has spent on his videos the same as we spend half an hour watching his videos! How we’ve been behaving in the previous episode is atrocious… Let’s be more mature and respectful… (I’m handing my point of view folks, by no means do I mean to attack y’all!) 👍

  15. pcq: put ansu on a development plan to RW but don’t actually convert him, that way he will grow massively. (i’m not sure if it still works in fifa 22.)

  16. Pcq: you would have gone for laporte instd of pau torres because he is rumoured to join barca, you should have gone for onana instd of simon as gk. You should have gone for Sterling or adeyemi unstd of salah to make it more realistic.

  17. At the end of the day , it’s just a video game . I loved the way how sid handled this conversation. Massive respect mate !

  18. PCQ: first put dani olmo in a development plan which boosts his defensive stats and after that it’ll be way easier to convert him to a cm

  19. S2G you and Sparring DK make amazing career modes. You include us the viewers which is unique. Trust me I don’t know so much about football but I like that you kept a mix or realism but adding spice with the Salah signing. Continue the amazing work and content

  20. I don’t get it why people think salah is unrealistic while they wanted that you sign chiesa like salah contract was at the end and chiesa is like juve most important player no way they gonna sell him.

  21. When you signed Salah i wasent mad over the realism. I was just mad that you signed Salah cause i dont like him. I love this career mode i cant wait for every episode.

  22. Pcq:you should buy Alexander Arnold sińce you have the cash and he is quality and ik its not realistic but it can be a good move

  23. Wdym “financial god” we were rude to him. He just a guy spending his time and calculated the money stuff and commented he doesn’t deserve that.

  24. (Hope that you will read it. I am commenting this same thing on the majority of the episodes when you decided to captain Araujo.)

    The only unacceptable thing is Captaining Araujo instead of Ter Stegen and Alba. And you always blaming Ter Stegen and when he makes save you just say “It’s straight to Ter Stegen’s hand”. In my opinion, selling him was disrespectful.

  25. Why dont we just appericiate this guy’s work. He uploads DAILY and honestly he is my favourite youtuber right now, and these stupid complains annoy me very much

  26. PCQ: you can sign Reece James although it sounds unrealistic but he has very good potential, he is higher rated than Sergino Dest and Dest will be a great backup RB

  27. PCQ: The position conversion you talked about with Dani Olmo kind of reminds me of the one I said to you with Harvey Elliott in your Create-A-Club career mode.

  28. dont said u wanna make it realistic when you cant make it realistic. make it atleast on season 5 to sign players like mo salah, donnaruma etc.

  29. Hi everyone! i have never really posted all that much but…….. I just wanted to say that I’m firstly really happy to see so many people come to Sid’s defense here. Sid has been nothing but be nice and respectful anytime i have ever see him interact with anyone here and he creates all of this great content we all enjoy. We came here for the fifa but we stay because of Sid the person. Please before you make comments think about how you are saying something and why you are making the comment. No one wants negativity especially when it involves something that is for entertainment and we all love. You have many other fifa communities with a toxic environment if that is what you are looking for but please leave Sid’s channel out of it, not only because we dont want it as a community but Sid doesnt seem to as well. Show Sid the same kindness and respect he has always given us, at least as far as i have been watching him.

    Sid- Thank you and you will always have more people who not only love you’re videos here but also the real life person that you are. screw that toxic haters. these people are unfortunately so miserable in there own lives and feel they need to spread it wherever they can.

    Much love from the us of a lol, i hope you all have a great day!

  30. Don’t worry mate I love your content just keep doing it okay😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤️

  31. i do think the salah transfer was unrealistic, but guys dont hate on him just because he made 1 unrealistic transfer. its just a game and hes having playing it.

  32. PCQ: people dont realise that this is not FM, this is FIFA, its unrealistic with the budget and the debt, and with the goals which are given by the board to win CL and La Liga (which is unrealistic as hell right now), you have to buy big players

  33. Pcq: how is salah realistic as he just signed a new contract with liverpool and I thought you were going to sign only 3 players for this transfer window. Also olmo is linked to city and United no way this is a realistic transfer

  34. Pcq: guys relax i actually like Salah in barca plus think about how he has made worst unrealistic signings in old fifas like Calvert Lewis in fifa 21

  35. Pcq : Messi’s contract with PSG expires next season, what do you think about signing him. Will be realistic as well as it’ll add that spice to the series

  36. PCQ: As you have signed salah already, Don’t make any superstar signing, sign some cool businesses and make it parallel to real life😀
    By the way I love your content❤❤

  37. PCQ: play delay as a CF rather than a ST because now you have raw pace on the wings. I also think that depay thrives when you play him CF

  38. Pcq: replace the “worthy of the 10” season goal to one for salah instead and that way we’ll see if he deserves to be in the team

  39. He did keep it realistic by spending all the money on positions that doesn’t need fixing a older winger instead of giving demir more chances since dembele has an injury if doesn’t want him to get injured play fati RW Depay LW Maldonado St

  40. S2G: maybe you guys in the comments were right about Mo Salah
    S2G 2 seconds later OH come on guys you cant be mad with this signing

  41. Pcq: i think you should reduce fati’s goals to 25 or count the assist as well as it would be unfair for him to be sold after what he has done last season

  42. Pcq: If You Want A Better RB Buy Trent Alexander-Arnold The Reason:He Young,He Good At Taking Corners And He Has Good Potential

  43. People who say that this is unrealistic you are wrong because what will s2g do with 500m he just can’t leave the money and sign 80 rated player, that was last season and this season he need some improvement in the squad

  44. Guys give Sid a break, chill , its a game, n he is the one playing it, its ultimately his choice on whom to buy up in HIS save*

  45. Hey s2g, seeing salah in your team is just really killing my excitement and felt strange. It’s just not realistic.. Go for some other man like antony from ajax I guess.. Make it a bit more realistic!

  46. I’ve been a s2g fan for many years now and its not fair on s2g who puts hours of work into videos and for one thing get hammered

  47. PCQ:Don’t worry about those comments you are one of the the best i know. Just saying you should get a new back up keeper.

  48. Pcq: U said that only 3 signings allowed in the summer transfer window and 2 in winter but u have made 4 signings. Salah,Olmo,Gaya and Simon

  49. pcq: for dani olmo convert him into a lm or rm depending on what footed he is and put development plan called support mid which will improve his defensive stats, then maybe you can convert him to cm

  50. PCQ: Lots of Barca/ Spanish legends could be retiring soon in this save, David Silva, Azpi, Suarez, Iniesta. Make sure to sign their regens if possible.
    (this was not my idea it was from yesterdays comments)

  51. Pcq: you could have extra objectives where if you complete them your transfer budget increases for next season by a percentage

  52. Just give S2G happy to sign unrealistic player,this is his career. If you want sign realistic player,just play your career. Ez

  53. I want you to carry on this series and it’s fine if you decide some signings but we just want you to next time keep it a tad bit more realistic (stop the hate on sid)

  54. Pcq: Are you going to try and switch to a 3-5-2 against teams that aren’t very good defensively because you will score more goals

  55. PCQ: sid, salah is currently one of the most in form players in the world on a club that looks to be back to a form that could threaten for the league/champions league, why would he leave Liverpool for a rebuilding barca??? That makes absolutely no sense if you’re trying to keep it realistic don’t sign top players on the top few clubs.

    wouldnt kane make more sense since he actually wants to leave??

  56. It’s fine to make big transfers, but salah won’t ever join barca, its unrealistic at all.
    you could have signed haaland, wich we all know barca are intsted in. so it would be reasonble that they will buy him when it will be possible.

  57. PCQ: First season was very interesting and enjoyable with no big signings and the results were not very good more drama a kind of dark horse team with young players was fun to watch with spanish players now in season 2 with 500 million budget signed gaya,salah, and now most players in barca are unrealistic. Which not fun to watch its becoming more of like man city or psg team. Barca relies on la masia spanish talents and talented wonderkids. And now he will waste all 500 million budget and this season barca team will look completely different in one season he will every game and eventually win champions league with ease this is not now fun to watch

  58. PCQ You should have either re-signed Messi as he wants to retire at Barca and Sterling is linked to Barca with a 100million move

  59. Guys, come on your taking this a lot too serious .Just enjoy the episode and the theme, come on guys don’t hurt others

  60. tbh I was shocked when u signed salah but even then it was fun to see a cool signing to speed up this series and made this series better. I knew that people were going to joke about it but never thought people were going to get his mad

  61. pcq: Sid it’s ok, after hearing your POV I understand where you are coming from, I was also guilty of criticizing you, but I do not condone any personal attack on you

  62. Sid did his part of spicing the series up. I personally liked it!!!! And irl Salah can join barça because he’s asking for about 400k and even if it’s huge barça and afford that. Love you Sid (no homo)❤️. Love your content bro.

  63. I think that mo salah is a bad signign for the simple fact that u spent almost 100mln for a 30 years old player, and barcelona made a lot of debt due to signigns like this… if u wanted experience u should have gone for someone a little cheaper, or for youngsters. Anyway is just a game, so have fun as u want

  64. A couple unrealistic transfers is not gonna take away from the incredible and inspiring work you put in on the daily. You run three career modes at the same time which are all carried by your amazing and entertaining personality. Because of the quality of your career modes, we all get invested and care a lot about what happens and sometimes get carried away. Your videos never fail to make my day and this is probably the case for thousand of others. Well done and respect 🙌

  65. I think its a great signing he will bring great things to Barcelona. This career mode has been so entertaining sid. can I ask you, do u have any tips on becoming a fifa content creator because I am young and wanna make a living doing the thing I love. Have a great day 💙💙💪💪

  66. pcq: you have crap tonnes of money so release salah and buy a realistic replacement or use him in a swap deal. imo, for more realism, use youngsters like demir as a first team option- you dont need to win it all next season!!

  67. We are really sorry for those guys
    This man uploads 4-5 vids daily through fb and yt
    Respect him for it plss ❤️❤️

  68. PCQ: Didn’t mean to offend u, but Salah was just too big of a signing. You could have given an opportunity to a lesser known winger (84 or lower) to grow and to make a name for himself at Barcelona. I would’ve even liked Mason Greenwood over Salah. Still excited for this series though!

  69. pcq: sterling is verry realistic barca said that they wan t sterling on a loan in january and raheem said he wants to leave man city.
    ps if i get ea play pro will i be able to play fifa 22?

  70. Pcq: Do you think Araujo is a player to have the armband? In my opinion, I don’t think so, you can put other anyone like depay? and sign Jamal Musiala as backup in CM, he have a great potential and is young!

  71. I feel like people are mad including me because u signed Salah which obviously isnt realstic but signed Simon over Donnaruma because of being realistic imo if u saud i just want Simon over Donnaruma i would have ebben okay but the fact that you tried lying and using realism as an excuse felt insulting clearly now realism is out the window

  72. PCQ: day 3 of asking you to change Maldonado’s number to 19, so that he can follow in Messi’s footsteps, and then Ansu can be like Ronaldinho.

  73. its a video game we should enjoy it instead all of these guys are making it too realistic. anyway love the videos keep it up.

  74. If you are not gonna do a realistic career mode don’t promise that. It’s clear why people got upset, you said you would focus on youth, clear the debt and keep it realistic. You have done none of those things, at least not to the extent that you promised or people hoped for.

  75. PCQ: We didn’t said it with malicious intent, we all complained because of how you were saying just at the start of the last episode: “I don’t wanna sign Donnaruma because is not realistic” and you went to town signing the likes of Mo Salah, in a realistic sense you made just like Bartomeu did, signed flashy big name players instead that the ones you need, you had the likes of Trincao or Demir for the RW yet you signed Salah.
    Is not a bad thing we just wanted to see the strugle of feeling like the actual post-Messi era on Camp Nou, sorry for making you angry 🙁

    • Yeah but some people were personally attacking him and that’s just wrong he doesn’t deserve it, even tho the signings were unrealistic he should’ve be attacked like that people take things too far and I don’t even think he’s mad he’s sad and I feel bad for him hopefully he can pick himself up

  76. Pcq: why are you trying to sell Dest you keep saying he’s amazing and from what I’ve seen he’s been good so dont sell him unless he suddenly becomes awful

  77. Pcq: when dembele recovers from injury what are you going to do with him since you signed salah and either demir or trincao will be there for backup depending on who gets loaned out first

  78. Pcq: Give Mo Salah the #11, he deserves it more than Yusuf demir. Also, I appreciate your hard work, loving the content, keep it up Sid!👍👏

  79. pcq: replace dest if you want to win trophies my replacement João Cancelo Manchester City he’s fast he can shoot he has everything

  80. PCQ:you do know that you don’t have a backup keeper in case unai Simon gets injured I suggest to get alban lafont since you haven’t used ever.

  81. PCQ: (on fifa 21 it worked) put fati on RW he’s rating will grow massively but you don’t have to confirm the RW position change.

  82. Can we all appreciate how nice s2g is as a person . Like people were personally attacking him but he did not even swear . If I were in his place I would just swear and rage so hard . We LOVE u Sid we the good content creator and meme u are .

  83. dont take stress man its a career mode not a big deal man have fun ……….plz dont comment for realism or something like that …………………..

  84. Sid you arent moving the club forward when you are drowning it in so much debt. If Barca do what you did they would go bankrupt

  85. Pcq: Hi sid, I think you should loan out or sell Dest and sign someone with more technique and experience like Trent or Reece james or even Emerson, and try loaning out Manaj and try to sign a better sub striker (like Adeyemi because you know he’s a game changer as you have already used him before) as you have already sold out aguero. And Honestly, I agree with Sid completely you can hate me on this but Mo salah was a amazing decision Sid took because if you have the funds and desperately need a RW why not sign him! In my career mode I signed messi, Neymar and Suarez to liverpool but it’s a fricking game you can’t criticise a person because of their choice and look Mo Salah might’ve been unreasonable in the real world but it’s a game. If you die in a game will you die in real life? Because olmo I think would be occupying the cm, CDM or Rw lw spot so singing a good back up striker i think would be reasonable.

  86. Pcq: Try to sign a new rb cause I think we need someone better than Dest. I think you must try to buy Nordi Mukiele or Alex-Arnold

  87. Pcq: S2G “Well buy 3 players in the summer .”

    Also S2G : buys Gaya , Salah , Olmo , Simon
    Breaking news S2G can’t count

  88. guys don’t blame him for not being so realistic, he had said he would keep this series **as realistic as possible**.
    Besides, if he doesn’t make such signings then what will be the difference between him and koeman😂

    • @Viktor Zámarský nah chiesa would never join barca whereas salah has always like barca in the past and maybe after his prime barca might have bought him buying salah isnt the unrealistic part buying a player by giving this much money in this situation is unrealistic but yea he earned the money sterling was the ebetter option than salah

    • @AnimeThighs I don’t care that he signed Salah lol, his videos are fun to watch anw. But if he wanted to keep it realistic, should’ve signed sterling

  89. you lot got him explaining how his transfers are realistic to try and please u, ur breaking the man, leave him alone and let him do his barca career mode, absolute king

    • @KAI SZN ffs man. You have no idea. Cowman is playing luuk ding dong at striker and crossing. He’s had 3 CHANCES TO SCORE AND HE MISSED ALL OF THEM. 3 HEADERS. Cba with this shitty striker anymore. Pique scored for us so I’d rather him be the striker. Koeman only knows cross and inshallah with ldj. He could’ve copied xavi’s video where he explained his tactics ffs

  90. I didn’t say anything, but I feel really bad. Having to explain your actions for the first 5-6 minutes of a video is not something that a youtuber providing us free content should have to do.

  91. Salah to Barca can happen guys if Potentially Dembele gets Sold it’s not that unrealistic in this series if Dembele was sold it would’ve gotten much more realistic as Salah would’ve taken Aguero + Memphis Wages potential less to help with debt.

  92. Salah is a Barcelona fan im arabic and in a interview he said i love messi and barca and i hope real losses (soo its not unrealistic )

  93. S2G:we couldn’t say no to the ter stagen

    Last fifa:gets 207 million offer for mason mount in West Ham Carrer mode and rejects it

  94. Pcq: do you consider selling salah after a season as he will start aging…… consider signing someone like Sancho or vinicius (would love to see him at barca personally) to replace him
    Plus we got to same first name

  95. Sid we another of your rants like the one you did for FCB-Roma, swearing included….releases a bit of stress you know😜

  96. Pcq: you haven’t got a back up LW (Abe ain’t good enough) at the club so convert Trincoa after recalling him or convert olmo

  97. PCQ: Change your formation to the 4-3-3 attack you can accomodate Olmo that way but you would have to rotate him and Pedri or Pedri with some other midfielders

  98. Pcq: I Think Inaki Pena Deserved The Player of the Episode for previous episode than Mo Salah… He made some Crucial Saves… Anyways Keep rocking sid, Love the Barca Series✨ From: A Barca Fan From Malaysia🇲🇾

  99. PCQ: If people want the Barca series too realistic then instead of S2G, Koeman should start playing and streaming the game

  100. Hey bro, I’m not a supporter of that transfer, but not becose of the money, i think there were some better options, players a bit younger and who have a bit more of that Barca ADN, but please don’t let it get to your head, it’s just a transfer who cares

  101. PCQ : Every career mode has just became the exactly same…. Sid don’t win any major trophy in the first season… Signs world class players in second season
    Wins everything in the third season…. It’s just becoming repetitive as hell

  102. Sorry Sid hopefully you weren’t to hurt and honestly I didn’t like the deal because I fucking hate Liverpool but yea keep up the good work

  103. Than say if it’s going to be unrealistic or don’t say it’s going to be realistic or unrealistic that way we not supposed if you sign Mo

  104. Realistic career modes in my opinion are as followed:
    If the team has finished in the top 5 over the last 4 years. You can sign players who are 90+
    If the team is a mid table side then signing players at highs of 84 sounds reasonable.
    A league two/one team should sign players at high of 70
    And so on

  105. Pcq: guve iniesta more game time and make him one of the best middle fielder and you could get good money for him when he’s overaging…

  106. S2G you’re absolutely right , first season in my barca career mode I signed couple of underrated players and in the second season I went all out I signed messi as a rw , de ligt as a cb and Phil foden as a cam cause Pedri betrayed barca for Liverpool and I won the cl and Laliga !!!!

  107. PCQ: did you put development plans on the new players? If not put salah on a development plan it will prevent the ratings from dropping
    BTW love your videos❤❤❤

  108. Pcq: instead of buying players to fix problems, I suggest you loan them instead. This will add more depth and choice for the career mode series. You are doing well, keep it up!

  109. Sid there is no two ways …it’s unrealistic …Kessie and pau Torres in the first season …I’m not sure barca could do that in real life based on how you situated the career mode ..when uh had a lot of youngsters

  110. PCQ: where is iniesta? You haven’t used him in ages. Did he leave? And you also didn’t release the player after you failed the champions league dream objective

  111. Pcq: He always does what he wants like the past CM he sign mason mount with west ham and he also is a cheater he always reply the sim games until he wings that’s why he never loses sim game.

  112. Sterling is realistic for clearing your side don’t spitt unknown facts sterling is agreed if dembelle doesn’t renew sterling is coming

  113. PCQ:- Bro you should sign raphinha of Brazil instead of mo salah for controversy, I think it would be more realistic and a great right wing

  114. pcq: If I were you i’d put Salah on a inverted winger development plan since he has a 2 or 3 star weak foot which is probably why he missed that sitter against real betis

  115. Realistic or not, S2G is the 🐐 of Career mode and no one can take it away ❤️ we love you S2G, keep it going, don’t listen to stupid people

  116. You don’t need to convert Olmo to CM cause u can play him at cm and adjust his position upwards then he will be playing at CAM

  117. First of all guys, this is a video game, you should be able to do what you want and no matter what it’s like this is still very entertaining. Also, only complain about the videos when you upload a video basically everyday. Give him a break. We are all here to chill and have fun.

  118. Pcq: Now you have mohammed salah, how about using false 9 formation with memphis depay as cf to feed salah and olmo can also play there

  119. Pcq:If you want a replacement for Dest try Aaron wan Bissaka he is very good and grows really fast and you should be able to buy him for 50 to 80 million

  120. PCQ: I really think Dest deserves to be the future at RB he already grew up to 81 and he has pace and his defense keeps getting better.

  121. Pcq: we are not pissed bcz you’ve signed Moh Salah, but the point is by realistic we meant you to grow youngsters and make them superstars like Puig, Demir, Trincao and all in first team and start new era for Barça.

  122. Sterling is actually linked to Barca, he said that he would welcome a move outside England if he could get more minutes there and if Dembele leaves in January they will look to sign him on a loan untill next season where they can buy him

  123. Actually yeah sign dybala and play him at CAM it will feed salah more and the rest of the front three (speaking from personal experience)

  124. For me it’s the insistence that it is in fact a realistic career mode. In all honesty it’s not, but that’s fine. Ultimately it’s your series. Just stop saying it’s realistic, you’re not the only football fan or barca fan here, I’m sure a bunch of us can agree that some of your transfers ain’t happening in real life. I tune in expecting a realistic career mode because you advertised it as such. I think I’m allowed to give criticism when I’m not getting what was promised. Keep up the good work.

  125. Pcq: the thing that makes your career modes unrealistic, is some of the score lines when you thrash big teams 4-0 and 5-0 and you struggle against the low teams

  126. Pcq:the problem is not just in this career its in all career modes, you always sign unrealistic players and then go on to dominate
    I understand you want to get career modes done in three seasons but don’t lie and say you going to have a realistic career

  127. PCQ: what are your plans with Pena. He’s proved to be a good goalkeeper but is he just gonna be sitting on the bench all season? Maybe completing an objective with him might be good for him

  128. I mean we are your viewers sooo we have to share our thoughts through the comments. I can clearly say that going for Salah was a bit unrealistic move

  129. Si its not about transfers its about how your storyline works i have always seen that season 1 you struggle then season 2 make big transfers and season 3 you get ucl ,la liga etc it always happens in your career modes a 4 or 5 season would be awesome it will be full of challenges and will like how a real club who is struggling full of challenges will recover ur career mode sometime feels like its scripted

  130. Why do you want the series to be realistic what is the fun in that you guys can do the realistic thing yourself or just watch football in real life for realistic

  131. To be honest its super realistic for the board (the commenters) and the manager of barca (s2g) to have drama and not a smooth sailing relationship

  132. S2G keeping it classy as always. This is not a place for any personal attacks. He’s giving us great content every day. It goes on to show how much he cares for the community with his regular uploads as guaranteed. Enjoy it in the spirit it’s supposed to be enjoyed in. No hard feelings!

  133. PCQ: First things First … you dont need to explain yourself SID . The entire YT FIFA community knows you’re one of the most entertaining content creators who keeps it realistic. NOW, as you said you’d be keeping 1 transfer reserved for the JANUARY window, you can take a look at Aurelien Tchouameni who can be a good backup for Kessie, + He is young and could develop into a starter over the years.

  134. PCQ You need to give MO Salad the number 11 as he is already a proved player and deserves it and also give olmo number 25 as this was his number

  135. Pcq what do u think about fifa ending partnership WITH EA SO what do you think will happen and what are your thoughts?

  136. we cant keep it 100% realistic otherwise it will be boring the signing of salah is unrealistic but sid is playing Barcelona which is a must to buy top player if he plays a mid table club then developing players is realistic

  137. Not entirely understanding this hate and dissatisfaction of signing Mo Salah. If ya don’t like it, don’t watch the video? Or come with tangible constructive criticism.. Give credit for the quality content coming out of this channel. That ain’t a breeze. Shit takes work y’all.

  138. I was also complaining about the unrealistic stuff from the previous episodes but, the Dani Olmo signing makes me forget about all that. 😋 i love Dani and was requesting you to sign him on other episodes of this Barcelona career mode also.😇

  139. Pcq: I was Hoping you would sign Carlos Soler or Mikel Merino to Barca but this is ok. Anyways, i would love you to sign Reece James as an RB and just sign some Spanish players for squad depth as well. Right now the option is to sign back up

  140. Guys I think he has a point. To keep it realistic it’s a bit too much to ask because in my pov Barca it’s not having a great season so far. For me I don’t want to see an always losing series, wouldn’t you? Great job S2G keep up the good work 👏😊

  141. I don’t know why but… Due to this series I am loosing my interest in this channel……. Anyone else feeling so??
    Not a fan of Barca (but Bayern) maybe that’s the reason….. But I think he sometimes cheats for his team to win (that Millwall game in the West Ham series and ruling out the forfeit of releasing a starting 11 player at random on this series) Don’t know about others but I am a bit disappointed😞

  142. Pcq: We got a bit pissed. Sorry we enjoy ur vids so much so sometimes we got a bit pissed. Never mind we got a bit angry

  143. Haters gonna hate man. cant please everyone haha anyways enjoying the daily content! Keep it up dude Youre doing great Sid 👍🏼:)

  144. pcq : In some games use 3-5-2 formation. Pau Torres-Araujo-Garcia at the back and Alba as an LM and Salah as RM, De jong as CM Kessie as CDM, Pedri as CAM, and Fati and Depay as strikers. Use this in one game. if you really like this change to this formation and change Ansu to an ST also change Alba to an LM

  145. First ruined series and then explaining it 😂and also self praising, felt like Ronald koeman was speaking 🗣️

  146. Pcq : You said u need a new Midfielder. Pedri Kessie De Jong is a World class trio. And i think u need a backup option. And boom. You sign a player who was more rated than Pedri. I upset to the series ngl.

  147. PCQ : Use the 352 formation with gaya at LM and salah at RM at strikers need to be depay and fati since fati is better as a striker than a winger in fifa

  148. Bro trust me on this put ansu fati on a rw development plan put don’t actually change the position the growth will be insane

  149. Pcq: you have a strong team but do you think an 80 rated sergino dest will deliver with your eyes on the the champions league. He’ll have to outrun players like Mane, Sterling, Maybe Mbappe and the latter and I don’t think he has that sort of pace.

  150. yo bro you suck imma unsubscribe and if youve not been living under a rock you can see that sterlings been linked to barca

  151. PCQ: Change your formation to the false 9. Memphis as the cf and ansu and salah at either wings. The formation is more effective than the 433 holding.

  152. PCQ: Sign Nordi Mukiele he is a right back and reached a 90 overall when I signed him in career mode he is a great option

  153. I think that signing salah was a good idea because otherwise, we will be nowhere in laliga. I thought the aim was to win it.

  154. Don’t worry about the haters we all love you videos and it is just for entertainment lots of love from England❤❤❤

  155. To be fair he did say in his first season he will not spend that much and then the second season he is going to go HAM in WHICH HE DID

  156. Pcq : Selling a Legend. Not Trusting plder player. Sign a Crucial player to rotate the first team midfield. What has you done Sid? 😖😖😖

  157. PCQ: if you can’t fit Olmo,Pedri,Kessie and De Jong you could try switch formation? Or you might not be allowed to do that sry iam new

  158. Nono it’s not that the whole series is unrealistic. Its the fact the players you signed arent linked to Barca. When you signed pau Torres and kessie we were all alright with it because they’ve been linked to Barca many many times. If you signed for example haaland and you said haaland has always been linked with Barca we wouldn’t mind that. But Salah has never been linked with Barca like that , same as unai simon. Also haaland would’ve been way more fun than Salah , there’s more chance of next year haaland fati depay happening than Salah fati depay

  159. You could have bought a backup for dest in the right back position… You dont have any squad depth in the right back position

  160. Pcq: You said at the start of the season that you wouldn’t care what their overall ratings were only they played good so keep playing Maldonado regularly and play Iñaki Peña more often because both has done great!

  161. In my career mode Bayern was ready to pay 253 M Pounds Release clause of Frenkie and I negotiated with De Jong and Kept a release clause of 440 M Pounds And did not let De Jong go only to keep it realistic

    ATM I have only made 1 signing of Laporte in a player exchange deal and Have 600+ M Pounds to spend
    Just telling

  162. PCQ: Sign Reece James in the January transfer window and convert him to a RB. He’s 81 rated and has 87 potential although converting him might boost his rating.

  163. PCQ:mo salah has also said he wanted to play at Real Madrid or Barcelona so this is realistic as he demands 400K per week at Liverpool so Liverpool could sell him anyways keep up the good work Sid love the Barca career mode series

  164. Pcq:When dembele comes back I believe he would be useless so trade him for Anthony, the Ajax player. Also loan Nico as soon as possible

  165. i mean… Messi went to PSG this summer? after that transfer window, what else can be unrealistic at this point? just leave the man alone and enjoy his game and creating content!
    you’re doing really well, Sid!

  166. PCQ: Why don’t you let the next series be in a new universe like there will be no restrictions and no real life transfer links that will make you sign them.

  167. Pcq: It’s not about the budget or the amount of players signed your moron it’s about being realistic instead of Salah should’ve signed Chiesa or Sterling (Who also is willing to move to Barca and interest is football like you said for Salah)

  168. I felt too bad when he felt some of the viewers attacked/criticized him…and ya it really felt bad I mean he tried his best to do what he can and even he listened to ppl on transfers and other things and not making decisions all by himself, and then he makes one decision what he thought was right and ppl criticized and mocked him. Everyone makes mistakes. Lets just enjoy ourselves and let him too. Sid just so u knw, dk if u will read this but we love u and this is the best YouTube channel ever and we will keep supporting u always, u really r a GOAT!!

  169. pcq: you should sell dembele cause im sure if he comes back he will get injured again so sell him for atleast 70mil and then save up to buy bellinghem or macus lorrente next season[and u should do a new contract one pedri and fati and put the releas clause for 1billionn euros each

  170. Pcq: Can you give Salah the number 11 because he does really deserves it for being the best the player in the world right now

  171. Bro u people need to stop hating. Just because he said the ‘we are not going to sign a world class player yet’ that doesn’t mean he can not. Why don’t u man try to play career mode with brenford without signng a world class player

  172. PCQ: Instead of investing in younger players that can develop, such as De Ligt, Chiesa etc, you are doing the same thing Barca board did, signing other players. Barca signed Griezman, who is a good player but he was 28 29 idk, which means he would play for 3-4 years at top level, you did the same in this career mode, signed 30yo Salah who will give you few seasons at top level as well. BTW Sterling is more realistic as he is linked with a move this summer. No hate tho keep up with the episodes

  173. Hi guys i would like to tell you that Jesus loves you very much it doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are all you have to do is repent and trust in Him and you’ll be saved have a blessed day

  174. I really liked and appreciate how you cleared everyone’s doubts and opinions with carefully drafted facts and arguments. That’s the kind of YouTuber I like to watch daily.

  175. Bro, you still haven’t fixed Barcas financial situation yknow, 1Bn in debt and you’ve raised about 350m, and spent about 200m of it soooo yeah,

  176. Pcq: To keep the Camp Nou objective (failing means you release a random player from the squad), to avoid releasing, I suggest you play all your home matches, even those with weaker teams. Simulating home matches could backfire and you could be forced to release Maldonado (really good regen btw), Memphis, Gavi, Pedri or any player that is in the first 11, or that can help the first eleven.

  177. pcq: Its fine that you signed salah as he will be a great player for the club but irl barcelona is trying to loan in Sterling as he is not getting enough game time at Man City. You can check the news. But this career mode will be fun now as we have proper replacement for Messi.

  178. Guys for sids sake we need to cut him some slack he’s trying to make things fun and at the end of the day it’s just a video game,
    we can’t keep everything realistic we have to do something fun to keep it fun or else it would get boring.

  179. PCQ :You didn’t do the release a player squad forfeit about reaching the final of the champions league

    Correct me if am wrong

  180. Isn’t it a bit sus how mo salah scored a goal against atleti in last video, and it was deflected and out of the box
    Then a few days later he scored against atleti of a deflection out of the box

  181. Opinions are like A-holes everyone’s got one. Keep at it sid. Your the manager. at the end of the day you do want you wanna do 👍

  182. PCQ: why in the hell did you sign Dani Olmo. You have already sign unai Simon Gaya and salah but you now throw in a fourth signing. So to follow the rules you should release one of them.

  183. pcq: as a community I think we’d prefer if salah was just released and some one like ferran Torres was signed it’s just more pleasing in a Barca set up imo

  184. Pcq:sign Thiago almada as he is a young talent and is argentianian and Messi’s son’s name is Thiago maybe make ur own Messi again from the argentina

  185. There are so many rumors about Sterling or Halland going to Barca and Salah, a 30 year-old who is running low on his contract is more realistic than them tbh.

  186. i was with u about everything at the start of the video other than “sterling to barca will never happen” because he’s willing to leave city, he’s not getting games and barca have already decided they’re going to approach city for a loan deal

  187. Don’t worry mate, even Barca are planning of adding big names next year even though they are still struggling financially so keep up, you are on the right track

  188. Pcq: Don’t you think Mo Salah deserves a good squad number like that No.7…I mean he is the best player in the world…

  189. Leave the guy alone he has been doing career modes for years and all of them were good

    Ps this Barcalona career mode is so good

  190. Well said Sid, absolute GOAT dealing with the haters. Respect 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  191. pcq:from time to time you should switch to false nine so dani olmo gets some playing time and also you should loan out the youngsters at the club to fix the club morale and help them grow

    • He is a idiot youtuber
      even in real life salah would never leave lfc cuz of one person klopp. He is the best coach who has turned him in beast this season.
      Leaving klopp for a goldfish coach not seeing the logic

  192. pcq: mo salah said in an old arabic interview that he is a barca fan and prefers messi over Cristiano so it isnt really that unrealistic

  193. Do you think Bayern will offer 150 M for MATS


    Do you think Aguero would get 50 or atleast 30 M

    That are the two things that I think made the series unrealistic

    You could have just rejected those offers
    I don’t think the series is not at all realistic it was realistic in first season

    Well Barca have 20 M to spend in Jan window ( Fabrizio Romano ) so if you spend let say 50 M in the first season it could be more realistic

    And for realism you can make 1 big signing from season 3 onwards

  194. Now that you have signed your “top” players, I think the expectations have to be to win the champions League, and if you don’t, you should be sacked.

  195. Hey man, I hope ur happy about Barcas win vs dynamo Kiev today. Good to see Barca back to winning ways in the champions league😂👍🏾

  196. Why would you buy a 30 year old Mo Salah when you had the money to buy a youngster like Jadon Sancho it’s not that I’m trying to make you angry it’s just the most realistic thing (my opinion)

  197. Play Ruiz atil and Nico Gonzalez because you’re sort of ignoring them and there also really good I did a career mode and in 6 months Ruiz atil got from 69 rated to 76 and Nico got from 68 to 74

  198. People always want everything to be realistic, there’s a time and a place, people have to remember it is just a video game.

  199. a way to do a realistic barsa carrer mode: dont buy any player until you have 1 billion pounds in incomes, that takes like 4 or 5 seasons, and you can sign pre contract players, but you cant use a single penny to buy someone that has 1 year or more in his contract
    its really stresing and fun to do that, youll get to that 1 billion pounds by selling players and with champions/la liga awards, and when you finish with all that no signing seasons, youll have A LOT of money to spend, but, if you still want realism, dont use all of that money, use, what, 400 millions? its still a lot but yull still have profit and money for later seasons
    i did it and im in the 8 season, ive won 3 champions league, i have an awesome team and a profit of +258.9 millions so im still in a realistic way (the only non realistic thing is the team, but, its the 8 season, i cant do it realistic)
    its a really good way to enjoy a realistic barsa carrer mode, so try it

  200. Pcq: send youth scouts out because you said yourself you’re lacking sqaud depth and you’ve got the money for quality scouts

  201. PCQ: You told you will sign 3 players in the summer transfer window instead you signed four Gaya, Simon, Salah and Dani Olmo

  202. Pcq: you should loan out mingueza since you already have Eric Garcia who is much higher rated and leaving him on the reserves could stop his growth and a loan deal could help develop him and get his rating up.

  203. I don’t really understand why so many people want it to be realistic ffs man let him do what he wants and if you don’t like then just leave. Also he could’ve spent millions but he didn’t even last season, if you want it to be realistic then ask fifa to not make Barca a 5 star team and not give them 150 million when they don’t even have 50 to spend irl and are shit currently

  204. Pcq: Sid if u want to grow Ansu Fati to his potential Do a Development Plan of him being RW and don’t Convert him to it just use it for one season he will grow massive

  205. I just think Olmo is a very good player torres from city would be a better and more realistic singing than salah but its still realistic

  206. I think this series has been as realistic as can be but if you signed Raheem sterling over salah I think people would have felt that that’s more realistic than signing salah

  207. really i think you did great job with transfers. signing salah was one of the realistic signings as salah is 30 years old
    signing players like mbappe,neymar,messi and so on was going to be unrealistic

  208. PCQ: first, love the content Sid, i feel like the mo salah signing is really realistic
    upgrade salah’s week foot, i fell like that’s why he didn’t score right away vs Real Betis

  209. S2G mah man, ignore the personal attacks, I really enjoy on whatever u do with the career mode stuff. One thing I can tell you is that, while in negotiations you can also stick to your own price like the AI clubs do, that way you can get off 10-15 Million in an offer, cheers mate

  210. Pcq: When you want to play Olmo you can use a 4-2-3-1(change LM and RM to LW RW) And use Kessie and De Jong as CDM and Olmo as cam

  211. PCQ : Sign Jurrien Timber from Ajax, he’s really good for both Central defense and right back option as well (in January ofc)

  212. Honestly sid I think you shouldnt listen to these financial experts. It’s a video game and it doesn’t have to be realistic

  213. pcq: put development plans on everyone because it makes everybody even the players u don’t want dembele u make price tag higher and sell and change the kit numbers example’s gaya 14 salah 17 olmo 8 maybe what u could do is olmo 14 salah 19 or 11
    gaya 6 or u could do olmo 19 salah 11 and change gavi’s kit number to 8 and maldonado’s to 30 and maybe inaki pena to 13

  214. Pcq: buy doku can rotate him with ansu……and please post twice a day cause I’m bored…support all the way from Jamaica

  215. Really realistic you went from debt barca to sign kessie,and pau torres you shouldnt be able to sign anyone for 2 seasons bruh thats so unreallistic the debt is 1 billion you twat

  216. Psq: Buy rayn gravenberch he is a good dutch midflieder just like frenkie from ajax and also rumours that he would join barca

  217. Also salah loves Liverpool there is no 100 percent cause other better clubs would offer for him so he also would not go to barcolona in anyway shape or form

  218. S2Gs 6 minute long speech made my eyes tear up😢😢. We learned about the important things in Career Mode, progress, realism and fun.

  219. The people telling Sid signing Salah was unrealistic were probably the same people telling him to sign Chiesa. Salah is a way more realistic signing for Barca irl than Chiesa.

  220. Pcq: try scoring more goals with ansu fati since he needs to score 30 goals this season, if not train his crossing and passing

  221. This is just good. This is not much unrealistic, at least when you look at the opening lineup. And it shouldn’t matter, this is just a game !

  222. Pcq: you shouldn’t have signed unai Simon he is not good as Ter Stegen
    Goalie ideas: Ederson, Allison, Oblak, Courtois is the cheapest one and he is a really tall player but I wouldn’t sign him cause he is a Real Madrid player

  223. Pcq: Chiesa would’ve made more sense and being young why not Chiesa over Salah? Barcelona does have pull but specifically not Salah. He was offeredby Roma to Barcelona back in 2017 but Barca rejected him. Sure Barca’s squad then was stacked but it’s unlikely Salah would want to join Barca after getting rejected. Secondly, Salah is not extending his contract because of the poor offer from Liverpool. He’s currently getting about 237,000 euros per week. You signed him for 260,000 euros per week which is not the contract he’s probably looking for.

  224. wait mo salah scores a defection in fifa then irl in the champions league from almost the same team from almost the same spot,you cant make this up.

  225. Is it just me or his first 5 minute rant was bs. Talks about realistic but idek if he knows what it means. Constructive criticism?! You haven’t accepted any from the last ep

  226. Challenge for the next episode:
    Albanian Blood🇦🇱
    Score a goal with Manaj⚽️

    Forfeit : Sell all ST !

    Spicy challenge🚀😅

  227. pcq: Do you think that the group of players you have can win the la liga or you need to make more superstar signings in the winter window?

  228. PCQ: if you put a dev trait on demir to be a lw and ansu to a rw but never convert them then they will grow way faster than they usually do

  229. PCQ: Scoring 30 goals with fati and 20 with Maldonado seems too much.. I don’t think you can hit either and you would end up losing fati which the fans won’t like. You should change it to goal contributions instead.

  230. Yo sid, i completely agree with you, these trolls in the comments want to control your series, in the end of the day its your series and you can do what ever you want. If you want to sign Salah, im happy because you make this career mode enjoyable. I get really annoyed when i see people complaining about “Realism”” if they dont like your series they can make their own. Keep Going sid. I enjoy waking up in the morning to watch this career mode.

    Btw PCQ: Do would you consider signing Lautaro Martinez, or Pedro Goncaleves

  231. Actual so sorry for sid for all the personal hate he’s got. I’ll admit I was annoyed at him signing salah but cmon lads we’re better than that.

  232. Pcq : get players that linked to Barca in real life. It is more realistic i think rather than signing Salah. It is just my opinion.

  233. S2G after Salah missed
    Maybe you guys all are annoying with him was right
    Also S2G after Salah scores
    Oh Mo Salah Mo Salah you can’t be
    Annoyed with this singing he’s so satisfying to use
    Lol S2G so much sarcasm 😂

  234. Some of those comments on the last video are ridiculous. If you want to watch something completely ‘realistic’ (especially with finances) then watch football manager. Sid is having fun leave him alone

  235. PCQ: you say this series would last 2-3 seasons. Would you consider making this series even longer? I think it could be interesting seeing more of the youth squad grow. Like I would like to see Maldonado growth and etc.

  236. PCQ: I think u might need a pacey center back sense pau torres really slow someone like Joe gomes should work but it’s really unrealistic

  237. Pqc:You should pass more I think it’s funny when I see at halftime you have like 30 passes and the other team has like 90 keep possession as that is how Barca plays in real life just to keep it a little more realistic

  238. Pcq: if Salah doesn’t perform sell him or release his because no one wanted he here it just makes the series unfun to watch😭

  239. PCQ: if you don’t want dest at right back you could possibly get Ricardo Periera because he is linked to Barca irl or Joao cancleo but it’s unlikely for his move irl

  240. S2G am hear with a challenge for you

    If it is true that Mo salah is like a messi 2012 as you say
    messi scored 91 goals that season and so am proposing for you to really show us and prove everyone wrong  that has been hating on Mo Salah he shouldn’t have a problem scoring half or more than half the goals messi scored that year 45 goals and if he fails you have to be forced to sell him and make a under 22 forward signing and use that player as an important squad role and if he achieves that let’s say the club gets 150 million and can make any big signing to make it more fun idk from where investments or something

    I hope you can consider this challenge seems more fun and scary 😃😊

  241. Pcq:you should try signing phil foden as he is young and should’nt be over 95 million.I also think he has high potential and a replacement for salah when salah is injured or when hes old and doesnt have the stamina