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Welcome to another episode in the FIFA 20 Career Mode Rebuilding challenge series! The whole objective of this rebuilding challenge is to see how many seasons it takes through simulation and transfer business to qualify for a Champions League final, it’ll then be up to us to put our skills to the test and see if we can complete the job! For today’s instalment of the series we are going to be rebuilding Bury FC! Make sure you leave a like if you enjoyed the video and want to see more 🙂

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214 thoughts on “REBUILDING BURY FC!!! FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. i’m here early just like i said earlier today, i liked this video as well i know it will be a good one 😀

  2. Dude I havent watched it yet commenting first but Ive been waiting whole day just to see the “NEW REBUILD EVERY THURSDAY”

  3. Pls rebuild Charlton they are going down and could
    Go bust because their owner will not put money into the club

  4. Ik this will be the best rebuild but gotta give alot of respect to this man. I hope you and your family are healthy and safe please keep what up what you are doing it’s so inspiring 🙂

  5. Can you rebuild Birmingham City because they have a massive fan base, it’s been almost a decade since they were last in the Premier league and they don’t have much history and Why don’t you do training in rebuilds?

  6. I won’t stop asking you to more Orlando pirates or Kaiser chiefs to a good league like serie b and rebuild them


  8. good guys I’m from Romania and I’m making a career with Cambridge United but they’re a problem Please extend the contract for the players and I am just fired Can you give some advice please?

  9. I was hoping he’d still have the tin foil on his head from the video with Niran, gotta protect from 5g waves

  10. Yo Jarrad hope your safe. Could you rebuild derby since we’ve had a bad start to the championship and we need one anyways 😂 like if u agree

  11. Can you add HJK Helsinki from rest of world to some other league and rebuild it. Greets from finland🇫🇮💙

  12. Finally good rebuild tired of these YouTubers giving 1billion and doing fake rebuilds this is what you call rebuild

  13. Do ajax but with youth only you could buy 20 years old and lower pls i have do it and it is very good

  14. Jarrad let me just say your positivity is amazing (oh yeah and ur new trim😂😂) no but seriously it’s good (the trim btw) VIBESSSS✌️

  15. Please rebuild Udinese. They used to be a team challenging for the CL places with the likes of Di Natale, Handanovic and Alexis in the side. They’ve been battling relegation for the past few seasons.

  16. Me: Mum, I broke my iPad

    Mum: how did you break it?

    Me: I scorpion kicked the subscribe button

    Mum : Did you get it?

    Me: yeah I got the like button as well and then tapped the notification Bell!

  17. really love the fact that sometimes when jarred signs a new player and doesn’t show us his player overview really cool

  18. +JarradHD Please rebuild West Brom Newcastle Jets Newcastle United Sheffield United Reading Oxford United Peterborough United MK Dons Celtic St Mirren Derby Accrington Stanley And Stoke City Sampdoria Bournemouth NY Red Bulls Doncaster Rovers NY City FC Blackpool Please

  19. Day 3 of asking jarrad to do the “Homegrown Talents” rebuild

    1. Pick any non top flight team (Championship, Ligue 2, 2 Bundesliga, etc. team)
    2. Must have at least 5 homegrown/academy players in the final Starting XI, 1 must be an attacker, 1 must be a midfielder, 1 must be a defender, and 1 must be the starting keeper
    2. Youth Players are allowed to be loaned out for development
    3. You can’t spend more than £30mil on a single transfer
    4. You have to win the champions league, domestic league, and nation cup with the homegrown squad

  20. Jarrad, please rebuild The Veracruz of Mexico in La Liga Santander, was recently disaffilied from the Liga MX, so practically the team is missing🦈❤️

  21. You should make a career mode where you try to loan in every single player in the starting 11. You could take over Vitesse and try to win eredevise or champions league

  22. Love all your rebuilds! Really waiting for the swedish rebuild, would be nice to see a tough rebuild with a low-cash league 😃

  23. great vid Jarrad.
    may I suggest rebuilding oxford United because oxford may have the best university but not the best football club. Also they are home town club and not many people rebuild them

  24. Can you make ifk Göteborg rebuild becuse the was great åt the 90s and they is even the best team in allsvenskan today

  25. Hey jarrad! 🙂 could u rebuild boca Juniors (biggest and most important club of Argentina and all América) but in europe? would be fun and interesting to watch:)

    Boca Juniors is Buenos Aires FC on FIFA

  26. I hope you make more rebuilding videos based on the youth academy just like this one. It can create a lot of legends/icons for your channel.

  27. 11:18 oh my fucking god. I had a nigerian winger with the last name ojomoh. He was amazing. I hope he is going to be for jarrad

  28. Rebuild Barnsley because we are going down to league 1 most likely and we haven’t been in the Top flight for over 2 Decades

  29. 10:40
    “-Mom can we have Marcus Rashford?”
    “-No, we have Marcus Rashford at home”
    *Marcus Rashford at home:*

  30. Take hearts from the Scottish league and rebuild them in the English league starting from league 2 to champions league

  31. Pls rebuild Birmingham as we have been in multiple relegation battles, we’ve had a point deduction and also our best player is will get sold in the summer

  32. Hey Jarred, could you try Luis Sinisterra? Hes a collombian winger from Feyenoord and hes being linked with Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

  33. Just so if people are wondering.
    Defensive minded will not give you CB.
    You have to scout phisicaly strong players to get CB and ST

  34. Can u pls rebuild rodez af in Lihue 2, I did my favourite ever cm with them and it would be sick to see what u do with them

  35. one of my favorite rebuilds so far ! do you use the calendar to sim the season, or do you sim match for match?

  36. FIFA 20 career loading screen: New boss lacks experience
    Mr Rebuild: bro, ive won the champions league like 100 times, what do you mean???

  37. Another reminder to rebuild Le Mans fc, they are bottom of the second tier of French football, maybe take them to European glory

  38. You fraud, 3 records were broken in this rebuild:
    You rebuilded your first non-real team.
    One of the best youth players since Toby Rose=Macclesfield rebuild
    And you got relegated for the first time since the Blackpool in FIFA 17

  39. please do luton town fc we are in so much financial trouble. every player is up for sale we are going to get relegated and we’ve sacked our manager for financial reasons. please Jarrad cn u do this me and a few other people have asked for this for the last year and a bit in tour comments.

  40. Can you do a youth academy Salford city Rebuild please like so Jarrad can see! Also are you uploading the Fulham career mode tormorrow?

  41. Jarrad use mods and create your own team and do a rebuild with them, name: Jarrad FC
    what do you think?

  42. Hey jarrad can you do Orlando city in the MLS we haven’t had a good season since we have been in the mls

  43. How do you get a relegated in league 1 bottom and then half an hour later you have a 99 rated youth player. I thought Toby Rose was the best ever youth player ever. Mason Green is a freaking footballer. I need Mason Green.

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