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Welcome to another episode in the FIFA 20 Career Mode Rebuilding challenge series! The whole objective of this rebuilding challenge is to see how many seasons it takes through simulation and transfer business to qualify for a Champions League final, it’ll then be up to us to put our skills to the test and see if we can complete the job! For today’s instalment of the series we are going to be rebuilding Malaga CF! Make sure you leave a like if you enjoyed the video and want to see more 🙂

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132 thoughts on “REBUILDING MALAGA!!! FIFA 20 Career Mode”

  1. please rebuild Greek side PAOK in a lower league like austria – poland, just like you did with some American teams !! <3 we did the double last year and won the league after 34 years, doing so UNBEATEN

  2. i don’t know how you still don’t have 300k since you literally had man city players sponsor your channel and other ones

    • What about panathinaikos they are the 2nd most successful team in Greece but right now they are 8th place in the Greek super league

  3. I’m early time for a joke (my reaction to emery being sacked)

    Wait he’s been sacked? THE VAMPIRE IS GONE YESSSSSS

  4. Jarrad you should do the deadwood challenge.

    Deadwood challenge:

    1. Must buy at least one deadwood player from each club in the specific league.
    2. Must buy them for their value our under their value.
    3. Must finish in the top 4.

    You have one season to complete this challenge.

    • ive done similar numerous times (not a tuber) where i have to fill my team with 2 players from each EPL or whichever league im doing (i randomise who my team will be in the friendly section) its quite fun and difficult

  5. Thanks for doing this rebuild I have been asking this since last Season and as a supporter of Malaga I appreciate that everyone remembers our champions league glory Season thank you for doing this rebuild

  6. jarrad do a rebuild where you can only sign players in the premier league you can pick the team (was going to say only sign English players but didn’t want to cause offence)

  7. +JarradHD Please Rebuilding West Ham Sheffield United Birmingham City St Mirren And Southend United Please Mate From +Michael Dukakis

  8. Please do Udinese. They once were a team challenging for the CL places in Italy with the likes of Di Natale, Alexis Sanchez and Samir Handanovic in their squad . For 3/4 now they’ve been battling relegation

  9. Do I rebuild of Bolton who nearly got luquidated to then win domestic success and Wigan athletic which 7 year ago was in the prem and looking to get back to the top flight of English football

  10. Can you rebuild Newcastle United Like if you are a Newcastle fan if your not still like it please I’m exited for Sheffield United Vs Newcastle United

  11. Please, Please do a Southend Rebuild. They have almost no hope of surviving in league 1 And get smashed every game. Thank you

  12. Rebuild real betis two years ago the were fighting for europa leugue and now they are in the bottom of the Spanish league

  13. Jarrad if you renew contracts whilst a release clause has been accepted, make sure the new contract doesn’t have a release clause the deal will fall through

  14. Do a arsenal rebuild and sign Dani Olmo to fix the midfield problem and for defence sign Digne, Pavard,Ake and u already have tierrany
    Like for jarrad can see

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