REDEEMING EVERY SCOUT FUTURE STAR IN FIFA 20 Career Mode and here’s what i got…

FUT Millionaire Review – Best FIFA 20 Autobuyer
REDEEMING EVERY SCOUT FUTURE STAR IN FIFA 20 Career Mode and here’s what i got…

Scout Future Stars Only Rebuild –

We’re going all out, redeeming EVERY Scout Future Star item available in the EA Catalogue. We’ll showcase the results in career mode, over multiple simulated seasons!
Let’s see if the next big generational youth academy talents can live up to the hype! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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52 thoughts on “REDEEMING EVERY SCOUT FUTURE STAR IN FIFA 20 Career Mode and here’s what i got…”

  1. I I came up with this idea: Take a famous squad through history like Utd 99 Real Madrid 2015/2016 or Arsenal invincible squad… You need to recreate that classic team. If you choose arsenal invincible you need to have a French striker to replace Henry ( maybe Mbappe), a French midfielder to replace Viera like kanté, Camavinga or maybe a talent from your academy) etc. Important: You cannot use the same players that played in the old team. Example: If you choose a more recent team like Real Madrid 2015/2016 you can’t use Ronaldo who played there or Modric who still plays in Real. You can sell him and use the money but you need to use a Croatian midfielder that is not him like Kovacic. Try to win everything that they won and maybe even more. You caln decide the time limit.

    Please make BHCD see this. I won’t give up commenting it until he sees it.

  2. Brilliant Upload Mate If You Have Any Newcastle United Career Mode Please Let Me Know Please

  3. BCHD are you going to do another career mode? Or continue these types of videos? I would like anything honestly but I just want your opinion

  4. Can you win the Champions League using only fake players, these players are:
    All players at Brazilian clubs
    The Uruguay national team
    The India National Team
    The Ecuador National Team
    The players at Bury

  5. Pt 2 of this experiment, Saw the video and made it my priority to watch. This channel definitely deserves more subs

  6. You could do rebuilding a national team
    Only buying players from that national team, and sending scouts to the country you are rebuilding
    You can make them win the World Cup or something like that

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